Strange Swelling in Groin Area -- 22 Weeks Pregnant

Updated on August 03, 2010
S.S. asks from Denver, CO
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Hi Moms,

So, I am headed to the doctor Tuesday morning but can't stop wondering what this is.... I'm 22 weeks pregnant with my third and I have a strange bulge on one side of my from the panty line a little bit....not particularly low down either. I say bulge because it doesn't have a's not round. It is a little sore....not at all that bad and it is not red or hot to touch.....which makes me think it's not likely a swollen lymph node or hair follicle blockage. It's fairly large....large enough that you can see the swelling when I had my tight yoga pants on. When I rest off my feet, it reduces.....when I stand up and get going again, it comes back out. Any ideas? I'm thinking hernia possibly? Maybe vericose veins but I don't see any discoloration. Thought I'd ask if anyone else has had lovely symptoms like this before.... Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Well, it was an inguinal hernia..... Good guesses ladies. No fun as I've already had multiple umbilical hernias repaired. Nothing to do but wait and hope this hernia doesn't get too much worse during the pregnancy.....although I will be ordering some of those glamorous support panties. Thank you for all the responses.

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Sounds like a hernia. Let us know what you find out. Hope you are on the road to recovery very soon.

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I would agree with the varicose vein theory. Sounds like my experience, and I would suggest maternity support hose. They make a huge difference, especially because the varicosities can/will get worse quickly , are very painful and any damage is only fixed through lasers or surgery. They go away for the most part after pregnancy, but mine come back monthly.



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Lucky you! I got this with my third and have it again now with my 4th, only lucky for me is has now traveled down my leg all the way to my calf. WooHoo! Needless to say mine are vericose veins. The very large bulging part which is mostly in my groin area and behind my knee are not discolored at all they are just large, odd, shaped bulges under my skin that are achy and painful. I am even starting to see them down the inside of my thigh now. It is the worst. The only thing that helps is to stay off your feet and get some Spanks (I need to wear my Spanks nearly all day every day).

The good news is, they go away after you have the baby. They are just hanging around because of all the extra fluid in your system from being pregnant.

Good luck and congrats.



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I'm guessing hernia. I got one from my second c-section. It sounds like exactly what you have.



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I had the exact same thing happen when I was pregnant with both of my children. It was, in fact, vericose veins. I know what it was because mine did eventually have a trail of veins that led right to it. Up the back of my leg, under my bum, then ended right on the right side of my undies line in the front. It would get pretty darn painful, and I really feel for you. Staying off your feet is the best way to relieve it, that- and having your baby. Good luck! Let me know if you have any other questions I could help you with.



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You definitely have lymph nodes in that area (the fold of your leg in the groin region). When they're tender, that's a good sign. Cancerous lymph nodes have no nerve endings and aren't painful. Unfortunately, I know from experience.

However, it doesn't sound like a lymph node issue, so it's wise that you ask your doctor.

It's one of the few pregnancy symptoms I wasn't blessed with, but I hope it's an anomaly, and you're back to normal soon!



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This happens to my sister. Go to the doctor. I think it is swollen glands or something. Get it checked out ASAP!!

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