Stomach Problems After Gallbladder Removal.

Updated on August 08, 2010
V.F. asks from Shreveport, LA
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I have suffered with vomiting and nauseau and pain for almost a year. Removed gallbladder on June 11th. No problems with recovery until about 3 weeks ago. The vomitting has returned and I am nauseated daily. Anyone else had this? I had an upper endoscope done and my stomach looked ok. He tested me for h. pylori. Any suggestions. I am scared to eat and I thought the gall bladder surgery would make this go away.

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answers from Spokane on

Welcome to the club woman! Sadly, I have the same problem, have to eat though? I just deal with it...and have been dealing with it for almost 2 yrs doesn't matter what I eat... I feel sick, have terrible stomach cramps and I have to go to the bathroom 5-10 mins after I put anything in my mouth. It sucks!

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answers from Johnstown on

This is normal, as your body is adjusting to not having your gall bladder. You can't eat any fatty foods now--anything heavy in butter or grease/oil is now OUT. You may find that it takes up to a year or even longer for your body to adjust. For me, there would be times I could eat anything. Then the next time I would eat that food would send me to the bathroom immediately for one reason or another or for both. Just stick to a healthier diet and give up the junk food and you should be fine. Praying for you :)

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answers from Fayetteville on

Have them check and see if you have kidney stones. I had gall bladder surgery and still did not feel better I went back to see the surgeon who did my surgery and we discovered I had kidney stones.



answers from Tulsa on

I'm not certain my response will hv anything to do w/your question, but I'll tell you my story; my problems didn't start after my gall bladder removal, it was approx 5 yrs after when I started to hv stomach trouble. My troubles started after having my daughter in 2006; have you asked your doctor abt "hernias" yet? My symptoms consisted of vomitting, severe stomach cramps, cold sweats & diarhea, like I said, it was awful! I would vomit "bile", like I said, it was awful! I couldn't do anything but lay in bed w/o moving at all bc if I tried to walk or move around it wld make things worse. The pain was herendous! The spells wld come & go so it wasn't like a constant thing, thank goodness abt that!! When I did hv an attack it was fierce! I wouldn't wish that kind of pain upon anyone. Well I hope that gives you a lil insight, good luck w/everything I hope you find some relief soon!



answers from Joplin on

karma's post could have been my own :>). I have the exact same problems as her except for instead 2 years try I had mine taken out back in 2001. and my mother even further back and she still experiences it every once i a great while. I mean think about it you do not have that aide in digestion anymore why wouldn't it not be different? I agree about the high in fat and oil filled foods they do seem to bring the upset on. also,I have learned taking pepto or pepto tablets before you eat or anti's before you eat they will help out. also i am going to checl with my doctor sometime I asked about the stomach upset a little while ago on here and some lady told me that her mom got something from the doctor to help don't hurt to ask.



answers from Tulsa on

I'm so sorry that you're feeling bad! My hubs had his gall bladder out, and he was told that 80% of patients experience at least some relief from their symptoms after surgery, 15% experience no change, and 5% are worse! He was also told that if his symptoms act up mostly when he's hungry, it would more likely be an ulcer or similar problem. If his symptoms come later, after he eats, it's more likely his gall bladder. His were later, and he definitely needed his out. Hope this helps, and I hope you find an answer and relief soon!



answers from Chicago on

As already suggested, try looking at your diet. A friend had to eliminate breade. When she ate it, even pizza crust, she would get heartburn or feel nauseous. She would also have to constantly clear her throat. She realized what it was when she went on a diet and ate no bread for 2 weeks. Tortillas were okay though so maybe just the density of the bread was the problem.


answers from Chicago on

I had my gallbladder removed after finding stones and me having nausea/vomiting. It took me almost a year to fully recover to 100 percent normal. But I didn't have any vomiting - a little nausea. Even though it's outpatient surgery, remember that your body has been operating a certain way all of your life - now it's having to readjust how it digests foods and that won't happen over night. I don't say this to scare you but to let you know that me and others I've talked to all had a similar experience - various digestive issues after the surgery, which did eventually go away, but it took quite a while. But it's weird that it went away and then came back. Did you change your diet? I remember I tried to eat something rich too soon and man did it make me sick. Keep eating your pre-gallbladder removal diet - foods very low in fat or fat free.


answers from New York on

It is not normal. Are you taking anything such as Nexium. If not I suggest you ask your doc if he thinks it will help. If you are taking something, maby you need a different medication. Often after gallbladder removal people are on Nexium or some other proton pump inhibitor for life.

Are you constipated? If you are not having good bowel movements you could either be contipated or have an obstruction which could also cause nausea and vomiting. but I am sure that your MD would have questioned that. If you were taking a lot of pain medication after the surgery the pain medications are very constipating.

If the doctor does not find the cause, I would recommend that you get a second opinion from another GI doctor.

Hope you feel better soon!



answers from Dallas on

Stay away from anything fattening and rich and see if that helps. Stick to a more healthy diet and only eat foods low in fat. The gall bladder is responsible for breaking down oily rich foods, and without it, your body cannot tolerate them, your stomach doesn't have the necessary help to break them down so you get sick. Good luck...

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