Stroller Built to Fit Larger Child?

Updated on February 08, 2009
A.O. asks from North Granby, CT
4 answers

my son is asthmatic among other things and is quickly out growing both my jogger and my umbrella stroller. i was wondering if anyone knew of any brand that makes bigger one? preferably ones that fold down kinda easily as i have a small civic. oh hes a large 4.5 yea old...

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answers from Springfield on

We have a maclaren they go up to 55 lbs and my extremely tall 7 yr old fits in it he's used it comfortabley a few times when we were out very late its much easier to carry around our little guy than it is a tired 7 yr old. but if you are considering a stroller because of the asthma you really shouldn't. My oldest has severe asthma and limiting physical activity is one of the worst things that you can do. Have you tried singulair and pulmicort my son takes both of these daily do not have put on flovent the side effects are terrible in children same thing with symbicort.

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answers from Boston on


Check out the attached link. They have several strollers/push chairs with varying weight limits. We have a special needs child and she uses a convaid.


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answers from Hartford on

I don't know how heavy your child is, but we have a Maclaren stroller. I did a quick search and their top weight limit is 55 pounds. I love our stroller. It's lightweight, a snap to fold and carry, and has adjustable handles, so my 6"4" husband can easily push the stroller.

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answers from Bangor on

Hi A.,
I know this is asking much, but will you forward on your info? We are about to have the same situ as you have and would appreciate the suggestions. Thanks in advance!

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