Stomach Flu or Something Else?

Updated on February 14, 2011
C.C. asks from Bay Shore, NY
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My daughter has been throwing up since Thursday. Can't keep anything besides water and ice chips down. Ginger ale, pedialyte, broth all gets thrown up. No fever. No diarrhea or bowel movements at all. Have appt tomorrow with her pediatrician. If it's the stomach flu, how long does it last? What else could it be?

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So What Happened?

Stomach virus of some sort. DR says: Bed rest. Pedialyte mixed with gatorade 50/50 every hour until she perks up. Soft solids. Can last up to 5 days (with the vomiting). No antibiotics because its not a bacterial infection. Thanks mamas:)

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answers from Cincinnati on

Techinally the FLU is not throwing up..its more cold like symptoms. She probably has a stomach bug. My daughter tested positive for the flue 2 weeks ago and never threw up. After the flu (last week) she got a GI bug that tore her bottom up with lots of diarrhea.
Stomach bug could be about 3 days...careful if she goes to daycare. Her Immune system is down and she could catch anything if its flying around. (mine did with that GI bug)

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answers from Chicago on

You really have to make sure she's not dehydrating with all the vomiting she's doing. I would take her to the ER just to make sure.



answers from New York on

That is quite a few days for the stomach bug. It could be the rotovirus, either way she is at risk of dehydration. If she seems lethargic I would take her to the ER. Is she urinating? You didn't mention how old she is so I would say monitor her diapers to make sure they are wet. Also strep can cause vomiting. Either way she needs to be seen by a doctor.



answers from New York on

It is hard to say without knowing the age of your child. A baby or toddler can dehydrate really fast so if your child is that young I'd have contacted the doctor already. An older child I could see something lasting 3 days but you are right to take her in tomorrow, over 4 days is a long time to be that sick.



answers from Albany on

The vomiting with a stomach bug usually only last for 12 hours... then lethargy and no appetite for a while. Diarrhea may last a few days, but vomiting for more than 48 hours requires a trip to the ER... to make sure it is not something more, like a bacterial infections (ie. ecoli). My kids and I recently had the stomach bug... both my kids vomited for several hours, but were able to keep food down within 24 hours... myself included. Someone else posted about trying gatorade. This time we just used diluted, room temp ginger ale, but in the past I have used gatorade and it worked well. Hope she feels better. Also, a stomach virus usually does include a low grade fever... where she has no fever, I would be more concerned about food poisoning (ie. ecoli, salmonella).



answers from Philadelphia on

Oh my...My daughter had a stomach virus that lasted 10 days. She missed the first wk of fourth grade with it. Ugh! We had to take her to the ER 3xs for dehydration and then a fourth with what turned out to be severe heartburn. She went to a birthday party once she was "better" but her stomach wasn't quite right. She ate pizza at the party and when I picked her up she had severe pain in her chest. The ER still treated her like a heart attack victim until they knew it wasn't. I felt like she would never get better but all the docs said these virus can last this long although I sure never heard of a 10 day stomach virus before. Hope she feel better soon.



answers from Phoenix on

Usually a stomach bug only lasts 24 hours. My daughter had this for several days when she was two and it ended up being samonilla and ecoli which was treated quickly once I got her in. She got it from the church nursery along with 5 other kids and they all ended up being okay after they were treated. Good luck!!



answers from Indianapolis on

More than likely it is a stomach bug. When my kids had it really bad last year, the doc told me something that worked like a charm. Use room temperature gatorade, not cold because it shocks the stomach since it is still "turning itself" back around. Start with 1 tsp every 30 min. and not anymore!!!! Then after keeping that down for 2 hrs, up it to 2 tsp. every 30 min for 2 more hrs and if that stays down should be able to go to a couple of ounces every 30 min and continue from there. Hope this helps



answers from Oklahoma City on

At the ER we were told that if the kids didn't have vomiting, diarrhea, fever, body aches, etc...that it probably wasn't the flu A. Testing showed it was flu B that we had. Only fever for days and days and nothing else.

I think this could be something much more that a stomach virus. I don't know of any stomach virus' that last over 24 hours. I would have taken her in on Saturday.

There is so much they can do for her and sometimes it's just as simple as getting the rub for the wrists to stop the vomiting. It gets their stomach settled down so they can keep fluids and light foods down and that helps turn something like this around.



answers from New York on

I Would get her to doc asap. Sounds like more than the flu.

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