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Updated on May 11, 2010
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hi, my name is T., and i have an awsome three year old son, whom suffers from stomach pains. he is a "special needs" child. he was a premie which caused him to be developmentally delayed/ has "gerd"/sensory issues/doesnt eat/has a G-TUBE. (lives on tube feedings of pediasure.) he has had stomach pains now for about a year (more or less), and they are getting worse. the g-i dr. has run an endoscopy test/w biopsy. this has turned up nothing. he has been on previcid twice a day for his "gerd" for a long time. (its not due to constipation.) we have also recently have had an ultrasound done on his tummy, and are waiting on the results; in the meantime/ i hate to see him in pain!!!!!!!!!!! has anyone ever had there child go through something like this? any ideas of what it is that could be causing this? i will probably take him to the hospital soon/ ether before/ or after the results come back if it gets bad again. please help!

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first of all, i want to thank everyone here that commented/ and tried to help us out. i did just today take him to the hospital. he wasnt in anymore than his usual amount of pain; i just took him to just go ahead and get the answer! secondly, i want to say that he has been on multiple different types of priscription laxitives that NEVER helped him have a bowel movement. they gave me the results of his ultrasound/ sonagrahm,(or whatever its called), and that turned up nothing. they next took some pictures of his tummy, and it turned out his was very constipated;(dispite the fact that i give him prune juice once a day, and his pediasure has fiber in it. so, he could be getting to much fiber. i do know that fiber can helf or hurt a issue with bowlmovements. the dr. there priscribed him a laxative that he has been on before/(never did him any good!; but made him vomit all the time/ but i will try it again i guess; to follow dr.s orders!) i will discuss some of the topics that where mentioned here with his g-i dr. as soon as i can; and again thank you all! you where all very helpful/ and maybe we can find something eventually to keep him regular/ and "vomit free."),

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I wish I had some answers for you, but unfortunately I don't. But I do know that I use a rice sock (an old or new sock filled part of the way with new rice) heated in the microwave and put on their stomach does wonders. My son has stomach pain and this helps him 99% of the time! I hope this helps even a little.

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Hi T., I can identify! When my son had similar probs aand I was overwhelmed by the medical stuff I found a C.I.M.I. and learned infant massage. There is a specific wind/colic massage the may help. It is a lovely way to support and love your child who has hospital/pain etc in their lives. It was also a wonderful support to me as a Mum. I hope it all gets sorted soon,
all the best,



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My daughter would lay on the ground in pain when she had too much milk. She can have about 3 servings/day after that she's in a lot of pain. Hope you figure it out. has a great article on chronic stomach pain. It list dozens of things to keep track of which will help your Dr diagnose.



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My personal experience from a ton of GI related issues in my life is that "tummy" troubles are usually not the tummy. They are further along in the plumbing somewhere. Sometimes it's a hernia (hiatial or belly button or such), often it is a food allergy, sometimes it's a gall bladder failure (usually a more adult woman sort of problem), sometimes it can even be an appendix problem, or parasite or other problem.

This child probably needs a variety of testing done as soon as reasonably possible, some of it ultrasound, some of it intestinal biopsy, scope, etc. If he's in that much pain, take him to the hospital and see if they can find anything.

He could be reacting to something in the ensure. I know that my GERD problems went away when my diet didn't include things I was allergic to anymore, nor any chemical exposures. But it could be a lot of things. You need more information as fast as you can schedule the tests.



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I really feel for your son and you.
I know I do not know all the ins and outs of your sons situation so I can only talk about what I do know.
I can say that with his digestive system not working correctly because of the tube feeding and "gerd" and the use of Prevacid, his little body isn't getting what it needs.
PREVACID - Antacids make the stomach very alkaline. The stomach actually produces MORE acid to make it acidic again. Antacids are counterproductive. A common side effect from this drug is stomach pains.

Because he cannot eat regular foods, the normal bacteria in his gut are not in balance.For this, he needs a probiotic (good bacteria) for children. You can get this in powder form and mix it with liquid.

A high PH level, or acidic, (which would account for the gerd), creates a welcoming environment for viruses and (bad) bacteria to multiply to unhealthy levels. The body cannot process or cleanse itself of toxins properly. All of this interferes with proper food absorbtion which leads to a compromised immune system, protein synthesis, enzyme activity and brain chemicals (Dopamine, Serotonin, Norepherine) and neurotransmitters which are what makes your brain function properly (sensory issues).

If it were me, I would test his PH levels first. PH levels are extremely important!
Then, seek out what he needs to adjust it to a healthy level. And, a probiotic for children. This is if it were my child.

I suggest talking with your current pediatrician/doctors that your son sees and ask about these. Ask them if they would explore alternatives to traditional medicines/therapies. If they decline, I recommend seeking out a doctor that practices complementary medicine (traditional & natural therapies).

I hope this provides you with some help.



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T., I too have a son with "special needs", he is 11 years old. He has always had stomach pains for as long as I can remember. We have such trouble getting him to eat. We too have had him tested and there are no findings. I recently was introduced to a fabulous line of supplements that are definitely making a difference with his tummy troubles. We are also surprised to find that these supplements have also helped with mood and focus. I do not know if these products would help you with your son but you have nothing to lose by trying them. I wish I could get the money back for the countless products/meds and dr. visits we had to pay for regarding these health issues. We report that are tummy troubles are behind us.
Please feel free to email me at [email protected] and I will send you a link so that you can research these supplements.
Best Regards,



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Have any of his doctors mentioned a possible food allergy? My son, around 4 months old, started curling up in a ball screaming after he would nurse. We eventually discovered severe food allergies. Of course, he was vomiting 8 and 9 times a day, as well . . . but it can occur without vomiting. Just a thought.



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The stomach has to have acid in it, if not then protien does not digest, and then what does he build a body out of?
This is a terrible thing that is happening- the drug companies are winning, and basci physiology is being ignores.
Please rush to Dr. Bruce West at Health Alert- he is "all over" this issue, and can give you specfic info on this.
Also go to Int'l Chiropractic Pediatric Assn- and get a referral.
And look up Iatrogenic- I believe this applies.
Best, k



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Hello, sorry that you and your son are experiencing this. Question for you--does you son breath mostly through his mouth? Is he able to breath through his nose most of the time? Often I see patients of all ages who swallow large amounts of air through out the day resulting in stomach distress. This can be resolved with short term therapy--a series of facial exercises and possibly a small soft oral appliance that trains proper swallowing and tongue rest position. We swallow 800 to 1000 times a day, where are you located? Perhaps I can help.
All the best,


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My former boss's daughter was a premie and had complained about painful tummy issues for years... Turns out she had a belly button hernia and had to have emergency surgery as a teenager. When he explained it, he said it was a known complication for children who were premies... Here's some info on it from the mayo clinic:



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Take him to a NAET practitioner. Get him off Prevacid! It is shutting off all his CO2 pumps and starving his brain of nutrition. Heal him naturally. It is not hard. MOst of his problems are side effects from the med.

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