Stomach Virus Without a Fever

Updated on September 17, 2012
A.S. asks from Dallas, TX
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Ok so my youngest, who is 3, has been not quite herself all day. Not as energetic, low appetite, just puny but not running a fever or having any other symptoms until this evening. Tonight before dinner she vomited twice. Now about 1 hours prior I had given her some allergy medicine after she ate 1/2 peanut butter sandwaich so it is very likely it was the medicine that caused it but I'm afraid with her being run down today it could be a stomach bug. I won't worry about it more unless she shows continued vomiting or other symptoms but in your personal experiences is it possible to have a stomach virus without a fever? What are some other things that can cause vomiting without a fever? Believe it or not my oldest has never had a stomach virus related vomiting incident. Her vomiting has been associated with allergy drainage.

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answers from Philadelphia on

My kids have never had a fever with a stomach virus and my 9 year old had an 11 day stomach virus last spring. Thought I was going to go nuts. The doctor didn't even want to see her because believe it or not they can last that long. (on day 9 I insistent she be seen by the doctor...they tested her stool but it it came back negative and she was over the bug 2 days later)

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answers from Grand Forks on

I had a stomach virus a couple of weeks ago. No fever. Just vomitting and diahrea all morning, then tired for the rest of the day. I drank Gatorade to stay hydrated and ate a brat diet and pretzels for the rest of the weekend.



answers from Chicago on

My whole family was sick this past week. One a day almost. Last Sat I was in bed ALL day. I gelt awful and my stomach hurt. It started the Wed before with my 4 yr old, then my 10 month old, skipped Fri, then Sat noght my husband got sick. Sunday night one of older my girls, then Tues night my other girl. My son just complained his stomach was bothering him. None of us had a fever. I don't think I have ever had a fever with a stomach virus. It is going around though.



answers from Dallas on

I think JC and I must be in parallel universes because my 2 yo DS did the same thing. by day 10 of the dr. refusing to see him with me screaming "but he has no fever, how could it be a virus???", I managed to get them to take a stool sample. DS started getting better the very next day and was fine when they finally got the sample back negative!

Just keep plenty of fluids in your LO and buckle down. Could be a day or two thing, could be allergies, or could be a 10 day monster that will scare you to death. But don't worry, she'll be okay.



answers from San Francisco on

My GD is home sick today also. Stomach bothering her; no fever; run down; just doesn't feel good! Yuk!


answers from Norfolk on

A mild case of rotavirus can act like a 24 or 48 hr stomach / intestinal bug.
It doesn't always cause a fever.



answers from Oklahoma City on

I can't recall ever having a fever with a stomach virus.



answers from Kalamazoo on

Could be from swallowing all the drainage, or vomiting can be from a mild case of food poisoning. You dont usually get a fever from that either.


answers from Dallas on

We've never experienced fever with stomach virus. We have experienced vomiting due to allergies and drainage.

Our weather changed here in TX and I've been nauseous all day simply due to drainage.

Just a thought



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She could have a stomach bug, they don't always run fever when they have a stomach virus and there is one going around. Also, you mentioned that you gave her allergy medicine, if she is having any drainage from the allergies, it could cause her to be a little sick to the stomach.

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