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Updated on November 10, 2009
M.H. asks from Groves, TX
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Hi Mamas!

I have a question about myself this time that I'm hoping y'all can help with. My right ear has been stopped up for about 6 weeks now. It has loud ringing at times but for the most part I just can't hear out of it. My regular physician said it was fluid on my eardrum. He prescribed me nose spray with steroids in it, gave me a steroid shot, and told me to take Mucinex. I've done all that to no avail. So he told me to see an ENT. I have an appointment Tuesday but just don't know what to expect. I'm not a big fan of the doctor or hospitals so I'm a little nervous. Do any of you have experience with this? How do they drain fluid from your ear? Thanks for all your info!!!!!

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answers from Corpus Christi on

Been there done that. I guess is that it is allergies, a change in medication is likely the only change other that possible testing.

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answers from Houston on

Hi M.,

The same thing happened to me last year. My sister who is a nurse recommended that I get an "Elephant Ear" system. I bought mine at a medical supply store but you can get them online also. They run about $30.00. Basically you just squirting warm water into your ear with their pressure pump and it loosens the impacted wax that could be causing the blocked ear feeling, and the wax just falls out. I could hear immediately after I used this. My sister said that at the Dr's. off that she worked at, they used this all the time.



answers from Houston on

My daughter had fluid in her ear last week, and the Dr. said for her to take Rescon GG, which is over the counter and it was every 4 hours. It worked. She had to then take Mucinex as she still had nasal congestion. She also did Neil's Sinus Rinse (in the shower as it makes a huge mess) and is using flonase nasal spray at night. She is doing so much better now. I hope that you will get some relief soon!



answers from Huntington on

I have struggled with ear problems my whole life. They usually suck excess gunk out of your ear with a sort of vaccum. My 8yo has had this done a couple times at the ear doctor's office. I like to put warm garlic ear oil in both ears. I use 2-4 drops heated, twice daily followed by a cotton ball for a couple days. Then I use ear candles which will clean all the gunk out without an expensive doctors visit. I don't see the vaccum as an effective treatment because they did this to my son about 3 times within a short period of time.



answers from Killeen on

I had an ear that was stopped up. I unstopped it by squeezing my nose closed with my fingers and blowing out. I was at the doctor and she gave me that advice. I did that at least three times a day for three days and then all of the sudden it unclogged.
I realize your ear may be more clogged, but it is a simple trick that may work. My ear was clogged and it hurt.
Good luck with the ENT.



answers from Houston on

Muscinex is for congestion I thought, do you have congestion too or just stopped up ear? It's probably allergies, I get that same thing sometimes. Try taking a really warm, moist cloth & laying down on it. Sometimes that helps to allevieate & 'drain' the ear, at least that's what I've been told. I have done that & it seems to help sometimes. Just keep repeating w/the warm, & when I say warm, as hot as you can stand it, that way the warmth will be a lot & will last longer than just 'luke warm'. I think you should try an allergy medication like zyrtec or clariten. I usually buy the generic versions. I've also just took my fingers & closed the little flap of skin that 'closes' your ears & held it closed & jiggled my ear, opening & closing at the same time, vigorously & sometimes that helps too as well as just leaving the ear 'open' & taking my hand flat across my ear & making a 'suction' w/my hand, in & out to try & release the pressure. From what I've come to know, the fluid from your sinuses sometimes drains to one side, like when you're sleeping & lay on one side, & gets somehow 'stuck' there in your inner ear area. I'd visit an ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) doctor or Otolaryngologist if the ENT doesn't help. Good luck, I know how aggrivating this can be, I get this too sometimes.



answers from Austin on

Hey M. I had the same problem over the summer with my ear. Let me tell you how I fixed it. My neighbor is a Chiropractor and he fixed my ear. My ear was so stopped up I could not hear right for over a month and doctors kept writting me prescriptons, nothing would work. My neighbor pulled on my ear in a certain way and it opened my tube and all the fluid drained out. It was fixed instantly!! Amazing is all I can say. The problem with ears is usually its a mechanical problem that antibiotics can not fix!! His name is Richard Milne and his office is in Round Rock, but any Chiropractor can do this!! It is the most amazing thing ever!! You will feel so much better!! I know sounds weird but it works!!!! B. King



answers from Austin on

M., I would LOVE to know what happens for you at the ENT. I think what most people who are responding don't understand is that it is fluid INSIDE your ear, it can't drain out the ear itself, but has to go out the eustacian tube. I've had fluid in my ear for almost a year now, and have tried the Mucinex, gentle "ear pop" blowing, sinus rinses, everything but the decongestants (I can't take those). I asked about an ENT and my doc (who I trust very much) said they don't usually do the ear draining in adults unless it's a very serious problem. So I haven't gone to an ENT yet, but would love to know what you find out. It really drives me crazy because I sing on my church's praise team and it makes it VERY hard to hear the blend. Plus it's just a drag trying to listen to music in the car, too. Good luck! I hope you find an answer!

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