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Updated on November 12, 2011
K.W. asks from Mesa, AZ
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Okay, all you super shoppers. I need the lowdown on low cost home decor. I've been to a pottery barn "outlet" that had their monogrammed stuff for cheap along with furniture and decorative items. Usually there was holiday stuff from the previous year. Is there anything like that around Mesa? Or other outlet type stores that have discounted stuff? I'm already familiar with Burlington and Marshalls and Ross and places like that. I'm talking about high end outlets. Thanks for your help!

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So What Happened?

I knew I could count on you ladies! I'm getting really addicted to this website. Anyway, I'm going out this weekend to check things out.
For all you wondering about the pottery barn outlet--it was in Salt Lake City, UT. I just happened to be there with a friend about a month before I moved here and I couldn't believe what I got. I spent $40 and got a tree skirt, 6 matching stockings, 6 stocking holders with picture holders on them, backpacks for my kids, cloth Easter baskets, and $5 of those dollars on chair covers that I picked the monograms out of and re-sold on ebay (I made $42 on them, therefore actually making money on the whole trip). The tree skirt alone retails for something like $75. It was a great store and I wish I'd had more time. I only had an hour but I could have spent three or four and spent a couple hundred dollars. I've looked on line and I'm pretty sure there isn't an outlet here. Bummer. Thanks again!

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Hi K.,

Everyone has already given you the great places I know of but I didn't realize there was a place with Pottery Barn rejects. Where is that? Please let us know.

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Can you tell me where the PB outlet in Salt Lake is?



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Not sure if anyone's still looking at this discussion-- but I have a question if you don't mind. You mentioned that you bought something at the PB store with monogramming and removed it. Was it their normal monogramming? I saw some quilts on ebay with monogramming, and am wondering how well it comes off (i.e., is it easy to rip out and not tear the fabric, etc.)

Thanks in advance if you see this & respond!



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If you do plan to go to Kirkland home, visit their web site first and sign up to receive free coupons and emails on their specials. It's jammed with home decor, and remember to think outside the box, on what to do with some objects.

Arizona Mills Mall, (in Tempe off of hwy 10 and Guadalupe), has a few nice discount stores inside. Plus, there is a rainforest cafe that you can walk through, that's great for kids.



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Hey where is the Pottery barn Outlet? I did not know there was one!

How about Razamataz or Home Goods (TJ Max home store).

There is a really cute home decor store on Higley and Guadalupe that has reasonable prices.



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I would also recommend Kirkland Home. Great stuff, really good prices. They seem to have some of everything. I recently purchased a bunch of new throw pillows there. High quality goods, and I could not believe how cheap they were compared to other places.


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Desert Breeze Railroad park

Freestone Park

Tumbleweed Park

Espee Park Spray Pad and Chuparosa Park Spray Pad
(article with addresses listed below)

Riparian Preserve and Observatory

AZ Museum for Youth

Of course there is story time at the local libraries...

Check out the Active Moms calendar

ETA- Oops... I think I posted this on the wrong thread... sorry ladies!



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There are two stores that come to mind.

Potato Barn
17131 E Williams Field Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85295 Williamsfield/Power

Poppy's Home Decor
East of Power, on the south side of Southern. It is in an industrial center next to 'Fast Signs'

Both have wonderful products and I would shop there weekly if I had the money:}



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oh, let me know when you find out! :)



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Kirkland Home (no affiliation with Costco) has great home decor and prices. They are in the Dana Park shopping center by AJ's, Pei Wei, Ann Taylor Loft (lots of high end stuff around but they really have great prices).



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You really just need to just drive on down the road to Dobson & Broadway. Starting on the NE side there are a few furniture outlet/clearance/wherehouse/inventory stores. From there- you can just go East on Broadway & many stores-non corp mom & pop wholesale/retail stores all the way to with Main street..continue to just go east & bargain galore on every corner. Some great restored furniture & antique type places..fresh produce matkets..have a ball just on those 2 streets! LOL And if you are still fellin' froggy then you can go North on Dobson passing Broadway & their is Levitz/Howies World BIG wherehouse & waterbed store too on right.

You want some good deals you HAVE to go to the flea market! Just made in front of you REAL kettle corn & cotton candy..oops off topic..LOL..Get there as early as you can or on a off weekend..but the best is towards the end of the day when all the space renters start to freak out & the prices drop..quick..begging included..LOL

2 nights a week in downtown Mesa, they have an auction. Anything & everything with some killer prices.

take your kids to the train park in Chandler/Gilbert!! Someone will correct me, I can only hope. Breeze Park?/ They have a real train ride for pretty cheap that goes around the world of the park-tour guide included.

There is an indoor wave pool that is in Tempe at Kaiwana's (sp?) Park & that park is the park of parks for any & everything..very big on foot with kids.

Good luck. For anyone who may be confused- this poster K. had put 2 topic requests in this email & I just responded to both in one. =D