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Updated on June 25, 2008
C.H. asks from Raleigh, NC
4 answers

My 3 year old daughter loves to suck her thumb. I am trying to find some creative ways to help her stop this habit before it becomes too difficult to break. She always sucks her thumb to go to sleep at night, and also during morning cuddles. I notice that she sucks her thumb during the day as she gets tired, and now when she is in new & uncomfortable situations. Any ideas? Please share!

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answers from Nashville on

I have always heard to try one small drop of lemon or lime juice on their thumb. I guess the taste stays on long enough to keep their thumb out of their mouth. A girlfriend of mine tried it with her son, but he actually liked lemons and limes, so that didn't work. Instead, she put just a touch of pickle juice on his thumb. It worked! Hey, doesn't hurt to try! Good luck.



answers from Louisville on

Im going through this right now my 4 year old just got rid of the paci. i just ordered malva stop from amazon and it will be here today im going to give it a shot i will let you know if it works. im going to paint her nails first then put the bad tasting stuff on over the polish. There is something called thums that is sold at walgreens...DO NOT USE IT!!!! the package says bitter well its not its hot i tried it and my mouth burned for 15 mins and later that day i forgot i had it on and rubbed my eye. i had to pull over and dump water all over my eye.... im so glad i tried it on myself before i tried it on my baby!!!! good luck



answers from Lexington on

the catalog one step ahead makes little plastic guards for thumb or finger sucking. they change the way that the thumb fits in the mouth, and prevents any suction from forming around it. i have not used them, but i have heard that they are great.



answers from Chattanooga on

Paint her fingernails. I painted my daughter's nails and told her she could not suck her thumb if she wanted to show Grandma her pretty nails over the weekend. It worked great!

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