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Updated on February 03, 2010
J.S. asks from Portland, OR
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Happy New Year and thanks for reading my post. I am seeking resources and suggestions for a stroller that will be kind to my body and back as I use it. My young lady is just about grown out of her first travel system and I am in the market for a new stroller. I'd love to go on long, even perhaps brisk walks with her, but don't want the stroller to contribute to a bad body position for me while doing so. When I was pregnant, I remember I saw a great website that showed how high my hands should be and everything, but I can't seem to find it again. To get a stroller that really feels good on my body, do I need to get one of those jogging strollers? I would reeeally prefer to just have one stroller that fits it my car, fits through aisles at the bookstore AND feels nice on my poor back and upper body if I wanted to actually get my heart rate up on a walk. Is this too much to ask for in one stroller? I should also mention, perhaps, that I am 5'10" and my husband over 6'.

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So What Happened?

Went to Lullaby Lane in San Bruno and enjoyed the friendly help and opportunity to try out the strollers. Wish everything were way cheaper. Got an Inglesina Swift (one of 3 strollers in the whole place for under $100). We're pretty happy with it. The height is good and there's room for my stride. *** Edited a couple months down the road: Not in love with this stroller. The front wheels have very erratic minds of their own, baby's finger has gotten stuck in the strap adjustments, cover pops off...

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My Valco has an adjustable handle and moves like a dream... it's a Double and moves better than my swivel-wheel single Jeep Jogger!

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I'm 5'10" as well and my husband is 6'2" and we are very happy with our Peg Perego Pliko P3. It has adjustable handles (we leave it on the high setting) and it folds up VERY nicely to fit in my trunk and still have room for groceries/shopping bags or whatever else. I didn't look to see where you are located, but Goores in Sacramento has a ton of strollers and it probably would be a good idea to go into the store and try them out. The employees are all a great help there!



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I have to agree with another response, the Bugaboo Frog and Cameleon are nice and tall. I am 6ft, so that was a big concern for me from the beginning. If you are looking for a smaller and lighter stroller, I would suggest the Maclaren strollers. They are the tallest umbrella strollers I have found on the market.

I also agree with another poster in the fact of going and test driving strollers. The big thing is that you want to be able to walk upright with the stroller. So just walk up and down a store and see if you find yourself starting to lean forward or if you can stay upright.



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Get a McLaren- My husband is 6'5" and he's very comfortable with it. For the bugaboo set, it's so expensive, I just can't imagine justifying that kind of $ for something that is used so temporarily. But it of course depends on one's income. McLaren's aren't supercheap but it'll work great for you I bet- a great one = $150?



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MY Chicco Cortina has an adjustable handle bar (yay!) and handles well on brisk walks. It's a pain to carry once folded, that's my only complaint after a year and a half.



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Hi J.-
My SIL has twin boys, and she was given a BOB stroller. I took them for a power walk the other day, and my oh my that thing is FANTASTIC. They do make singles, and they seem to be more streamlined (the twin one is a bit huge). But that one- if you could afford it because they are stinking expensive, is a fantastic way to go.
Hope this helps!
-E. M


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I am 6' tall, so I understand your issue. Just like jeans, shoes, and cars, strollers are not really made for tall women! I searched for a good stroller that didn't make me hurt, and finally settled on the Bugaboo Frog. Yes, it's pricey, but then, so are chiropractor visits! =) We've had the stroller since my older daughter turned 2, before my younger daughter was born. My younger daughter is going to turn 5 soon and the stroller still looks new and has no squeaks or shimmies. It will take up to a 45 pound child, and if you have a second child, you can attach a riding board as well. I've been very happy with it and I feel like it fits my height very well.

I hope that helps!



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I'd strongly recommend you go somewhere that you can 'test drive' a bunch of strollers. We live on the San Francisco Peninsula and went to Lullaby Lane and tried out all the strollers, including putting them into the back of our wagon. My husband is 6'4" and I am 5'9", we finally chose the Bumbleride Indie stroller. It has adjustable handles, good clearance for the feet, its sturdy enough for off road, fits into the back of our wagon and leaves room for the dog to sit next to it, its light, folds easily enough, and has some lovely colors. The draw backs are that it is relatively expensive and the cover doesn't come all the way down to block the sun. The other option we were looking closely at was the Baby Jogger City Mini. It is sturdy, but not enough for real off roading. Otherwise, it is the lightest and easiest to fold of all the strollers out there, with adjustable handles and good leg walking space for Mom/Dad. Test them both out.

Good luck,




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check out Let's Go Strolling in Downtown oakland. There are many different types of strollers and you can bring your baby to try them out before buying one.

Good Luck



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I LOVE my Chicco Cortina stroller. It is part of a travel system but it's the best stroller ever. It is a littler harder to push then a Bob or other jogging strollers but it's affordable and has adjustable handles on it. I used it to do the first part of my training to walk a half marathon. I love this stroller, it's held up great over the past 2 years and has a lot of great features. Apparently it only goes to 30 lbs (my daughter is 28 lbs now) which I didn't realize until I went to get the name of it. Thanks for posting this :O)
Best of luck,



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I love the UppaBaby Vista. It is rather wide, so not so great with narrow aisles (i.e. at coffee shops, stores, etc), but it does okay in those kinds of tight spaces.

The UppaBaby has awesome features and is worth looking into. Plus, the whole stroller is taller than most, and the handlebars adjusts to two heights. My husband is 6'2" so that was a feature we wanted. Next to the Graco's out there, it is SO much taller and easier on the posture. Lullaby Lane in San Bruno has a whole room dedicated to strollers and car seats. I suggest going there to try them out in person and ask the knowledgeable staff any questions you may have.

UppaBaby is just under $700 and is worth it! I never thought I'd want a pricey stroller like that but 1) grandparents bought it as a gift, and 2) it's the only stroller we have needed (comes with bassinet and toddler seat, and separately sells car seat adapters for Graco, Peg Perego, and Chicco). It is probably not convenient for air travel, but if I need a stroller during travel I will probably just buy an umbrella stroller. I used the stroller all the time when the baby was little, but starting at around 4 months old I started using the Ergo carrier a lot too.



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I'm 5'9" and my hubby is 6'2" and we both love our BOB Revolution. The wheel in the front can be locked in place for jogging or brisk walks, or it can be left on swivel so you have the maneuverability you need for going shopping. It folds up fairly well (it fit in the trunk of my SILs Acura just fine) and if you've got an even tighter spot to fit it in all three wheels quick release so it packs really well.

It rolls extremely well and smoothly - a pleasure to walk or jog behind. You do have to check the air on the tires every so often and pump them up, but it's a small price to pay for such a great ride.

The handle is not adjustable, but it's a good height for tall folks. I'd suggest going somewhere that has a lot of strollers (we were already pretty set on the BOB but still went to Goore's in Sacramento to make sure it was a good fit, since I was concerned about the height.)

Good luck!

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