"Stork Bite" on Daughter's Eyelid Changing

Updated on May 20, 2009
A. asks from Plano, TX
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Hi Mamas-
My 14 mo was born with a "stork bite" on one of her eye lids - like a dark pink spot that almost looks like a hickey (sorry!). In the last few days, Ive noticed it get darker and raise. It doesnt seem to hurt or bother her, but I want to take her to get it checked out. Would I take her to a pediatric dermatologist? or opthomolgist? Has anyone ever had this happen to their child?

Thanks so much!

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No, I have not seen this but I would probably lean towards the dermatologist. You can always go to your pediatrician first, but he/she may refer you. I'd call today so that you can get this off your mind.



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If what you are saying, is it called an hemangemoma. Is is turning strawberry like? My daughter had a something like this after she was born. It started out a couple of weeks after she was born, it looked like someone pinched her right where her neckline is, then it started turning red and raised like a strawberry, puffy almost. It is called a strawberry hemangemona and it doctor said a lot of people have them. It goes away, after they turn around 2 and it did. It became less raised and then less red and now you can barely see it. She is almost 5 and you wouldn't even know it was there. If this is on the eye, then you may have to have it removed, as it could impair her vision or cause problems.



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It sounds like a hemangioma. Usually they don't treat unless it is on places such as eyes or nose if it will impair their vision or breathing. My daughter had it on her nose. Fortunately, we started her on a treatment (medicine) in time and were able to avoid surgery. I would recommend you see someone who specializes in hemangiomas. Let me know if you would like info. on the doctor we used.

Hope this helps!



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Is it a port wine stain? I would start with your ped and have them recommend someone. I would do quickly, especially if the mark is changing. Good luck!

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