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Updated on December 13, 2010
P.M. asks from Dallas, TX
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Help! My 4 year old has asked Santa for a "House for my stuffed animals" She says she has not seen one, but her animals need somewhere else to sleep because her bed is getting too crowded - her words. Does anyone have any suggestions? We have plenty of bins with animals already, but apparently we need something nicer:) I like the idea of the Boon Animal Bag, but not sure how she would feel sitting on her animals. Thanks so much!

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answers from Seattle on

How about a "tree house"?

A net in the corner of the room with a tree painted on the wall. She could even have a special bankie that gets laid on top of them to tuck them in at night.

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answers from Dallas on

We use a princess tent in the corner... it's great! If I get a little tired of dealing with the mess there's nothing like drop kicking a few stuffed animals into a tent. :-P

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answers from Eugene on

Ikea sells a hanging storage unit that hangs from the ceiling, I used for my dd stuffed animals. There are 6 compartments with a place they can stick their heads out. It is $5.
PS Fangst is what they call it.

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answers from Dallas on

Big lots sells a bookshelf that looks like a dollhouse. It's really cute. If you're like me, I'm anal about her room and want things to match. :)
If not, they sell cardboard houses that you can color yourself. They're at toys r us for $15-$20.
Or... My DD has a wooden horse stable that she got from my dad when she was 6 or 7 (big into horses at that time!) and my dad paid about $100 for it. She recently turned it into a house for her webkinz and zhu zhu pets. Kids get very creative and will work with what they're given. :) Merry Christmas!

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answers from Kalamazoo on

Definetly, Definetly - if you have room get her a play tent like Jodi said. My kids both used one at some point in their room. Great place for stuffed animals to live! My kids would crawl in there with their "friends" and look at books!



answers from Dallas on

At the craft stores they have cardboard play house kits that are white and ready to paint and decorate.



answers from Washington DC on

We had a house table cloth that came to the floor when placed over a card table. It was actually a child's play tent type of thing. Come to think of it, Grandma may have made it.
You may have to fashion something like that. Are you crafty?



answers from Wichita Falls on

Have you thought of getting one of the nets that you hang in a corner or from the ceiling? They come in different corners and are super for storage and giving them their own space!



answers from Baton Rouge on

Google Pet Net. Or, if you want more of a house, you could build one together. Cardboard, or balsa wood, get creative!!! Let her decorate it. A fun project you could do together. :)



answers from Portland on

Oh! How about getting a bigger cardboard box and fashioning a house one night while she's asleep? You could use a box-cutter to cut out windows, a door, and big side windows to easily pull the animals out that way too. Cover with contact paper or gift wrap, or let her paint it with tempera paint just how she likes. Smaller boxes from cereal, etc. can be taped shut, covered with contact paper or gift wrap to become chairs, or you can use/make some small pillows to go in there too. This could be a very fun project. Have fun!

If you have LOTS of animals to deal with, perhaps stacking a couple boxes like a two-story house can help. Tape them together with duct tape or wide mailing/packing tape. Keep them open in front, windows on side, and a door on one side on bottom.


answers from Houston on

i saw the cutest little houses that kids can color themselves, its like a big cardboard house shaped structure with coloring book pages for walls., throw a few pillows in there,,,,,,,,viola



answers from Tulsa on

Tuesday morning has cardboard houses that are childsized and the child colors. I didn't get the clear beanbag for the same reason.


answers from Phoenix on

the nets that go on the ceiling to pile them all into above her bed or in the corner of the room up high

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