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Updated on April 21, 2013
D.H. asks from Gaylord, MI
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I am looking for a stroller that would hold my twin 2 yr olds and soon to come twins. Suggestions?

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answers from Oklahoma City on

So you're looking for a stroller that will carry 4 children? 2 preschoolers and twin newborns?

I suggest you go to some child care supply sites and look at theirs. We often got super size strollers for the baby room so they could strap them all in and go for walks and stuff. BUT they don't fold up, go in vehicles or much of anything except sit in a storage area then go outside for walks and stuff.

But I'll see what I can come up with by googling child care resources.

I was surprised at how many different multi child strollers there are out there now that do fold up and are much more convenient. I guess you do have a lot of options!!!!

This is the style we had in child care.


Walmart has 2 different styles for 4 children at once, one is $399 and the other is $491. That's quite the investment but at least you know Walmart is right there if there was a problem with it and they do have a somewhat good return/exchange policy. They do even have one for 6 children....


Then there are some other stores.

Here's a site that reviews things like this. Perhaps they can shed some light on issues you might have seen.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

You might be better off getting your two year olds out of the stroller now so they are used to it when the new twins arrive. I have never seen a stroller that holds four children (except for those huge ones that daycares in cities use that look like a zoo/circus train all lined up).



answers from Chicago on

A woman I know had quadruplets and found that she preferred to use two double strollers (her husband pushing one) because with a quadruple stroller she could never get anywhere without people stopping her to comment and chat! Just something to consider, and somewhat amusing ;)

Maybe try a double stroller with two boogie boards on back? If you go that route I think a double BOB is probably the best bet (sturdier) though Baby Jogger's products are phenomenal also.



answers from Chicago on

WOW, congratulations!

There are plenty of strollers. Will you have a second adult with you when the strollers are in use? If so two double strollers might be easier? But they do have many quad strollers.

Good luck

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