Stocking Stuffers for 9 Year Old Girl ?

Updated on December 13, 2010
B.C. asks from Arlington, TX
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My little one is easy, but I'm kind of lost on what to put in my almost 10 year old's stocking. I got her a cane full of candy and a cute stuffed animal, but other than that I'm lost. She's not really girlie and she doesn't play with toys except for webkinz, which we already got her. Is it so sad that I'm thinking about just throwing in a couple of gift cards, lol?

If it helps, this is what we have gotten her as gifts: (the wii is from G'ma)
Santa gift: Stereo system for her room to use with her mp3 player
webkinz dog
Diary of a wimpy kid book
a sweater
pillow pet
nerf gun
an ornament
Mario Kart
Mario Galaxy

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answers from Dallas on

What about starting her a charm bracelet. Pass the word to grand parents aunts, etc:.. have dad pick a charm, you pick a charm, put a "big sister" charm on it. Charm bracelets are something I see on tons of my non-girlie girls. Its something you can add to all year to commemorate special events and or accomplishments.

Scarves are also popular... even better, how about a crochet hook and yarn to make her own. Include a certificate for a few classes. I perscribe a size I hook and a medium color skein of Red Heart for a beginner. Typically, a ten year old can get the basics in 3-4 lessons. It's a lasting skill that she can enjoy forever. It's a great time passer at Doctor visits, long drives... etc.

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answers from Honolulu on

Movie Tickets
Hair accessories
Nail polish (?)
gift cards

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answers from Portland on

Our 12 yr old LOVES Gift cards
Makes them feel "grown up" to have the authority to pick out and pay for items themselves.

.Gift Cards - I tunes, Movie Theater, Target (for Wii games), maybe a specialty store for hobby etc...

-Silly bands (very popular in the NW)

-Chapstick or Lip Gloss

-Fuzzy Socks

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Flavored lip balm? Body wash? Light cologne spray? Bath pouf? Socks? Pencils/pens/erasers for school?

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answers from Tulsa on

a watch, I am not a girly girl but I love jewlery. all of it except bracelets. socks toothbrush toothpaste, deodrant if she needs it. body wash. batteries always needed. I always do needed stuff. a diary.and since she is getting a nerf gun more darts



answers from New York on

At that age I loved fancy pens, pencils, art supplies. My mom always put fun or fancy socks and underwear in the stocking. We still will get each other outrageous socks for fun. A package of her favorite candy. Hair stuff like clips or elastics if she uses them. I saw many great craft kits at A. C. Moore. I picked a bag with a design that can be colored in with permanent markers for my 9 year old cousin.



answers from Kansas City on

You could put the book you got her in there or get another book. Socks are good, so is underwear I guess--a little silly but maybe if she's into fun ones?! I don't know! LOL! iTunes gift card, shower stuff, lotion. Does she wear barrettes or hair elastics at all, those would be good. What about pens, like gel pens or mechanical pencils? Maybe an inexpensive watch or a small puzzle?



answers from Glens Falls on

Card games, disposable camera, picture frame

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