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Updated on March 11, 2012
L.H. asks from Fairfax Station, VA
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This summer, we will be traveling to Scandinavia (Sweden and Denmark) with our 4 year-old and 14 month-old. We will be doing a lot of walking around the cities and using some public transportation (not anticipating taxi rides (unless weather issues are present)).

Question: Would you recommend a tandem double stroller or two single strollers? Any brand/model suggestions for the double stroller option? Was researching Kolcraft Tandem II as a possibility. I like the idea of seats that can face each other and each recline with a cover. Only drawback---no food tray. :-( Any pros/cons to the model or suggestion of another model?

Thank you, Mommies!!!

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answers from Seattle on

I would STRONGLY recommend buying one there.

Strollers in the EU are just made differently (better!), and they're made with the local "stuff" (streets/sidewalks/store aisles/ etc.... all of which are narrower and bumpier) in mind. They're also built for people who WALK most of the time. The strollers are more efficient, sturdier, better designed, and go up to MUCH higher weight ratios.

You'll probably fall in loooooove with the stroller you buy there (everyone I know, including me'self will never touch an american stroller again), and will want to bring it back with you. Buying one there ALSO means only schlepping it across the pond once.

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answers from Washington DC on

I agree with AV -- definitely the lightest option and the one you can fold fastest, and that may be two small strollers rather than one, especially a tandem, which seems really large to be lugging quickly on and off public transportation. You may find too that your four-year-old will be happiest walking as much as possible (though of course you want that stroller for the loooong walks), so I would try to find a very lightweight stroller for the older child -- a stroller you can even strap onto an adult's back much of the time to encourage the child to walk.

We went to Denmark for a week, year before last, and really enjoyed it, and so did our daughter (then 9 years old, so no stroller issues...though I've done the international stroller thing for years when she was little!). People were very child-friendly!

You may have relatives there or be from there etc., and if so, ignore the rest here, but if not...Be sure to go the Copenhagen tourist office (across from the Tivoli amusement park, you can't miss either one) and buy the "Copenhagen card" available to tourists; it seems like a lot up front but actually saves you tons of money on fares, even train fares to other cities, and on museum admissions, Tivoli repeat admissions, etc. Check out whether you think it will save you money; if you plan to hit many museums it surely will. Also, be aware that the currency exchange rate over in Scandinavia is very bad for Americans. Things are extremely expensive, including food, and in Denmark we found the local restaurant food, though tasty, was very meat- and starch-heavy and many vegetables came either pickled or in sauces -- none of which worked well for any of us. So get to a local supermarket and take advantage of it. (And be sure to take your 4-year-old to Tivoli! It's great fun!)

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answers from Washington DC on

I would go with the lightest and most foldable option, which may be 2 umbrella strollers if you have 2 adults. You may have to pack up the stroller in a hurry for public transit, for transportation to or from the terminals or hotel, etc. We ended up needing more taxis than we expected. Our umbrella stroller is nothing fancy, but it packs up one handed and is easily carried onto a bus. I wouldn't worry about the food tray, personally. My DD was nearly 3 when we went around the UK and Ireland and we just gave her a snack cup on a leash and she was fine.

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answers from Raleigh on

get 2 Maclaren strollers(Volo, Triamph or Quest), much easier than a double.....and do not worry about a tray, get a gyro bowl they a awesome.However if you can hold off buy them there, their strollers are amazing!!!!!!



answers from Norfolk on

I have the Joovy ULTRALIGHT Caboose. It's a Sit n Stand type stroller and is fantastic. Only 21 lbs too (compared to closer to 30 for most sit n stands). It has a food tray (detachable if you don't want it, which is what we've done since my youngest is now 3). And the canopy is also detachable if you want to make it even lighter and smaller. Yes it's expensive, but the best stroller I have owned and borrowed! I have a line of ladies waiting to buy mine once my kids are too old for it. I use it every time we travel and it's ideal. Plus, if the oldest wants to walk he can do so easily and you can store extra carry-ons on the seat.

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