Storing Toothbrushes - What Is the Most Sanitary Way?

Updated on December 02, 2009
S.J. asks from Cherryville, MO
5 answers

What is the easiest and most sanitary way to store your toothbrushes you use daily?

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answers from St. Louis on

in a cabinet....absolutely not out in the open bathroom! The toilet flush sprays minute particles everywhere. Yuck.

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answers from Kansas City on

Sounds like a lot of trouble, but the MOST sanitary place for toothbrushes is NOT in the bathroom at all! It is best to keep them as far from the toilet as possible. I read somewhere a few years ago (a germaphobe wrote) to place them in a towel in the linen closet! I don't go that far. My toothbrush does sit on the counter on the charger base. It has a holder on back for the toothbrush heads. I soak them (SEPERATELY) in Listerine from time to time. When we flush, the lid is DOWN. Every. Time.



answers from Kansas City on

I bought some really cute little holders, called tooth brush buddies, or something like that. I saw them recommended in Parents magazine and I looked them up on line. They are little plastic animals that suction to your bathroom wall or mirror and keep the brush on the inside. You can detach the plastic part and run it through the dishwasher or take it travel. I ordered some for everyone and my daughter thinks it's way cool that we have animals for our brushes too!


answers from St. Louis on

I would think storing them seperately and replacing them often would be the best idea.



answers from Kansas City on

I keep mine in a drawer that has plastic containers. Those containers get washed weekly when I do my deep clean in the bathroom. Each person in my household has a their own container.

I replace them regularly. If anyone as been sick they get replaced sooner. I've read that the cleaning solutions or even the UV light can damage a toothbrush which could lead to bacteria getting into the toothbrush.

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