Stocking Stuffers for Teen Boys

Updated on December 12, 2007
M.D. asks from Crowley, TX
4 answers

I am at a loss this year on stocking stuffers for my step sons. They are 11 and 13. For my girls I just go through the 1.00 aisle at Target and find plenty. But, I hate to waste my money on "junk" that the boys will just toss to the side. Any ideas for some inexpensive gifts. I was thinking a new electric toothbrush and the Axe body spray.. but I need more. Thanks Moms!

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answers from Dallas on

deck of cards, chapter books, electronic toothbrush, handheld electronic games, giftcards to sonic or for music downloads, beef jerky (that's usually for my DH but... my son loves it too -- he's only 8 so I can see a trend here)... a couple of tickets for the local skateboard park (if they're into that) or ocupleof gamecards for Gameworks... watch... buy them some calling cards from that have their name, address, phone number, e-mail on them to hand out to their friends (that'd be more of a girl thing... I'm just typing in a stream-of-consciousness) LOL... if I think of anything else, I'll letcha know. :) do they like a particular magazine? if so buy one or two and roll it up... candy is a must in ours! Chocolate covered marshmallow santas! Boys always want food so buy some of those bags of combos or something like chex mix and stuff...



answers from Dallas on

Blockbuster gift cards, so they can rent games/movies. Food gift cards, Sonic, Chik Fil A, Taco Bell, etc, I used to love getting those in my stocking when I was younger. Small electronic games like the others suggested. Barnes and Noble cards (if their readers). My stepbro is 12 and he loves all that kind of stuff.



answers from Dallas on

My friends son who is 12 loves the deal or no deal electronic game. She said it was $10.00 at walmart.




answers from San Antonio on

For boys, gifts card to places they love, candy, shaving gel, deorant, soda, razor, body spray. THat is a hard one good luck!

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