Updated on September 06, 2010
B.C. asks from Warren, MI
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Can someone recommend the best tandem stroller? I've seen a few that people struggle with and I'd like to avoid this issue.

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answers from Detroit on

I have the tandem stroller by Safety First.I got it at Burlington Coat Factory..I absolutely love it.It is easy to fold up and not that heavy to lift.Also the back seat turns into a bassinet with a few snaps.Which is perfect for a newborn.Then as the baby gets bigger it unsnaps and sits up or reclines whatever you want it to do.The back also has a bar that will fit most car seats..It is the best stroller I have owned.I went store to store to find one that was easy and light.This is by far the best one.It also is very easy to use.I glide through aisles and turns.I can use it with one hand.Very easy..It is black and blue and has cushions over the seats to make them more comfortable..As you can tell, I love this stroller :)



answers from Detroit on


I've had both the Graco strollers and the Jeep stroller. I can honestly say the Jeep was my favorite. The kids sat side by side--some stores hard to navigate, but it worked best for me. It was lighter, less bulky and didn't take up too much room in the trunk. When they were little, I preferred the Graco system, because the car seats fit and snapped right into the stroller. As the girls got older, they started pulling each others hair, depending on who got stuck in the front seat. Not sure if this helps you any, but just my experience.




answers from Detroit on

I just asked mamasource about twin strollers as our second child is due in june... and the kids will be 18 months apart.

some folks liked the graco duoglide. others said that the sit and stand strollers were great. but the sit and stand was for older kids (the box said 2 1/2 and up) so we went with th graco duoglide. we even found it used at a kid resale store for only 65 the retail price at babies r us is 150.



answers from Philadelphia on

My kids are two years apart...
I use a new edition JOOVY ULTRALIGHT
(stand on or sit in the back)
I had a baby trend sit n stand before that but traded it for the joovy and I am glad I did.

I have just used sit n stand kinds never one with two full stroller seats...



answers from Detroit on

We have our Jeep side by side that we have not used yet but we did buy the Snap N' Go by Baby Trend. That has been a life saver with my twins. I can get them in and out of the car without having to take them out of the car seat. Plus it only weighs around 17lbs. Much easier then the 50+ pounders. It's only good while the babies are in infant car seats but I love this thing!



answers from Detroit on

Hi B.. I have 4 kids..... a 12 year old son, 4 year old twins -- son and daughter and a 2 1/2 year old daughter. My last 3 were very close in age as you can see. I actually have an Eddie Bauer double stroller in VERY good condition -- hardly ever used that I used with my twins. I am selling it. I can get you more info on it if you'd like (it's in my basement right now). It's beige / navy and was purchased by my mom from Babie's R us 4 years ago.



answers from Detroit on

I like my Jeep, umbrella stroller. I have used it for over a year. Even took it to Florida, to Disney...etc.
I have a 'nicer' Eddie Bauer one. It just seemed sooo heavy for everyday use, of in/ out of the car all the time. However, if I do go to the zoo, or something, it is nice to used the latter. But, rarely...

Tho, my twin boys are 27 months now, and they like to knitPick at eachother, sideXside. Sooooo....maybe I'll get more use out of the Eddie Bauer come spring time? Hmmmmmmm....

Hope this helped in some way.....



answers from Saginaw on

I am planning to purchase the Sit-n-Stand stroller by Baby Trend (there are knock-offs out there that I didn't feel were as nice). There are 2 versions of it. The less expensive one has a regular stroller seat in front, which also accepts most infant carriers, and it also has a platform and "bench" for the older child to stand & ride or sit down. The model I am planning to purchase actually has 2 regular stroller seats but the rear seat is removable to reveal the Sit-n-Stand feature. I have researched quite a bit and also have a sister-in-law who recommended the sit-n-stand, and we've decided it's the one for us! We'll likely get if off eBay. Best of luck!

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