Struggling to Cope with Life Lately. Help!!

Updated on November 14, 2017
Q.S. asks from Midland, TX
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I have found myself in a depressing rut lately. I have no desire to work (I’m a contract insurance worker so i set my own hours), i get snappy with my boyfriend over almost everything, I've become impatient with my child and dog and I just feel like crying all day long. I’m feeling very alone in my life. I dont have but a handful of friends and even when i need someone to talk to i dont feel like i have anyone who will listen. My boyfriend is terrible at giving advice and i always feel worse after i go to him with a problem I’m having. It seems like everything that can go wrong will go wrong and does go wrong. I’m big on prayer and that is usually how I handle my stress, but lately ive talked myself out of praying over things i pray about all the time. I just dont know how to cope anymore. Why do things have to go so badly? Why cant things go right? Why is this happening to me? How come my life can’t be easier? Having 20 things go wrong in my day makes it hard for me to focus on the 2 things that go right.

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So What Happened?

I appreciate all the advice and input from everyone. I’m not one to turn to medication for things going on in my life. It’s never been my first instinct and I really didn’t want to start now. I found a few books about dealing with emotions and depression and the first one I read has changed my life and it’s only been about a week. My attitude has changed dramatically. If anyone is in the same boat as me please get in contact with me and I’ll point you in the direction of the books I’ve read to help me out.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

You are showing classic signs of depression. Go to your doctor for a complete physical with blood work. Get a referral to a mental health professional and start taking baby steps toward healing. And, keep praying even though you don’t feel like it. Start getting outside and walking. Even when you don’t feel like it. Make sure you are eating healthy food that properly fuels your brain and body. Baby steps. Bless you!


answers from Dallas on

You need to schedule a visit with your Dr. Have some blood work done. Possibly start on some meds that can help you through this.

There is NOTHING wrong with seeking help when you feel this way. You could also start some counseling which might help you get to to he root of the issue.

Sometimes, we just need a recharge and maybe it is time for you.

Best wishes.



answers from Portland on

Sounds like you may need to speak to your doctor. Some people have a bout of depression for a while and need medication for a little bit to get back to a place where they can cope. They may find that going to some therapy to get some coping skills can be very helpful too, in addition to the medication (low dose). No need to struggle if you don't have to - and you may as well go back to enjoying life right? And your child and your boyfriend etc. Time to put you first again. Good for you for reaching out :) Best to you.



answers from Pittsburgh on

You need a doctor. Please schedule a visit and tell him/her everything you wrote here. It sounds like you may be depressed, and if so - depression is a chemical imbalance in your brain, which may need to be fixed by taking medicine.

Look, I am Christian and I'm not trying to discount the power or prayer. But prayer isn't working for you right now because prayer isn't going to fix a chemical imbalance in your brain, just like prayer doesn't replace insulin for a diabetic. You need a doctor for that. Make an appointment - now.


answers from Norfolk on

It's time for an appointment with your doctor.
You sound depressed.
Get a physical, print out your post and read it to him.
Six months on a low dose of Zoloft might do you a world of good.

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