Stomach Aches for 3 Year Old an Frquent Bowel Movements

Updated on July 26, 2010
S.C. asks from Moorpark, CA
4 answers

My 3 year old has had last 24 hours stomach ache off and on and then will have a bowel movement I am not sure if just a stomach flu or what??? she is pretty healthy 3 year otherwise... She just complain i have stomach ache has a bowel movement then after that is fine

Her last 24 hours diet is just crackers, rice, yogurt, Gatorade doesn't like pedialyte apples and but to me it seems she can't keep the food in her stomach
no fever
Please help me moms not sure what to do ????

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answers from Sarasota on

May be that his digestive system needs to be rebalanced. Try Digestive enzymes with probiotics. My Son has had tummy troubles for most of his 11 years until we started him on these drinkable supplements. They taste great too. Also Strawberry-Kiwi flavored aloe juice helps when he has any issues. I purchased the products here: Found under the children's health tab in the products section. Hope this helps.



answers from Los Angeles on

there's a stomach flu going son was complaining for 2 days that his tummy hurt but it went away i think b/c we had the stomach flu 2 years ago so maybe its not hitting as hard..but i'm on some other mom boards and people are asking if there is a stomach flu going around and the answer is yes..
i would suggest electrolyte water or unflavored pedialyte.. and the B.R.A.T. diet ..bananas..rice...applesauce and toast..but mainly electrolyte Smart Water they sell it at Trader Joe's..

good luck




answers from Los Angeles on

good possibility that it is the dairy from the yogurt. lots of children have issues with dairy (as do adults), but it goes undiagnosed. try removing dairy for a couple of days, and see what happens.


answers from New York on

Does she has a fever too?

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