Stroller for 3 Yo and 20 Mo Old?

Updated on July 14, 2009
N.P. asks from Oakland, CA
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Hello! I would like to start working out again and am pondering purchasing a jogging stoller. The thing is my girls are 3 years old and 20 mos. The 3 YO prefers to walk everywhere. But I am hoping to be able to go for a run then playground 2ce/week after school. They are in daycare fulltime so I cannot fathom spending $500-600 on a stroller that will probably only have 1 yr max of use on it. So, I am thinking of the instep double or maybe the baby jogger mini (for walks not runs), or maybe a bike trailer that converts to a stroller. The other option is maybe I get a nice jogger for the "baby" and get the 3 yo a bike and get her to "race" me. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations...? In addition, I have been hunting Craiglist for months, but it's hard since I work full time. I cannot really check craigslist or personal email during work. Ususally by the time I see a stroller on craiglist that I am interested in, its sold. So, that is why I was thinking that maybe I just get the Instep double new, (I see it at Amazon for $165 new; vs. used on CL for $75...)

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone for your feedback and comments! WHile I am still vacillating on which way to go, I do think that my 3 yo's stroller days are numbered and purchasing a double at this pointed would be wasted money. So. I think I am going to replace our single (it is old and rickety). Therein remains another questions - what single? I want a good all-purpose stroller, so, I am considering the Baby Jogger City Mini or the BOB. Leaning more towards the Baby Jogger as I think that may be more "all-purpose". And perhaps Santa can bring bicycles this year :-) Now as far as my fitness efforts, I am trying to carve time out to exercise...If husband can take girls to school 1-2 x/week so I can go for a run b4 work (I already get up at 5:30 just to get everything ready to go for the day), try to walk a little more at lunch; get up even earlier and do an exercise video; and I would like to try out the Dailey Method classes - have heard good things about them! And am trying to be more active with the girls on the weekends, we do the park thing on weekends but want to try other outings where we are ALL getting exercise (i.e. zoo, trails)

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If you decide to spend a little more and just get a single stroller, I'd recommend the BOB. They are pricey, but very well made. You might check Craigslist. If you go with a double, I've heard great things about the Instep. You might want to see how your 3 year old does on her bike before deciding on the single or double stroller.



answers from Sacramento on

Buy used double jogger on Craigslist to start because she may not want to walk that far...
same with first bike or traiker..
happy trails...



answers from San Francisco on

I have a double jogger that we bought at ToysRUs for my girls...not too expensive. My girls are almost 3 and aalmost 22 months. They would both rather walk at this point but if I have the stroller out my almost 3 year old will climb in by herslef to go for a ride.
I agree to check craiglist or ebay. Also check out the used baby stores, they have some great deals sometime.
Good luck!



answers from Fresno on

We have been very happy with the InStep Safari Double Jogging stroller. I have two boys, 1 and 2 1/2 years old. It is easy to steer and it is reasonably light weight. My only complaint is that the seat backs have broken on us twice. Both times the company has been very good about replacing them and once they replaced the whole stroller. All in all I would buy this stroller again.


answers from San Francisco on

I am not sure where you are located, but I have a double jogger stroller that is basically brand new with a rain fly and all in excellent condition that I am selling for $150. I paid $450 for it. I got it for my sister-in-law in hopes that she would get out with her two girls, but she just couldn't get the motivation to handle two out at It is now in perfect shape and I am tired of storing it. It is a "Dream Design Double Stroller". I am located in Benicia if you are interested in it. ###-###-####.
Just a thought.. :)



answers from Salinas on

I love my bike trailer that I use as a jogger. My daughter is 5 1/2 and my son is 3 and we still take it about. I only paid about $120 new about 2 years ago and my husband has taken it onto the back of his bike. I will take them to Target and buy some necessities and it fits nicley by their feet.
Have fun!

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