Strep & Hives

Updated on January 06, 2017
T.C. asks from Mundelein, IL
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Does anyone have any experience w/ strep & hives they'd like to share? My 2 yr. old was just diagnosed w/ strep. He broke out in bad hives & I took him to the dr. Apparently hives are a symptom of strep, so they did the test. I was just wondering from others' experiences how long the hives lasted, what you did about it, etc. It's weird b/c he's eating & drinking fine, so it appears his throat is not bothering him.

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So What Happened?

According to my dr., hives are a symptom of strep. They were actual hives, not a rash. He was not on antibiotics at the time of the hives, so I do believe they are a symptom of strep (perhaps not very common), though no one I talk to seems to know this. After being on the antibiotic for almost 24hrs, the hives are gone & have not come back. Thanks for all your advice.

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answers from Davenport on

My son just came home from school with what looked like a severe allergic reaction. Swollen lips, swollen eye lids, itchy hives everywhere, etc. We gave him children's Benadryl and took him to the pediatrician immediately. His doctor tested him for strep and it was positive. He did not have any throat pain or any other noticeable symptom. Apparently, hives are a symptom of strep that the doctor recognized, even though it doesn't come up as a symptom when I looked it up online later. And, my son did not have the typical rash that is associated with strep.



answers from Chicago on

Hives are generally not a symptom of strep, but a rash from Scarlet fever can follow strep. If they truly are hives, I'm thinking that the hives are an allergic reaction to any antibiotic that he received. A child can get strep and it can move into Scarlet Fever but Scarlet Fever is more of a sunburn-looking-type-rash with small red bumps.

I hope that you have contacted your doctor about the rash. He will probably want your child on Benadryal if it is an allergic reaction.



answers from Peoria on

My son experienced Scarlet Fever or Scarletina with every episode of strep throat he had. Which were many before he got his tonsils out! Scarlet fever is more of a flat rash mostly on the trunk. I would guess that is what your child is experiencing unless it is from the antibiotic he was given to treat the strep throat. Scarlet Fever can be present off and on for about 2 weeks even after the strep infection is gone. The last time my son who is 8 had it, he never complained of a sore throat just had an upset stomach. I didn't suspect Strep throat until he broke out in the rash. I did a little research and Scarlet Fever only occurs in about 5-10% of Strep infections but he gets it every time. It isn't dangerous it just can be a little itchy and for older kids they can be self conscious about it.



answers from Dallas on

I realize this is a very old post, but I am just getting over strep and prior to strep attacking my tonsils, I broke out with a horendous set of hives. No antibiotic, buuuut Im a photographer and I had been outside shooting a wedding where the mosquitos were AWFUL! The strep virus had been passed through a mosquito bite on my ankle. My daughter within days came down with strep throat. Shortly after, I worked a very late night that resulted in strep throat the following day for me, but the doctor said it all started from the mosquito bite and hives reaction.

Just a few years prior, we experienced the same phenomenon with my son, who had been bitten by a mosquito and broke out with little skin legions (not hives) all over his legs. Everyone in the house caught strep throat except him...turned out, he was the carrier. Once the doctor had him on antibiotics his legions cleared up and thankfully our reoccuring cases of strep in our household of six was no more.



answers from Chicago on

I myself actually break out in hives every time I get strep. It usually lasts about 24 hours (until the antibiotics kick in). I have no idea what the corrolation is, but if your little guy is really itchy from them you can give him an oatmeal bath and use Aveno lotion to follow. That usually works for me.

Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

I too break out from is an allergy to something generally. I find I break out from things that contain raspberries. Watch this it is in teas, candy, and sometimes fresh raspberries themselves. I also broke out with them after going on a hay ride. Although that might have been cooncidental on that one. Hives are very ichy and get worse sometimes before they get better. The only thing that helped me was an allergy shot. Of course, that might be because they were already going away by the time they were bad enough to go to the doctor for. But once I had the shot they went away shortly there after. My first experience with hives was when I was little. My mom thought it might be related to a type of red dye they used in vitamins and some juices. I have heard that they reintroduced this red dye again. So watch for red things he may eat or drink. OF course it is not all red things, but be aware of what he is eating or drinking.Especially if he is sick. Are you treating him to tea for his throat. Does it contain raspberries or red....this is all individualized of course.That is what I break out from...he may have other allergens he is allergic to. Good luck they can get very uncomfortable.



answers from Chicago on

Hi T.,
Did they give him amoxicillin? My son (8) was given amoxicillin for strep and he had an allergic reaction and developed hives. I'm not sure if this is what is going on with your son. Hope the little guy feels better soon!
S. P.

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