Strange "Blister" on 21 Month Olds Belly Button...

Updated on January 31, 2007
Y.M. asks from Columbus, IN
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This morning while changing his pjs, I noticed a strange "blister" type bump or knot on my sons belly button. It is slightly red(more pink i guess) it almost looks like a poison ivy blister or something like that. Is this something to be concerned about or should we just watch it? It doesn't seem to bother him at all...I am trying to figure out if he should see his ped or if we should just watch it for a day or so...


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So What Happened?

Thanks for the input. We went to his ped this morning(we have ear infection issues too...) His doc told us to watch it, that most likey he had tried to jam something in there and it irritated it. He goes back in a few days for an ear check, so if it is still there-hasn't gotten any better we will start to investigate what the culprit may be.

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I would watch it for a day and see if it gets worse in color or size. If it doesn't bother him, that's a good sign. Since you are in Columbus, IN you may be able to call this nurse line that St. Vincent's Riley has set up. It's free and it's advice from a nurse. You just ask them if you should be concerned and the'll tell you whether or not you should see your ped. The number is 338-Kids. I don't know if it's 317 area code, but I would imagine it is since it's Indy based. If you can't reach them, my advice is just to keep an eye on it for a day or so b/c it may just go away on it's own. Could it be a bite of some sort?



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Get it checked out. My 18 year old son had something that fit that description on his neck when he was a year old. It went a way and came back with not just one but two, went a way then came back with three...they did a biopsy and told me that in an adult it could be either diagnosed or misdiagnosed as cancer but they had never seen anything like that in a child. He had bone marrow tests and blood tests for a year and everything was fine and they never came back since the biopsy. Then my 4 year old had something fitting that description on her pelvic area...turns out it was a boil but instead of surfacing, it was growing down into the muscle tissue and they had to surgically drain it. Same advice I give to everybody that doesn't know what something is...when in doubt check it out...the only stupid question that you can possibly have is the one that you never ask, because you'll never have an answer if you never ask the question.



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that sounds like somthing my daughter had only she had it on her thigh. i asked the doc when she went in for something else and they insisted we get her to a dermitologist asap.... so we did it was just a cyst but it needed to be removed... so if i were you i would call your doc and see what they suggest



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has he been exposesd to anyone with chicken pox? i know kids these days are supposed to get a vaccine, but they do not prevent every case. i was fourteen when i got it...b4 the vaccine can out obviously...but i remember the 1st thing i saw was a little red blister under my armpit. i thought it was an ingrown hair, but then i got a fever and the next day i was covered in them.



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i would get it checked out, that way you would know for sure. my cousins little boy had a hernia on his belly button and had to have surgery to remove it.

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