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Updated on April 14, 2009
K.I. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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I'm sure this sounds minor to most, but our 1.5 year old son just came down with a terrible stomach virus. It's his first time vomiting. It's just so sad & scary to see our once very active, curious toddler want to sleep all day & not be able to keep anything down. His doctor said it just has to run its course, but I'm finding it impossible to relax & not worry about him in the meantime.

Also, I'm nervous about our infant daughter catching this awful sickness.

Any advice as to comfort measures for our son or ways to help prevent our baby from getting it? Or any reassuring words for me? Thanks so much!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all of your replies. Our son has been much worse today, not keeping anything down & becoming lethargic & so my husband took him into the ER. Prayers would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

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Our daughter had it also. We gave her some Ossicillium right away so her case didn't last too long. We took it too and didn't get it. Boiron is the manufacturer. It is a homeopathic for the flu and works wonders.



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Wash, wash, wash, wash your hands! My 3 children have all gotten this too, but my husband and I haven't and I'm sure it has to do with the fact that we wash our hands more and use soap & Water each time unlike our older 2. As far as reassurance as you wait for it to run its course, just be patient, offer whatever you can to your son and see if he'll eat it, tylenol for the fever, everything I'm sure you're already doing! It's really hard when you're kids are sick and there's not much you can do for them. Also, take a little break for yourself! Have your husband or grandma come stay with your kids and go out and get some groceries or a cup of coffee or just go for a walk. Just a quick little break from the house to recharge yourself - it's amazing how much that helps!



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It's very hard, and doesn't get any easier as they get older. I wasn't able to relax until they quit puking! And then you spend a few days being on edge that your other kids will get sick! My 6-yr old has been through this twice this year already! He just laid in bed and slept mostly. Sometimes me sitting beside him and rubbing his back comforted him. Other times he would lay in a warm bath with a bath pillow (be sure to stay with him). He also would lay in his bed and try to watch a movie, but usually just slept. It broke my heart...

As far as keeping everyone else from getting it, I agree with the poster about WASH WASH WASH! Hands ALL the time(they will be raw by the time all is said and done!) Lysol, Clorox wipes...clean everything off like they said! I also kept my son in his room. He didn't care...he just wanted to sleep anyway. Then the germies stayed there! It must have worked because my hubby, daughter and I never got the pukies! (we live in a ranch style, so he wasn't really "confined")

Be prepared for the onset of diarrhea! Seems to follow! The 1st bug my son had was about 24 hours, but the 2nd was 1 day of pukies, and 5 days of diarrhea! Also, as far as liquid when they can't keep anything down, this handout from our ped said an hour after they vomit, offer a small amount of a teaspoon...every 15 min or so. Gradually increase the amount. If they puke, start over again. NOT FUN! Good luck! I feel your pain! Hang in there and he will be back to himself in no time!



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Just some reassuring words: Keep pushing the pedialyte, and it will all be over within a week!
We just had a nasty stomach virus in our house which actually started with our infant son. So, don't worry too much if your daughter does get it, she can have pedialyte too. We had to switch to soy formula and mix it with the pedialyte to get our baby to drink it, but it worked and kept him hydrated until the ugliness was over. My 1.5 yr old daughter, my husband and I all got the bug too! It was a long, rough week, but we all survived! :) You will too! Good luck!



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Hi K., it doesn't sound minor to me. my daughter just turned 2 and got the stomach flu for the first time about 2 months ago. it was very scary, because normally she is still active when she is sick, but this time just laid around and didn't have interest in eating etc. the most important thing the nurses told me is to keep the fluid levels up, you can go much longer without eating than you can drinking. my daughter hated pedialyte and gatorade. but i forgot about things like jello and popsicles. she loved being able to eat her fill of those. once he does start eating again, keep the diet really bland for several days. We tried to rush it & it made her stomach upset for longer. if the vomiting will not stop after 2-3 days, see your doctor for some anti-vomiting medicine. it made my daughter really sleepy, but at least she could eat and get some strength back. don't worry. it will pass. Some things to watch out for are true lethargy, which means they dont have the strength to even follow you with their eyes, their stomach also gets spongy and their mouth gets dry. This would be very dangerous and you would want to go to the Emergency room tight away. If you can put your finger in his mouth and it's wet to the touch, it's still ok, his body is still producing some fluids... just keep a close eye on him. love to you!



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I'm sure this doesn't feel minor to you. I have been doing this for 18 years (through 10 children) and it still messes me up when a very little one has to puke. It's just so pitiful. Anyway, just remember that it's probably a lot worse for you than it is for him. Take advantage of extra opportunities to cuddle. Remember that he will be up and about it no time flat (he probably already is) and everyone will be busy again. I try to force myself to see sick days as "down" days for all of us--more rocking and singing to sick ones and generally keeping everything more quiet and restful. We can go back to the fast lane soon enough.

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