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Updated on October 12, 2011
J.C. asks from Belton, MO
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Hi mamas. I'm just wondering if anyone else has ran into this.. I went to the doctor yesterday because I have been having headaches daily for a week. He diagnosed me with muscle contraction headaches (stress headaches). He didn't seem concerned at all with the fact I told him I started getting fevers on Sunday evening. Not real high ones - but from Sunday until now they've ranged anywhere from 97.7 (which is normal for me) to 100.1. Only other symptoms i have besides headaches and fevers are coughing/congestion (which he told me was allergies). I know it can do weird things to your body but can stress cause fevers?

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone.. will definitely do some research on migraines. He did mention that at my appointment yesterday but said he'd go the muscle contraction headaches route first as they are easier to treat... so might still be migraines.. who knows.. but thank you :)

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answers from Lawrence on

Hi J.! I would have the dr. Do a chest x-ray on u to check u for pneumonia. Me, my husband and our three kids all have low temps. To just like u and 101 is high if u only run 97. U may have headaches because u have a fever. My son was coughing really bad for about three weeks and I thought it was just a virus at first so I waited and when we got to the 3 week mark my son woke up with a 102 fever. I gave him some tylenol and took him to the dr. He listened to him and looked at him and said he just has a virus. I said are u sure because he has been coughing for at least three weeks now and now he has a fecer that keeps going back up after the tylenol wears off. He said yes only a virus I said ok and we left. I knew that something wasn't right. We went to my mom's house to visit her and I gave my son some more Tylenol because by that time his fever was up again and he went and put himself to bed (which never happens) and slept for like 3 hours. I went in and check on him from time to time but the last time I checked on him he looked really hot and he was! His temp was 104.5. I ended up taking him to the e.r. An they did a throat culture, blood test and chest x-ray and I didn't even have to ask! Turns out my son's white blood cell count was up and the x-days showed that he had pneumonia. So please go get a chest x-day done.

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answers from St. Louis on

Hi J.,

I am thinking that stress CAN cause fevers since it can cause other things like high blood pressure and Shingles, etc.

Did you ever talk to your dentist about TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder)? The term covers many issues with the jaw, but for me it meant clenching and grinding my teeth at night. I was making small talk with the dental assistants a few dentist visits ago, talking about headaches, and pressure in my teeth. (My primary doctor had told me it was from stress.) Well, ends up it is TMJ, which also can cause fevers.

I may be totally off base, but as soon as you said stress headaches, I thought of what I went through with massages, chiropractors, and medicines to ease the headaches, neck pain, and shoulder pain. Now, all I do is wear a mouth guard at night, that my dentist fit for me. No more pain, and I sleep much better too! :)

Good luck! Hang in there!

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answers from San Francisco on

I have never heard of that, but I guess anything is possible. I wonder if you may have whatever this is that's going around. I've felt kinda crappy for the past 5ish days now. My sinuses hurt, I'm achy, and although I haven't taken my temp, I'd be willing to bet I have a low-grade fever. Ugh. It's not bad enough to go to the doctor, really, but I just don't feel great. I wonder if maybe you have that, too. Could just be a virus? I'm hoping so, anyway, because then maybe it will go away soon. :-/

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hello! You might be getting migraines. I'm pretty sure I read that one of the symptoms of migraine is fever. Migraines can have a lot of weird symptoms, maybe even the congestion could be from that. I get stress-induced non-headache migraines, so I get nauseous and dizzy, and I used to get auras (visual disturbance). Look up migraines and do some research, because if that's what it is, you can get medication for it to take either when it starts or every day to prevent them. On the other hand, you could just have a virus. :)



answers from San Francisco on

Stress doesn't cause fevers, but it does challenge the immune system, leaving you vulnerable to a bug that might need to be fought with a fever.



answers from St. Louis on

Catherine caught my answer - we've been battling a virus that feels like allergies or even a sinus infection. Congestion, coughing, dull head aches (like sinus pressure - mostly above the eyes and at the temple), and low grade fever off and on. It's not bad enough to stay in bed, but it makes daily life a bit more tiring.

We've been taking Tylenol here. A fever with headaches and congestion sounds like a sinus infection more than just stress. If you do think it's stress, try to get a little exercise - a walk around the neighborhood or some stretching while watching TV. Also turn off the radio in the car and just enjoy the quiet. Little things like that can help the body manage stress levels.

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