Stroller Suggestions for 3 Month Old Twin Girls and 21 Month Old Son

Updated on May 22, 2010
Z.H. asks from Van Nuys, CA
5 answers

I haven't chosen a stroller yet but i want some ideas, on how to get my 3 little people around when I'm by myself. Maybe a bodie carrier and a double stroller, I m open to suggestions
Thank you

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answers from San Diego on

Hi there,

wow... hands full mama. To make it easier, I thought you'd better to buy a stroller for triples. You can check this out. The only problem is the color may difficult to fit for both your boy and girls.

If you would love to buy a twin stroller and a bodie carrier, I would suggest you to check this out bumbleride Indie twin strollers. Couple of my friends purchased that one, attract lots of eye balls when we strolling together. We purchased it from Click "Shop Partners" tab, then choose alphabet "L". Land of Nod carried bumbleride Indietwin stroller which are "Must have" one. They paid you 4% cash back which is around $30. Is that COOL? By the way, the registration on that site is FREE.

That is my two cents.

Good luck,

L. from SD


answers from Killeen on

When I had 3 little ones, I did put 2 in the stroller and carried the 3rd in a carrier- though I don't have twins. The older will probably outgrow the stroller so I would focus on something that could hold the babies for awhile. I would go with a side by side for sure.
The best stroller for you depends on where you will be going. If you are using it to go outside for walks or to the park, then go with a jogging stroller. If you are using it for shopping, then you would want something a little more compact and easy to get in and out of the car :)



answers from Seattle on

joovy has a model with two regular seats and a back jump seat where the older child can sit or stand. We had the one with just one front seat but look it up and see, I think it would work perfect!



answers from Los Angeles on

Valco Tri-mode Ex Twin. Little pricey but you there is an option to put three in. I also know many friends who just use a double MacLaren (or similar umbrella stroller) and Bjorn one baby.



answers from Las Vegas on

check out the valco double. It has a third seat you can add that comes up from the center support. Hard to explain, but very cool. A neighbour of mine had one. She had the same situation, -baby twins and a toddler. Good luck!

I also want to add that I had the joovy caboose (triple). Test drive this stroller with children in it! I bought this stroller and tried to take my three for a walk. Every time the sidewalk dipped down for a driveway, I couldn't keep the stroller straight, it would veer down the driveway. I am not out of shape, I might add. Anyway, I sold it. I now have a double jogger for walks etc. and the combi double (super light) for shopping/travel etc. When my youngest was really little, I put the older two in the stroller and the little one in a carrier.

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