Streaks of Blood in Daughters Spit Up

Updated on June 26, 2007
A.S. asks from Bigfork, MT
7 answers

My 11 month old daughter spitup the other day and there were streaks of blood in it. She dosent usually spit up, today she spit up again and there were streaks of blood in it again! I recently quit breastfeeding so it cant be coming from me. I took her to the doctor immediatley after it happened the first time and they barley even looked at her and they couldent give me any explanation!!! Has anyone else had anything similar happen? Any suggestions would be appreciated I wont be able to sleep until I figure out whats going on with my sweet girl!!! HELP!!!!

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answers from Iowa City on

You mentioned you just stopped breastfeeding, did you go to formula or cow's milk? If you went to formula maybe she is sensitive to the kind you got, maybe you could switch to one that has the proteins broken down (carnation good start). If you started cow's milk maybe she is not quite ready for it. Also even though it makes you feel like it something real serious since there is blood there could be a simple explanation. Occasionally, baby may spit up forcefully and tear a tiny blood vessel at the end of the esophagus. This also heals quickly. If it continues on for more than a week I would get a second opinion, especially if she has other symptoms along with it.



answers from Cedar Rapids on

Hi A.,
My name is C. and I have 2 childeren and if my ped wouldn't figure out why they were spitting up blood I would find a different one. To me that sounds really serious. I hope you figure it out I would loose alot of sleep over that a well:)



answers from Des Moines on

I would switch her formula, maybe give her smaller, more frequent feedings. Could you call your pediatrician's office and ask to work with someone on the phone to adjust her formula intake/brand to find something that doesn't make her spit up? My boys spit up all the time so it never worried me, but when an 11-month old without a history of being spitty starts suddenly, I would suspect that it's a food/milk intolerance. They should have a nurse or nurse practitioner who could guide you through it. Good luck, and I hope the problem is resolved soon.



answers from Great Falls on

First, I'd keep the cloth you use to clean her up. Take it to the doc and then see what they say. If it is blood and they still don't do anything, get a secon opinion. Right away. I hope everyting is okay. Good Luck!!!!



answers from Sioux Falls on

My son went through a phase (about a week) after I stopped breastfeeding where he had small amounts of blood in his poop. He had diarrhea as well and our doc told us to use a soy formula and it stopped. We went back to using regular milk-based formula and he got the bloody poops again so we stuck to using soy and he has been fine ever since. So, I am wondering if maybe you are using milk-based formula and it is too much for her sensitive tummy. I think breast milk is so much easier on a baby's digestive system and when you change to formula it is harder on them. I would recommend trying a soy formula and seeing if that helps but I would be seriously p**sed at your doc if all they did was tell you not to worry as blood anytime can be serious! My doc sent us for xrays of Liams belly and ran some blood tests to rule out any sickness or blockages before she decided that it was a milk intolerance and they should never send you away without an answer to your problem...bad doctors!!!!



answers from Des Moines on

Hi, A.!

Sounds scary, what you witnessed. I was wondering if your daughter is teething? This could be the cause of the blood you saw, especially if it is just "streaks". If she continues to have streaks of blood, and is not teething, take her back to her pediatrician and nail them with all your questions. That is what they are there for. If the amount of blood you see becomes larger and bright red, she should be evaluated in an emergency room. Generally, streaks of blood in spit up means she is teething or if she has teeth, she may have bit her cheek or tongue. Good luck!




answers from Davenport on

Take her to another doctor. This could easily be something serious so be sure to press the issue. My son had streaks of blood in his spit up but he had always spit up a lot. We were refered to a pediatric gastroenterologist who determined he had acid relux and put him on medicine. I know this is a totally scenario but be sure she gets seen ASAP. If the blood is red, it is either coming from her mouth or throat. If the blood looks like coffee grounds it is coming from her stomach. Be sure to check her stools too and make sure there is no blood there. Oh, also, when we took our guy to the doc, I brought the burp cloth that he spit up into with the blood on it, so they could see the amount that was there. Good luck to you and your daughter!

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