Stomach Bug - AGAIN... Please Help!

Updated on December 28, 2008
L.Z. asks from Arlington, MA
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I am looking for some support or a light at the end of the tunnel here for moms who might have gone through this recently! My youngest (18 months) started throwing up Christmas Eve around 8 p.m. and continued to throughout the day yesterday. We had to take her to the ER yesterday but avoided the IV because she was doing a good job drinking juice there and hydrating herself. She did have two wet diapers yesterday, though not as wet as normal, and a little bit of pee in her diaper this morning. However, she did spit up a lot of the juice from last night overnight because I found her with wet clothes and sticky hair this morning - she never cried when she did this last night so I didn't know. She has not eaten anything since Tuesday night and seems to have no appetite, though she is thankfully drinking. Will this ever end? I am worried about her not only throwing up again but also losing weight since she hasn't eaten. Her spirits are actually pretty good considering what she has been through. She plays and talks, just not with her usual energy. Has anyone else gone through this recently? How long did it last? I am feeling very anxious and worried... I am also worried my oldest will get it next! Both my girls had a bug right after Thanksgiving and now I have to deal with yet another one!!! I am at the end of my rope. Thanks for any encouragement you can give me...

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So What Happened?

Thank you to everyone who wrote and supported me - I think I am just feeling like my daughter is odd because she keeps getting a bug, but I read that kids in day care can get them 2-3 times a year, so I guess she is normal. As of Monday morning, we have still not beaten this thing out, so she will be seeing her dr. today to make sure she has no strep or underlying cause. It is getting really frustrating to go 12 hours or so with no vomiting, only to have it come back again. She has always had a rather weak stomach, so this may be her thing. Meanwhile, I am trying not to be a wreck but it's really hard! Anyway, thank you again. I felt better knowing others have been through similar situations.

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As long as your little one is drinking try to relax there isn't much you can do but allow these things to run their course. Clean everything over and over I generally don't use chemicals at my home but when we have any type of cold, virus, or stomach bug I break out the bleach and clean clean clean clean. If your daughter isn't acting like its bothering her too much she will porbably be fine in another day or two. I noticed it seems to last longer in the little ones. My oldest only gets a stomach buy for a day or two now but my little guy seems to get them forever. don't worry about solids right now just push fluid. Clear fluids. Try some broth or some jello. She may not be eating yet because her stomach just doesn't feel right yet she will probably gain everything back when she starts eating again.

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Ugh, the stomach bug is an awful bug and especially when they are too little to make it to the bathroom by them self. So there's the BRAT diet. Bananas, Rice, Apples, and toast. Basically anything that's bland. No fatty stuff either like butter or peanut butter. And instead of juice try giving her some gingerale to help settle her stomach. Clear liquids are best. There's pedialyte, but my kids hated that stuff. Although, there are also pedialyte popsicles which seem a little better. Those have lots of electrolytes in it to keep them hydrated. Unfortunately stomach bugs can last a few days and they do make the laundry that much worse. Just make sure she's not having any milk right now though as it's way too hard on her tummy. I hope she's on the mend soon and your other daughter doesn't get it next.

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I went through this years ago when my now 16 year old was about 16 months. He vomited anything he ate or drank but he was playing with toys, watching tv, etc. He refused to stay in bed. He did want to eat regular food but we kept him on a liquid diet until the vomiting stopped and then we switched him to a BRAT diet.
I'd keep touch with the pediatrician but if her spirits are up and she's playing I wouldn't worry too much. Let her drink as much as she will. These type of viruses have to run their course. Shouldn't be too much longer.

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My 2 kids went through this a couple of months ago. The dr told me not to worry about the food, but to make sure that she is drinking. That's the most important. She'll eat when she feels better. You know she's hydrated enough if her diaper is wet. If she goes more than 12 hrs without a wet diaper, then be concerned. But it sounds like she's doing ok and not to worry too much. She'll feel better in a couple days, Good luck

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Whenever my little one gets sick it seems to end up in his belly. It just takes them a lot longer to return to normal then it does for grown-ups.

As the other poster said, if she's drinking she's totally fine. Especially if her mood is fine. Whatever weight she loses she'll gain back.

Whenever she starts getting hungry again, she'll eat. (My guy goes what seems like a week eating nothing but crackers and then is ravenous). Give her bland foods (no dairy) until she hasn't thrown up or had diarrhea for three full days. The good thing about the bland diet is it is also generally full of liquid or encourages drinking. Plain pasta, rice, apple sauce, crackers, bananas, cheerios or other plain cereal, etc.

Hopefully the older one doesn't get it, but if she does it will go faster (and you'll have a better sense of what's wrong and how she's feeling because she can talk more. That's the one good thing about when an older one gets sick).

Believe me, I know that this is no fun. The baby and I also had to stay home Christmas eve because he was sick. The good thing is that you don't really have anything to worry about.

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Hang in there only 3 more months of sicknesses before spring. Thats what I had to tell myself recently when my husband, myself, and my 11 mo all had the stomach flu. For my daughter it lasted about 4 days and then she woke up with a head cold and bronchitis the very next day. There was days of no appetite. I diluted pedialite with water and any food that she was taking I made sure was very high in nutrition. No raw foods Ie: avocado banana. It only upset her stomach more. I was also nervous that some bad habits like kicking and screaming for what she wanted might stick around because she was going on 2 weeks of being sick. She woke up on christmas and was back to herself with the exception of a crusty runny nose and a dry cough that will probably be around for the duration of the winter.
She is now eating tons to catch herself up and back to exploring every corner of the house.
Hang in there your doing a great job. Try and keep yourself healthy with lots of water and vitamins because it really stinks being sick and having to take care of your little ones
Good luck

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I know what you are going through because my entire family had the bug one long weekend! Everyone was sick!! It started with my 21 mo. old daughter. She only vomited for about 12 hours, but it took about 8 days for her to be back to normal in terms of eating. The best thing to do is STOP giving her juice!!! Juice is the worst thing to drink when you have a stomach bug! I wouldn't give apples or any fruit either-just bland carbs is best with a little protein. Good luck!


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Do the tried-and-true flat ginger ale trick - stir it to release the bubbles, or leave it out overnight. Ginger is a natural stomach-soother. You can also try adding ginger to something else. Maybe she would try a diluted, no caffeine ginger tea at room temp? Depends what else is in it. I'd lay off the juice - most of it has some acid in it. Apple juice is mostly sugar and may not be helping her too much.

Truthfully, no one in our family or our friends' families ever go thru this anymore -- not since we discovered Reliv nutritional products! There's a great children's product and it's such solid nutrition that everyone pretty much avoids the colds, flu, bugs that everyone else gets. My friends' preschoolers just never miss school. You can go to to learn more.



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Hi there!
Careful...the rotovirus is lurking around the corner!

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