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Updated on September 23, 2011
T.W. asks from Allen, TX
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My son has this terrible bug going around right now that started Tuesday night. I watched my poor little guy vomit over 15 times! I'm so afraid my daughter is going to catch it too and of course we are suppose to be leaving town tomorrow. I was wondering if she was going to catch this wouldn't I already know by now? Anyone else dealing with this evil bug??

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So What Happened?

Cynthia, I think I have the same issues your son had. Just painful stomach pains and a little nauseated. I also can't eat anything. Of course this starts an hour before our plane leaves. I'm miserable, but guess I'm glad I'm not puking. So far my daughter is ok. Thanks to everyone who responded! I really appreciate it.

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Not yet but I know these viruses work they way around. Start them both on a probiotic asap. It helps boost their immunity and restores the good flora in their intestine. Florastor Kids or there is one by Animal Parade Acidophkids.

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With the stomach virus, you are contagious once the symptoms begin and continue to be contagious until around 2-3 days after recovery. If you were to get the virus you would see symptoms within 48 hours of contracting the virus. So really, I would keep them away from each other for at least 3 days after he's feeling better.

Last year, my son's school had a horrible, awful, extremely contagious stomach virus. EVERY DAY after school, I would make him wash his hands and take an Airborne. I had him do this on top of feeding him very nutritious foods as well as made sure he got plenty of sleep. I was shocked when I realized we managed to avoid the virus. He was one of the very very few who didn't get it.

This year there is a stomach virus already going around school. I still make him wash his hands the second he gets home from school. The only difference is, I have him take the Airborne in the morning BEFORE school and a probiotic after school. I got the OK from the doctor to do this and I hope hope hope it works.

So sorry your son isn't feeling well. My nephew who lives out there in Allen came down with the stomach virus yesterday. I hear it's majorly going around out there.

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I hate those kind of viruses. It's hard to say. You can't really live your life on "what if?" though, can you? So, make sure everybody is washing their hands a lot and try to keep your daughter away from you son during this time.

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We are dealing with this now, too. My older son, who caught it first, never actually threw up, but he stopped eating and complained of his stomach hurting. It really wiped him out physically -- he didn't budge from the couch or bed for more than 2 days. My younger son is still trying to play, but has thrown up (even on a completely empty stomach) four times this morning and counting. Unfortunately, I don't think you and your daughter are in the clear until after your son is better for 72 hours. Good luck getting through it, and I hope your son is better soon.

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