Stuffed Animal for Boys?

Updated on February 04, 2013
M.E. asks from Birmingham, AL
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I would like to find my 3 year old a special stuffed animal or "buddy" for him to sleep with in his bed. Most stuffed animals/dolls can be too girly, and I'd like something that he won't outgrow for a few years. Any recommendations? (He is very into farm animals and tractors.)

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So What Happened?

Wow, thanks for the responses. I apologize - I did not mean to offend anyone by saying that stuffed animals can be girly. I have a daughter too, and she just seems more interested in them, so I was trying to find something that might appeal more directly to my son. I have no problem with him playing with pink and purple toys! :)

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answers from Los Angeles on

Both my boys have teddy bears that I made for them at Build-A-Bear while I was pregnant with each of them. They love them still and they are 9 & 7. You really can't go wrong with a good solid handsome Teddy Bear! IMO but you can find just about anything you are looking for in one of those Build-A-Bear places...take him and let him pick, it will be special and fun!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I think that most are not girly actually. My boys still love theirs and have a ton of them. Take him to build a bear and let him build one there -that way it will be extra special.

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answers from Philadelphia on

huh? i dont rememebr many stuffed animals being girly.
most are bears or animals and gender neutral, J. go to a toy sore you;ll find a zillion and he cna pick one out

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answers from Seattle on

Dogs, monkeys, sharks, snakes, ugly dolls, bears, giraffes, frogs, spiders,...

We have many gender-neutral stuffed animals in our house. It's not difficult (at all) to find them.

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answers from Dallas on

What about a Pillow Pet?

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answers from San Francisco on

I'm not sure what you mean by girly? I know some stores can go overboard with the pink and purple (Toys R Us anyone?) but our local toy store has all kinds of animals, bears, rabbits, cats, dogs, pigs, pretty much everything, in real animal colors, nothing gender specific at all.
If you want it to be special to him then take a trip to Build a Bear and let HIM pick the animal and outfit :-)

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answers from Minneapolis on

My boys love their animals that look like real animals. My oldest has a dinosaur... but they both have penguins, wild cats, turtles, etc. I have ordered some online, but many have come from our local zoo gift shop.

Farm animals would be good too! Roosters, horses, cows, pigs...

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answers from Dallas on

I agree with the dog. It was great for my boys for a long time.

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answers from Boise on

My kids like unusual stuffed animals like an Okapi, moose, kangaroo, dolphin, etc. My girls and my son all like the same animals pretty much. I have never thoguth of stuffed animals as girly unless they are pink or something.

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answers from Washington DC on

My boy's bed is covered in stuffed animals, way more so than his little sister's. He has at least 10 different types of bears, a couple of dogs, a frog, a giraffe, a lion, a couple of seals, in addition to scores of other stuffed animals that don't go to bed with him every night. His favorite pal is his Winnie the Pooh, which he's had since he was 3 (he's 6 now). Granted, he's never taken to baby dolls the way his sister has, but he's always loved stuffed animals.

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answers from Cincinnati on

My son has a bookshelf full of stuffed animals. I am not sure what you mean by stuffed animals being too girly. Most of the ones my son has look like mini versions of the real animal. My son loves learning about real animals, and just about everyone we know has given him stuffed animals.

There are several children's books that have matching stuffed animals. The series "If you give a mouse a cookie..." has several different stuffed animals that match the stories: a mouse, a cat, a moose, and a pig. The pig is a girl in the story, but my son still loves it. There is always the Philadelphia Chicken, if he likes farm animals. There is a book and CD that go along with it. My son still loves listening to the CD. The music is funny and sarcastic, not an annoying children's CD at all.

Why don't you let your son choose which stuffed animal he would like to sleep with? When our son transitioned from his crib to his bed, we told him he could get a new friend to sleep with him at night. We explained that his new friend had to be soft and not have any hard parts on it. If you are worried about certain kinds of stuffed animals then give him a few choices that you are ok with him choosing.

If you let your son choose his friend, he will breathe life into it. My son's lovey does everything with him. They sleep together, eat meals together, play together, read books together, learn ABCs together. My son's lovey is in need of some patchwork again. He has had two patches so far from being loved so much. Let your son choose, and whatever he chooses will probably be around for years to come provided you can patch it up. (Sewing is not my strong-point. But I can tell you that the love you have for your kid can help you do anything. I kept praying the entire time I patched his lovey up that God would do the sewing for me. And you know what? The threadbare parts got covered, the ripped seam got mended... I don't know how to sew, but I did it. My son just sees his best friend, the love of his mom mending it, and how faith can help you achieve something difficult. My only advice other than letting your son choose his own stuffed friend, would be to make sure the stuffed animal is well-sewn together.)

Hope your son can find the perfect stuffed friend.

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answers from Norfolk on

My son never met a stuffed animal he didn't love.
He's got all kinds - bears, tigers, an octopus (from a trip to an aquarium), sharks, an otter, a possum, a walrus, etc.
He's running his own stuffed animal zoo!

What ever you get him, if it becomes a big hit with him - then get several emergency backups right away in case it gets lost.
Try to find something that's washable.
My son has a bear which is a perfect size for wearing some of his baby clothes.
What's great about that is the clothes keep the bear cleaner longer (saves wear and tear on the bear) and they wash up great.

Sock monkeys are classic and they come in some cool colors now:

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answers from Cleveland on

if you just want a stuffed animal a build a bear with sports clothing is fun.

if you want a "lovey" Carters does make blue ones, DS 9 still has his bear head attached to a blanket with the silky edges.

Beanie babies are a great size to cuddle and they have dinosaurs cows pigs you name it.

Sorry but this is such a weird question. if its a lovey that they bond tooo you'll never get it away from them unti lthey are in college, you migh sbuy two if they get so attached that they would cry if you wash it. As for an animal being girly, i can only say ......... nothing, i guess nothing, I don't get that at all, i can't imagine what you are picturing that you think is too girly, they have snake stuffed animals at the amusment parks i would never think they are girly the stores will be stuffed with lambs with pink OR blue ribbons for easter, have you not ever noticed, soooo huh?????

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answers from Columbia on

Both of my boys had stuffed dogs. I got them at Toys R Us, but you can also often find really good stuffed animals at Hallmark. My older son had a brown dog made by "Ty." My younger son had a plush black lab. Doggies are not too big or small. They're long and not fat in the middle. Perfect for cuddling, but not big enough to get in the way.

Get good sturdy ones that can be washed.

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answers from Tampa on

My 3yr old has a bunch of "non girly" stuffed animals. A giraffe (which is actually a neck/travel pillow), a dog, a bear, a pig (although it IS pink..because pigs are pink!), a gorilla, a monkey, and a sheep. Take your son along and let him pick one out....

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answers from Los Angeles on

Winnie the Pooh was MY little brother's favorite.

My own daughter has lots of non-gender specific stuffed animals such as a shark, dog, owl, cheetah, tiger ... you name it!

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answers from Salinas on

My youngest has a vast stuffed animal collection and honestly 99.9% of them are gender neutral. I always thought of stuffed animals as one of the few toys that are not gender specific, for the most part.

How about a good old teddy bear?

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answers from Honolulu on

I have 2 kids, they chose their own.
Meaning, since they were babies, I had gotten and gotten as gifts, MANY kid safe stuffed toys. But for example, when my son was 6 months old, "he" chose a stuffed cow and he'd drag that around even when crawling.
He is 6 now, and STILL has his beloved cow. He calls it his best friend.

My daughter, by her choice, loves her Eeyore stuffed toy.
Since she was a mere toddler. She is 10 now, and STILL loves it and it is very special to her.

I was the same way, as a child.
In fact, I still have my stuffed animal "lovey" that I had since a child. I don't sleep with it of course anymore, but I still have it.

A child, chooses their own.
Let the child, choose it.
They will gravitate toward one, on their... own.

Farm animals are great for any boy, or girl.



answers from Shreveport on

1st thing is make sure its washable . Our twin grandsons, one like a little monkey, beanie and he puts it on his pillow, the other one like a silk blanket...
Good luck...



answers from New York on

Our son has the following stuffed animals in his crib as we speak -
eyeore, winnie, paddington, piglet, a moose, cookie monster, two ducks, a fish, an aligator, the rabbit from (goodnight moon), and a monkey. He kisses each goodnight, and has me tuck them under a blanket on an armchair where they go to sleep.

He's got some bears, penguins, dragons, and dogs elsewhere.

More animal menagerie at grandma's house where he's got monkeys, a giraffe, an elmo, a hippopotomous, and other friends I've forgotten to mention.

My husband has a sweet spot for stuffed animals. It's no wonder DS has as many as he does.

Good luck to you and yours,
F. B.



answers from San Francisco on

My sons both have a small teddy bear from when they were little. It says, "My first bear" on it and I am completely amazed at how durable they have been.

The other stuffed toy that one of my sons is attached to is a light brown stuffed dog. It's similar to this (but not exactly):

One son was attached to a very round stuffed sheep for a while. And also elephants.

I suggest that if your son does get attached to an animal, buy an extra (or 2) in case something happens to it and they stop making it.



answers from Chicago on

My son has a dog, a monkey, a frog and a giant dinosaurer he sleeps with.

How about a horse?



answers from Wichita Falls on

Do you have a Build-A-Bear near you? When out son was about that age his grandmother took him there and he chose his own animal (it was a fuzzy blue monster he called Sulley). This was years ago but he still loves it.


answers from Kansas City on

my son is 6 and still loves to sleep with his stuffed animals...he has a couple teddy bears, a giraffe that he's had since before he was born, a killer whale and dolphin from sea world, and a few others. there are tons of stuffed animals that aren't "girlie". have fun shopping!


answers from Jacksonville on

There are so many.
What about a dog? They come in all kinds of sizes, breeds and fluffiness. :)
Or a frog?
My son had a snowman that he received as an infant and slept with it nightly until he was about 8 years old. Now "Mr. Snowman" sleeps on a sweater shelf in my son's closet, with a kleenex for a blanket. :)

Bunnies are easy to find around Easter. And you can get a brown one, it doesn't have to be pastel colored.
Frogs should be easy to find right now, near valentine's day.
Just go to Target in the kids department and see what stuffed animals they have. Some are really soft and plush.

Whatever you decide on (or perhaps let HIM decide?), try to go for something a little soft/mushy and floppy. They are better for cuddling with.

Or, you could go straight to a pillow pet. They come in all KINDS of animals. :)


answers from Rochester on

A stuffed sheep comes to mind. It's a farm animal, would be soft and lovely, yet not girly.

Or, if you crochet, I have a pattern for an AWESOME stuffed pig wearing a sweater than you can do in any color you want. I've made plenty of these for boys, and plenty of "custom" pigs for a lot of people...oh, you want a red pig with a blue sweater and a green hat? Sure. :) It's a nice sized pig, very cuddly, and only takes a few hours if you're used to crocheting in a round. If not, maybe you know someone who does? I could absolutely send you the pattern.



answers from Bellingham on

we have a million. my boys have a strange attraction to them. some of the top favourites are a tiger, zebra, dinosaur, owl and of course, bears.


we have a million. my boys have a strange attraction to them. some of the top favourites are a tiger, zebra, dinosaur, owl and of course, bears.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I'm not sure why you think most stuffed animals are 'girly'. My son has stuffed dogs, cats, gorillas, fish, bears, otters, monkeys, birds (parrots, cranes), seals, cows, horses and aliens. It is unpredictable who will get to be the 'buddy of the night' although slipper puppy (yup a blue puppy with yellow duck slippers and a bathrobe) is easily the long term favorite. DS just turned 7 and still loves his buddies.



answers from Columbus on

I don't think stuffed animals are girly, and I don't think you can choose for him. Lovies are chosen for reasons we can't comprehend. If you wanted to take him to the store and let him choose one, that would be good, but even then he may not bond with it as you expect.



answers from Los Angeles on

Teddy Bears are certainly not girly and are great for little boys too. If you want, you can take him to build a bear and pick something special that he creates, and you can make it more masculine. Something like a lion or tiger would be more boyish too.

If he loves farm stuff, get a cow, or a horse, or whatever his favorite animal is.

Gund brand animals are super soft. Not always easy to find, but so worth the money.



answers from Kalamazoo on

Google "Gund" brand - your challenge will be narrowing them down, not selection of appropriate (and soft, adorable, well made buddies). In addition to their own favorites, my kids play with two of my Gund animals from my childhood - these ones are incredibly durable.



answers from Philadelphia on

Have you looked at the Jellycat stuffed animals? They do have a few farm animals.



answers from Colorado Springs on

Look for stuffed wild animals - tigers, lions, seals, whales, etc., or masculine-looking Teddy Bears. There are some. In the farm-animal line, there are sheep and pigs. Don't know about cows! Try looking online; maybe you'll see something on Amazon.

Of course, it's really a matter of whether your son likes what he gets! :^)



answers from Youngstown on

My 5 year old son has been sleeping with a stuffed Elmo since he was 2. Just this year for Christmas his sister picked out a stuffed Luigi toy (from Mario Bros.) and he now sleeps with it too. My 7 year old nephew sleeps with a stuffed Sonic the Hedgehog. Get him what ever he is into and he will enjoy it for a long while.



answers from Tulsa on

My son had many dogs, a mallard duck, bears, frog's and some bunnies. None of them were girly and even though he doesn't sleep with them anymore (he is 11) he still has them. You can find them just about anywhere. Just let him pick out what he wants.


answers from Phoenix on

I don't think "most stuffed animals are too girly". My 10 yo son still has some and sleeps with them. He has a collection of elephants but also has a couple dogs, bears and a snake. You can't go wrong with a soft, brown teddy bear for ANYONE at any age. Good luck.



answers from Raleigh on

Gotta get a Gund! My son has a stuffed Gund cow "Buttermilk" that he has had literally since the day he was born (by husband bought it in the hospital gift shop). He is STILL his favorite at 6 1/2. Butters, as we call him now, has withstood all these years, and is still in good shape considering all the vomit, snot, drooling, washing, throwing, etc, he has been through (he does wash well). He's worn as any good stuffed animal would be, but all appendages are intact and no holes.
My daughter has a Gund duck named Ducky, that is also holding up quite well, and is her absolute favorite. Check out their website- they have every animal you can imagine.



answers from Pittsburgh on

My son loved stuffed bugs, snakes, bears, turtles, etc.

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