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Updated on November 22, 2010
N.R. asks from Atlanta, GA
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My 6 year old came down with the stomach virus late Monday night. She felt terrible all day Tuesday and was feeling better by Wednesday. Thursday night I came down with the virus. I felt awful all day yesterday, but I felt better today. I had my daughter spend the night away from home last night to try to avoid the germs as much as possible. I have cleaned and Lysoled everything that would stand still. Tonight before she went to bed she mentioned that her tummy hurt. I know that could be several things - remnants of the virus, the fact that she finally ate a real meal again tonight, etc. But I was wondering... could she recatch the virus from me?

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answers from Modesto on

In most cases you cannot catch the same virus twice. Sometimes we feel that we are passing it around, but that is really just the fact that you never got rid of it to begin with.

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answers from Cincinnati on

most likely not. if people could recatch viruses from their family no one would ever be well. once you recover from most common viruses you build up immunity to it. the virus can mutate giving her a new one, but it would not be the same one you have (ie she wouldnt have caught it from you)

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answers from Los Angeles on

Yes she could get the virus again, but my personal opnion is that her tummy is still sensative and that she has not fully recovered.

Good luck!

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answers from Portland on

Once we are sick with a virus we don't get sick again with the same virus. Our body becomes immune to any virus with which it becomes ill. However, we can immediately catch a new virus.

I also suggest that she's just not fully recovered and/or her stomach is still sensitive.

I suggest that you're overdoing the sanitizing. Once you've been ill you won't be ill again with the same thing. amount of sanitizing is going to completely erase the virus and will not prevent others in the family from becoming ill. Once someone in the house is ill the others are exposed. Sanitizing after two are sick won't help anyone else because they've already been exposed. I suggest you'd be better off to rest and recover yourself.

Sanitizing may be helpful for major illnesses during which other people are kept away from the ill child. Major illnesses such as measles, chicken pox, scarlet fever. Sanitizing or killing the bugs is important for such things as bed bugs, scabies., etc.

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answers from Portland on

No, if it's a virus that has gotten you both, she should be okay.

Once your immune system has handled a virus, it is equipped to fight off any future exposures to the same bug. That's the whole point of vaccinations. If you have come down with a different virus, or a significantly mutated version, then your daughter might be susceptible. But she won't get the same virus again if she has a normally-functioning immune system.

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answers from Las Vegas on

While it is good to clean, a lot of viruses are air bound. You can repass these things, but her immunities should kick in and help her out.

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answers from Cincinnati on

I don't think so, but funny thing. I had the same virus last night, and my grandpa had it the night before. I wonder if it's the same virus. That's incredible if it were the case--you're in atlanta, im in ohio. sounds like the same thing, though.



answers from Atlanta on

Yes, she can. You can go ahead and give her a probiotic; that should help, too. She should take it for a week to two weeks. Your pediatrician could tell you how long for sure.

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