Strep Throat Will Not Go Away!

Updated on March 01, 2011
K.H. asks from Vienna, VA
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Hi Mom's , hoping somone has some useful information/advice they can share with me?

I got strep throat back in November 2010 , I took a 10 day course of antibiotics & 2 days after the course ended the strep came back. I then took another 10 day course and when they finished the same happened again , I was then given 20 days and yes when those ended the strep returned , so I was then referred to a ENT who advised to have my tonsils taken out. They were removed January 21st and up until last weekend I was fine , I started with a sore throat and by Friday it was really red & sore , so I went to the Dr and the strep test was positive. He gave me a 10 day course and so far 3 days in my throat is no better , still very sore and has red & white puffy lumps , I asked him what happens next if it does not go away and he said more antibiotics!....well I am at the point where I do not want anymore as they clearly do not work for me , have done some research on the internet but not really finding much.

Anyone else been through this? What happens when it just won't go away with antibiotics and tonsil removal? No-one else in my home has had it and I am clueless as to who I came into contact with originally to get it. The Dr mentioned that I could be a carrier and I am giving it to myself....well that sounds funny but what if that is the case? How will I ever get better? My kids are going to the Dr tomorrow to be tested to see if any of them are carriers displaying no symptoms , but I am just so fed up of this now , it's been 3 months and I am still sick!

Thanks for any advice you can offer!

I wanted to update as I have now taken my kids to the ped , and it turns out that 2 out of 3 of them are positive for strep but with no symptoms , they are now on antibiotics , so fingers crossed I can finally be free of this!

Thanks for all the responses

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So What Happened?

I just wanted to add that we have no pets , my family are being tested tomorrow , and the reason my tonsils were removed was because they were huge and I have always had throat problem , but when I was younger (and in England) a Dr never said to have my tonsils out , and up until now if I did have throat infections or ear infections etc antibiotics worked. As for adenoids , the ENT checked for those when I was under and I don't have any.

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You don't mention what type of antibiotics you are being given. Typically they start with one of the weaker ones, then move on to another type until they find the one that works for you. Given that these infections follow one right after another, they should not be giving you the same antibiotic over and over. If they are, insist that the doctors not give you the same one over and over, but move up to a stronger one to knock it out. You may have a resistant strain that will only get stronger as it fights the weaker drugs. Don't give up!!

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When they have swabbed it have they ever tested to see what anitbiotics it is resistant to? It might be a MRSA kind of infection and so you may need a different antibiotic to get rid of it once and for all.

I couldn't tell from you post if they keep giving you the same anitbiotic over and over or switching it up. I believe you typically need a Bactrim or Septra to clear up a MRSA infection.

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First of all I don't see how taking out your tonsils will help for Strep. Second, antibiotics will totally screw up your immune system. You have been on them a long time so watch out for digestive issues and vaginal infections. Try chamomile tea it removes toxins from your body, makes you pee and sweat a lot!!. I make it in a 12 cup drip coffee maker, put the tea bags in the glass pot, let water drip in and steep for at least 3-5 minutes. Drink all of it in one day. If you don't like the taste, use one tea bag of chamomile and one tea bag of mint, you can add surgar, but I believe infections feed on sugar so use caution. You should feel better the next day but it may take 2-3 days of tea to get it totally out of your system.

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You cold be a carrier. Did you ever have a negative strep test? If so then you probably are not.

You should start taking probiotics to safeguard your stomach from all the antibiotics.

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Dang, sounds like you are resistant to antibiotics. That's why it's so important not to use them unless you really have to.
Maybe you would do well with some homeopathic strategies? Hit your local health food store and ask a clerk to help you out.

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Do you have a dog? They can be carriers, too.

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You are not resistant to antibiotics - the strep is.
Unfortunately, more people are going to find out how tough your position is.
As long as antibiotics are used in meat, poultry and fish industries/feed, a microbe doesn't care if it's strengthened on a cow or a chicken or a person and this sort of thing is going to get worse.
If you have pets, take them to the vet and have them tested, too. They can be carriers and reinfect their owners.
Sometimes the tonsils get so infected they become the source to re-infect you. Having them out (and adenoids) might help.
Natural healing is extremely hit and miss. What works for one does not with another.

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How frustrating! Having my tonsils out is finally what worked for me. The only thing I can think of is going to a Holistic doctor and/or nutritionist to see if diet can help. I'd also definitely start taking a good probiotic since you've been on so many antibiotics. It may sound weird but a chiropractor may be able to help. I know that people go to them for ear infections and other problems that you wouldn't think are associated with the spine. Best of luck-my thoughts are with you.


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I have experienced the same thing (not to the same extent though and I do still have my tonsils) and two of my nephews have had their tonsils removed for the same reason.

In the beginning, your strep probably wasn't "coming back" but rather never cleared up. Removing your tonsils does not prevent prevents tonsilitis and reduces (not eliminates) your chances of getting strep (as you have now discovered).

My doctor said the BEST thing for strep is Penicillian. If they haven't tried that yet, ask your doctor if you can try it. Also, what about a shot of antibotic, they tend to be more effective...or those given through an iv.

I have never heard of giving it to yourself but family members who do not have strep could be carrying it (like from school).



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You poor thing! You must be fed up. We all trust our doctors to make us well; it can be frustrating when they don't have the answers. You may want to try getting on some superior supplements. I can share countless stories about folks who rarely get sick; I have only had one cold in 5 years since starting on vitamins from a wellness company. They also have a fabulous dental line, including a mouthwash and gargle that could help. The active ingredient is Melaleuca oil, which kills bad bacteria, but leaves the good flora intact. Perhaps the combination of boosting your immune system with great vitamins, and getting the bacterial balance back in your mouth would help. Happy to share more; feel free to message me. Good luck!


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when my son had it three times back to back I finally asked if they could just give him a shot and that finally did the trick. Good luck!



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If you've had problems with ear infections and strep when you were younger and taken antibiotics, your body has probably built up a resistance to them. Have they tried different types of medication?

As a child I got strep constantly. I eventually out grew it. I did not have my tonsils out, as my ENT said it would not help with the strep.

I hope you get well soon.



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Try doing some things to boost your immunity, too. Like taking vitamin D3, vitamin C in larger doses and taking elderberry. You can get the elderberry from CVS in liquid form called Sambucol. It is a natural anti-viral used around the world. I also read somewhere that even though it is winter, we should be trying to get outside on any sunny day for 10 to 15 minutes to get natural vitamin D, to get some fresh air and to help boost your endorphines (happy people shake off illnesses better, I guess:). These are all natural things that will not keep any anti-biotics from fact, they complement them.

I just recently read that oregeno right in your spice cabinet has amazing health benefits. I can't remember them all but I know it had to do with colds, flu, etc. Maybe you can google it. Good luck with this. It must be exhausting.

Take care and God bless,



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The ENT should take a culture and after a few days will be able to see all the types of bacteria (perhaps it's more than one) and hopefully you can get a custom-blended antibiotic. Sometimes you need to use more than one type, or a custom one because some infections are harder to get rid of- since different antibiotics work best on different types of bacteria. My Dad needed this when he had a strep infection in his finger.
I hope you feel better!
PS for the sore throat- my ENT told me to dissolve 2 aspirins in a small amount of water and to gargle with it. It relieves the pain and is a natural antiseptic. Don't get the safety aspirins though, they don't dissolve!



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I went through this as well. When I took a two year break from teaching and worked in an office, I got strep for the first time. I had it regularly every 3 months for two years. I did all the antibiotics prescribed even though their effectiveness was spotty. My doc also said I could be a carrier.

In the end, it was simply time, good eating and good sleeping habits that got me over it.

Oh, and I returned to teaching. Maybe that had something to do with it. Once I resumed teaching, I never had strep again.

Go figure...and good luck.



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Get everyone in the family, not just you and the dog!, tested to see if there is a strep carrier in the family. Carriers may not show symptoms so don't be fooled by thinking "oh, no one's been sick but this one child."

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