Stomach Bug, How Long to Sanitize After

Updated on February 11, 2013
K.C. asks from Boise, ID
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Hi ladies. So my 8 year old son got sick yesterday with stomach bug. He only threw up 3 times, and was fine for rest of yesterday. We split 50/50 custody so today my ex dropped off my son this morning. I choose to keep him home from school just because I dont want it to spread. The last time my step daughter got tummy bug and with in 3 days we were all sick, one right after other, and I am not wanting to go through that again. Since he was not throwing up at my house, and he has been "fine" since about 1pm yesterday, how long do I need to go behind everything he touches with bleach cleaner? I have had him stay in his room all day today watching movies. He is eating normal, but know he is contagious for a while. I have been making him wash his hands, I have been washing my hands and my 3 year olds all day as well. I have sprayed down door knobs, table, chair, toilet, sinks and such with bleach cleaner. I am just curious how long I should wipe down anything he touches? I just really, REALLY do NOT want to tummy bug again.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for answers. I was actually starting to feel like yep think we have this under control, and at 130am this morning my son came and told me that he got sick again and threw up all over his bed. So I was up till 3 getting his bedding washed, him showered, and back to bed, while I cleaned a bit more. Poor kid, I feel bad I thought it was done, guess not, so another day home from school watching movies while mom cleans. I guess I cant complain to much, comes with the "job" of being a mom, and I love being a mommy, even with the "yucky" parts. Again thanks for answers

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I would continue to do it for several more days and spray Lysol frequently.

Good luck!

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If it's the norovirus that's going around I've read that it can live on hard surfaces for up to two weeks.

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I hear ya. My son had it one year, and all of us got sick. It is not something to repeat.

I usually used the chlorox wipes on all surfaces, and lysol the doorknobs, couch, etc. I also would wash his sheets,clothes,etc. You can become a little OCD after awhile , but I'd say after a week or so it's safe.

Continue to wash hands multiple times a day. That's one of the best preventions their is!

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I have never gone behind and sanitized everything a sick person has touched. Neither has my mother. My daughter uses sanitizing wipes on the bathroom counter and knobs, handles once a week whether or not anyone has been sick. We all wash our hands often, sick or not.

The "bugs" are in the air. There is no way you can sanitize them all away. And unless you wipe down surfaces immediately after you son touches them people are exposed to the "bugs" on those surfaces before you get there to wipe them down. I urge you to just relax and not worry, knowing that when family members' immunity is low they will most likely get sick.

I spend a lot of time at my daughter's house. I've gone for months without getting sick when everyone else is sick until this past week. Now I have a cold and no one else in the family has one. So, I picked up this bug somewhere else.

It's OK to go back to school 24 hours after stopping vomiting and so I'm guessing that the school is no longer concerned at that time. Why would a parent be concerned?

I'd focus on keeping everyone's immune system healthy. Eat nutritious foods, get plenty of rest, drink plenty of water, and do wash hands often.

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