Strange Flu?

Updated on February 03, 2009
R.K. asks from Keller, TX
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My son was recently (sunday evening) diagnosed with the flu.

Saturday afternoon he started complaining of a sore throat (just before we ate lunch). We had a late lunch, and despite the sore throat, he did eat pretty well. He was very whiny and said he wanted to go home a lot, but like I said he did eat his lunch. Well, we got home, he was ok, but had a mild around 100 fever. Middle of that night his fever shot up to 103.2, which scared me because his temp has never been that high. Still the sore throat, and we gave him some tylenol plus cold/sore throat. Ok...fever came down then up again to around 102 something, so we gave him some tylenol meltaways. Fever came down again. Then late Sunday it went up and stayed up, tylenol didn't have any affect, nor did a cool bath. The temp got up to 103.5, and though that isn't incredibly high it scared me because we couldn't seem to control it, so we took him into the Cook Childrens urgent care.
I was worried (and feeling strongly about) him having the flu, since we didnt' get shots (husband did, but I neglected to do so for me and DS), and I have a 5 month old baby who could not get the vaccine - so scared to DEATH the baby would get the flu. (still am very worried about that)
Well they gave him a test by sticking something up his nose and extracting some mucus. And they said it was positive for flu (he was negative for strep, they tested for that first).
Ok - well I had an answer and knew what I was dealing with. His fever stayed around 102.8 or so until almost noon today. He was achy and he threw up a tiny bit early this morning (4 am)...just a tiny bit, as he did not have much in his tummy. And he slept most of the morning.
Well NOW - since around 1 pm, he's been fine. No fever, feels fine he says, has an appetite, and is eating fine. Nothing.
What IS going on? Do flu symptoms disappear and come back? DH says, well I prayed about it -
Now I certainly would not put it past God to perform a miracle, but is there something going on that sounds familiar to anyone? We're not familiar with the flu - does it come and go like this? COuld he have been misdiagnosed?
Hoping for answers...thanks!


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answers from Dallas on

It probably is the flu. My daughter just got diagnosed with the flu and your son sounds just like my daughter. I talked with her teacher this morning and she said she has had several kids in and out like that with the flu. It is definately going around pretty bad. Good luck and I hope your son feels gets over this soon.



answers from Houston on

From my experience with the flu (I had it 3 times), it hits you hard, and I was pretty out of it for a couple of days. I ached so bad that I couldn't move, and I was 18! Everything...even my teeth...hurt, and I had a high fever.

My friend has been an ER nurse for 15 years, and most of the medical professionals (docs & nurses) don't get flu shots. She says that it isn't designed for the flu strain that's out there now.



answers from Dallas on

My mom has had the flu for 2 weeks. She felt fine about 4 days ago, went back to work for 2 days and everything and then it hit again with a vengence.

You never know with the flu, could be a 2 weeker or just a couple of days.



answers from Dallas on

Hello R.,

My son was negative for both tests but he still had a fever and congested chest & sinuses. he gets well then miserable. it's a roller coaster. good luck! ~C.~

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