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Updated on December 06, 2009
S.W. asks from Salt Lake City, UT
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Hi Ladies
We are having our baby no 2 soon .I don't have any of the stuff from my baby no 1.So I am trying to find a better way to get all the baby gears.
After lot of research i have kinda thought that I will go for a separate car seat and a stroller rather than a travel system.
My baby no 1 was a big boy and he started seating in the convertable car seat by the time he was 8 months old
So i was thinking of going for a carseat that will allow to fit the big baby rear facing atleast till he tuns 1
So all you wonderful ladies
can you tell me which car seats you like the best and also the stollers for your kids
please help

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answers from Denver on

Britax Marathon - have two of them. My 3 year old and 20 month old are still in them. I LOVE THEM!



answers from Provo on

This is a good idea. I used the stroller part of our travel system about 4 times and the carseat was outgrown by 7 months on both my kids. I have a Graco convertible car seat that is great. I can't remember the model name of it, but it's 5 years old so their is probly a new model by now anyway.
Since you are planning on using it for so long, I'd recommend getting it from a local store and test installing it in your car. You want something that fits and works well with your vehicle. Also find something that you can easily get the cover off and back on (for cleaning it). And if you live somewhere cold, make sure it's easy to loosen and tighten the shoulder straps so you can get them in and out easily.
The only thing you might want to remember is how much those itty, bitty ones sleep and how easy it is to bring them in the house still sleeping if you have a carseat/carrier. If they fall asleep in the convertible one you either have to leave 'em there or try to not wake them up when you bring them in.
Congrats and good luck!



answers from Grand Junction on

Britax diplomat is great. Fits in small cars just as easily as an SUV.

I love our BOB stroller but it is too big for travel but great for walks around our lake. I mostly just carried my daughter in a on the body carrier until she was big enough to support her head in a stroller and even then I still carried her alot. It kept dirty germy hands from the temptation of wanting to touch her if she was right next to my body. Plus they say it creates better bonding. Hope this helps. J.



answers from Great Falls on

I LOVE the Chico KeyFit 30; it is available at Shopko. It will fit up to 30 pounds and also works well with our stroller (BOB stroller from REI). I love the three wheel stroller for long walks/jogs but it is bulkier to get in and out of the car so I got a Snap-n-go for quick trips around town and air travel. The Chico fits well in this too. It has great safety rating and is holding up really well. My daughter is a year old this week and our next baby will be here in 5 months. She has been in the Chico since she came home from the hospital at 6 lbs and I'm planning on leaving her in it until the next baby comes.

When searching for the next carseat after the 30 pound mark please consider once that is approved to be REAR facing for absolutely as long as possible. It is SO much safer! Watch this quick video for more details. There are MANY stories like this one...



answers from Salt Lake City on

My carseat that my 4 year old still sits in is a Graco carseat. They seem to be reasonably priced and I've had at least 2 of them with my 4 kids. It goes rear facing and can be reclined back and then forward facing. The straps are easily adjustable for when they have on bulky clothing etc. I've loved it. I believe the model is a comfort sport. Fits great in my minivan. Couldn't get it backwards in a small truck back seat but fits in most regular vehicles. I've also used it in a taurus and it fit fine. I also had a graco stroller both a single and double. I have liked all of their products.



answers from Great Falls on

the best?
Ricaro Child Seat.
The brand that also produces race seats (i mean, real adult race car seats) !

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