Stroller Advice (Peg Perego vs Maclaren)

Updated on June 02, 2008
A.D. asks from Sunnyvale, CA
6 answers

Hello, we're looking into new strollers for our son (just turned 6 mos). I'm leaning towards the Maclaren Techno XLR but my husband likes the Peg Perego Pliko P3 better. What I like most about Maclaren is you can actually fold their strollers w/one hand. I found the P3 difficult to fold, and I definitely needed both hands for it.

My husband is worried that the baby will figure out how to undo the buckle when he's older and fall out, so the P3 seems better in that regard. Has this happened to anyone?

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

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answers from San Francisco on

By the time your son actually figures out how to unbuckle the straps, he will probably be to big for the stroller...

Sorry, I'm not too familiar with either stroller.



answers from San Francisco on

Trust me on WANT somethng you can fold with one hand!

I chose a Peg originally because I liked that it was light and folded up small, but also had really good sun protection (we're very fair skinned). After a few months, though, I kind of regretted getting the Peg because it is not possible to fold up with one hand.

Remember, also, that YOU are going to be the one the stroller has to fit best to. In addition, remind your husband that stroller buckles were designed specifically with little prying fingers in mind. I don't know any kids below 4 who have the hand strength to open stroller buckles.



answers from San Francisco on

Maclaren all the way!



answers from San Francisco on

We have had both Peg Perego and Maclaren and we really love our Maclaren(have Techno Sport). My daughter is 3.5 and we still use it on occasion. She started in it about 6 months. She still can not undo the buckle.

It is easy to manuever. I found the heavier the baby got, the harder the Pliko was to move around, the weight shifted away from the wheels, especially on turns.

We also love the height adjustable handles, I am 5'7" and my hubby is 6'1" and we both like taller handled strollers-easy and more comfy on the back for pushing. And as you mentioend the foldability is great.

The only downside to a Maclaren is that there is no snack tray.

Happy Shopping!



answers from San Francisco on

I had a Maclaren and loved it! I would get another Maclaren in a heartbeat. We never had a problem with the children unbuckling themselves and falling out. By the time they were old enough to unbuckle, they were also old enough to understand when it was ok and when they were to stay put. I have no experience with Peg Perego, so I can't comment on them. But I'm sure if you had a Maclaren, you would like it. :)



answers from San Francisco on

Definitely Maclaren over Peg. I had a Peg Pergego Pliko P3 and sold it after 3 months because it was so hard to use. I liked it for snapping in the car seat but that's it. I now have a double Maclaren and it is much better.

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