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Updated on May 29, 2010
S.S. asks from Oak Forest, IL
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DOes anyone out there have the Joovy Big Caboose Triple Sit and Stand? I am having baby 3@ any day now...I have a three year old that still loves her stroller...I had my heart set on the new CHicco double that goes with my infant carrier. My mom then found this Joovy stroller and is trying to persuade me into it inc ase I get pregnant again soon! I have read mixed reviews about it and am unsure...what do you think mamas?"

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answers from Chicago on

We really liked the joovy big caboose. We had twins and had chicco car seats which the joovy holds both! The biggest downfall is it's size. But I am not a big girl and could lift it in and out of our pilot. We used ours only when I travelled alone with the kids...we just bought it in January. Recently we started taking them out of their car seats so we aren't using it anyore. If you are interested in buying a used one in fabulous condition let is know!!



answers from Chicago on

I have three, and when number three came along, I carried her in the bjorn and pushed the other two. Eventually my oldest didn't want to ride in the stroller all the time and I could put the baby in. If she got tired and wanted to ride she would just hold her middle sister in the same seat. I know this is not the safest solution (two in a seat), but no one ever fell out and my stoller handled the extra load. Your oldest will quickly outgrow her seat in a triple stroller and you will be stuck with it. Make do with your double; it will be big and bulky enough!!



answers from Kansas City on

I don't know anything about this particular stroller, but I do know that a triple stroller if they are the side by side are hard to get into places. The one in front of the other are very hard to push and hard to make turns in. I have a friend who has triple strollers (not the one you are asking about) and it is a lot of work lugging it around and pushing. I have a double and it is hard enough to get around. In fact I am looking for a double jogging stroller because they are lighter, so if this brand is like a jogging stroller then try it out. I would go to Baby's R Us and see if they have one and ask if you can push it around the store to see if you will like it. You want something that is sleek, light, and easy to push but folds up nicely to put in the car. Good luck.



answers from Chicago on

No need for a triple stroller! The front to back are huge and terrible to move, not to mention all the other people you will inconvenience with all the space your take up. I rarely used a stroller with my first set of twins and when number 3 came along a year later, I just carried him in the bjorn. I made a double stroller work with all three you just have to be creative. I now have another set of twins (3mo old) and since my oldest twins are in Kindergarten I do use a double stroller for school pick-ups. I have a bumbleride that I absolutely love. I got it on ebay for several hundred dollars cheaper than the website.

As a mom of 5 kids in 5 years and two sets of twins, I assure you, you do not need a triple stroller. There is enough gear and junk to lug around with just the kids, why add something huge and unnecessary.



answers from Dallas on

no do NOT get the triple stroller. If you need it later you can always buy it later. What's the rush? It's not like they are stopping production on triple strollers. And even if this particular one isn't made anymore, I am sure you'd be able to find it on Craigslist or something like that.

Double strollers are a pain just as much. If your daughter really loves the stroller, then it's up to you, but you might even consider the joovy caboose (small one) thats for 3 kids. That one is smaller than most others.


answers from Pittsburgh on

So your mom wants you to buy a triple stroller when you have 2 kids? Am I understanding that right? Or is it that you have 3 kids, but only 2 that need a stroller right now? Either way, I think it's silly to get a stroller any bigger than you need, unless you are PLANNING on having another one right away. Double strollers are cumbersome and heavy enough, I can only imagine that a triple would be even more so. You'd be lugging that huge thing around, stuffing it in and out of your car, and you don't even need a triple. Personally, I'd stick with the double, if it meets your needs. Like I said, they are bulky enough.



answers from Chicago on

I have the big caboose (twin 1 yr olds and 4 yr old). I love that I cam get everyone in it. It does have attachment for infant carrier that does work with chicco. Now that the boys are older I think they really like the "stadium" style seats so one can see over the other. I do get a great workout as well when going for walks.

Now for the is heavy, not the easiest thing to manuvour (sp?) and I have to take the front tray off in order to fit in my mini van.

But given all this I wouldn't trade it for anything! Hope this helps.


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