Stocking Stuffers for 9 Year Old Boy, 2 Year Old Girl, and 1 Year Old Girl?

Updated on December 04, 2016
A.B. asks from Garden City, MI
22 answers

I am having a really hard time with finding stocking stuffers for my 9 year old son, 2 year old daughter, and 1 year old daughter.
My son does not like sports, doesn't really play with toys, and is not into coloring. He does like Star Wars, but isn't much into superheros other than Batman.

For my daughters so far I have bought some squirter tub toys, but I am pretty much at a loss other then snack foods.

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answers from Washington DC on

My kids all get the same thing and have for the last few years...Bath and Body Works (all of the boys in my house use the Noir body wash, they get 2), candy, gift card for 2 movies, gift card to another place they like, candy, and an orange. That's for my girl and boys.

I don't remember when they were really small, but I'd think smaller, cheaper toys would fit!

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answers from Washington DC on

i simply can't relate.
i've got 8 adult stockings to do this year. THOSE are hard.
kid stockings are a piece of cake.

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answers from Washington DC on

What does your son like to do?

Lego Batman Movie characters or any small Lego set
Rubics Cube
Comic books
New Diary of a Wimpy Kid book
A cool water bottle for school
Uno card game
Gift card for Dairy Queen, McDonalds, Subway, iTunes, etc
Coupon for a day out with just mom or dad
Candy cane

For the girls you can get little stuffed animals, toys, books, t-shirts, socks, new sippee cups, treats and toothbrushes.

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answers from Portland on

Once they were asking for gifts from Santa, I usually put one of the smallest toys that were on their lists in the stockings.

Then chocolate, candy (Life Saver books for example), little toys like a dinky car or a small stuffy, a can of playdough, etc.

But I always put something in that keeps them occupied while mom and dad get their coffee, as we usually are up part of the night building a doll house or putting a race track together. So one year they all got one of those old slinkies - so they all raced them down the stairs.

Gift cards - like an Itunes card maybe for your 9 year old? Does he like rubix cubes, or books? What about a very small Star Wars figure? I find if there's one fun toy in there, the rest can be whatever.

For your 1 year old - I used to give a stuffy, a ball, or some toddler toy. Really, just as happy to play with the paper. Pretty much the same for mine when they were 2.

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answers from Boston on

9 year old -
- card game like Uno that he can play with friends or parents
- small travel sized games (Yahtzee, for example)
- travel bingo (finding motorcycle, police car, stop sign, etc. - typical roadside and highway sights). Get one that doesn't require separate Bingo chips or a marker - we had one that had little plastic see-through sliders that covered the found items. Gives him something to do in the car. A friend downloads them from the internet and laminates them. I think you could add velcro dots to each square so the pieces don't fall off once they are placed. Make an envelope or use a drawstring bag for the pieces and hang it from the headrest of the seat in front of him.
- CD for the car - for family sing-alongs
- reusable, leak-proof water bottle with retractable straw
- Batman underwear
- gloves/mittens
- batteries, if any of the other stuffers or his regular games require them

little ones:
- small stuffed animals
- toys to attach to car seats so they don't drop them
- car water bottles on a tether so they don't lose them
- CD for car or night-time lullabies
- barrettes or hair ribbons if they wear those
- mittens/hats

For each of them, a new ornament to hang on the tree. Start a tradition!

They don't care as much about what's in them - but your son needs to see that their stockings are as full as his are. I'd watch the snack foods - they'll want to eat them all as soon as they open them.

Do you have a children's resale shop near you? I find all kinds of good things there, many of them new and otherwise very gently used, which saves a lot of money.

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answers from Dallas on

My stocking stuffers had a lot of the same things every year.... new toothbrushes,lifesavers book with rolls of lifesavers, rolled up bills from $1-$20, coins, chocolate, always and orange and Apple to name a few.

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answers from Washington DC on


Welcome to mamapedia!!

Why not put some fruit and candy in the stocking? packaged nuts or granola bars?

Why do you feel the need to keep up with the Jones'? Why not use the KISS method (Keep it simple silly) and stop overthinking it. Put an orange in the bottom and then put packaged nuts, candy, dried fruit, stickers, or whatever else in it.

Heck - we put an orange in the bottom, then a new tooth brush, tooth paste, flash lights, reading lights, something like that - they are NOT over loaded.

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answers from Los Angeles on

9yr old: Batman cape, Star Wars movie, Star Wars items (folder, key chain,
shirt, pajamas, slippers, tee shirts for school, movie ticket)
2 yr old: dress up clothes, cute sparkly red shoes, stickers, books, barbie carriage, ballet skirt, pink zip up hoodie, movie, stuffed animal, Pillow Pet
1 yr old: pacifier, baby toys that make noise, cozy blanket, mobile, cute socks, Pillow Pet.

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answers from Beaumont on

For the boy, how about small lego sets? hats/gloves for cold weather? fun socks? iTunes gift card? ear buds? For the little girls, how about cute things to tie back their hair? tub toys (we had some great ones), bubble bath? girly jewelry? dress up clothes? "coupons" for fun activities i.e. coupons to get a frozen yogurt, read an "extra" story at night, stay up late etc.

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answers from Chicago on

I should say my kids are almost 9, 7 and 3.5. Our stockings this year have cool traveling microscopes. They also have candy, pokemon cards, yoga pretzels for the preschooler, socks, a book ( i put our stockings on a chair and put stuff on the outside), and ornaments.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I have a 9 year old son too. His stocking will have Pokemon cards, a DVD and/or book, a small craft pack that I picked up at Hobby Lobby, maybe a little candy, and a couple of small gift cards, like $5 each to Yogurtland and Baskin-Robbins.

I also had ornaments made through Tiny Prints, so both of my kids will get those in their stockings this year.

In past years, I have put in things like new gloves or warm, fuzzy socks to wear around the house. Art supplies are good stocking stuffers, too. A mini game/travel game like Left, Center, Right is good too. Target has a whole section of smaller games. I got a Rubik's cube and a couple of little puzzle games there this year that are great brain-teaser type activities - they're called IQ Blox (

The two year old might like a small doll, my little pony, strawberry shortcake, Magic Clip princess doll, etc. The ice cream gift cards, dvd, and book would be good for her, too.

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answers from Wausau on

Things I've put into my kids' stockings - Magic The Gathering booster packs, Lego Minifig blind packs, gift cards for Steam (online gaming). Christmas themed candy, like candy cane shaped containers filled with M&M and bags of 'coal' that is wrapped chocolate.

You can also do hats/gloves/socks if that's something that works for your household.

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answers from Springfield on

my kids loved those gerber food pouches, and sippy cups.. washcloth that start out as a 2 inch cube and open up when wet.. little dolls, stuffed animals, a key fob for the older child, candy, lotions, undies, socks, toothbrushes, hair accessories, mini puzles in a tin (for the older one) and other little stuff that others have mentioned already.
when my dd was one we bought a set of those pop together linkers. then opened them and stuffed her stocking up a bit with that, added a teething rattle and some gerber food pouches and a new sippy cup she was satisfied with it all.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Last year each of my kids got socks, an electric toothbrush, some candy, and bouncy balls. I haven't decided on this year yet. I'll look at the <$5 bins at the front of Target and pick some stuff.



answers from Washington DC on

We always got new toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush and comb, shampoo, a few chocolates, and a small lego.


answers from Seattle on

That's why I don't do stockings! LOL!
How many people buy knick knacks at Target/Walmart/Dollar Tree that get played with for a day or two and then just are another thing to clean up and step on, never to be played with again?
I just get little gift bags and fill it up with candy for each kid (I have three). They are excited for the candy, it gets eaten in a few days, and I have no crappy toys to pick up.
(side explained what your son doesn't like...which sounds like almost explain what he DOES like if you want these moms to help you with stocking ideas)



answers from Chicago on

My kids always get a toothbrush and book regardless of age. For my son, I would get him little Lego kits or figures once he was old enough, my girls would get craft stuff, art supplies (age appropriate), also small play-doh packages, small bubble bottles, a gift certificate for ice cream, socks. Now that they are 17, they will get also a gift card for a place they like to get lunch when out with friends or on the way home from school. My younger kids are still in the easy stage of small toys and accessories etc. Oh, and I cannot leave out chocolate and cookies.



answers from Dallas on

I struggle with stocking stuffers too especially since by then you've already spent so much money on them. I took a good tip from my mother in law. I buy practical stuff for the stockings like new toothbrushes, undies, socks, PJs, candy, and even try to stuff some books in there :) I like Bath and Body stuff too but your kids are younger. The girls will like that when they are older.


answers from Los Angeles on

You say what your son doesn't like, but not what he likes...

For your son how about Chap Stick, tooth brush, tooth paste, Lego Mini Figures, coins, iTunes, gift cards for activities (trampoline park, movie theatre, mini-golf), a watch, mini flash light, Silly Putty, Slinky, little science experiments (find them in the educational toys section), chocolate, deck of cards, rocks (quartz, fools gold), cap gun and caps, mittens, coloured hair chalk, pens and pencils, book...

For the girls bubble bath, crayons, markers, play dough, books, Hot Wheels, bubbles, mittens...



answers from New York on

Your daughters are so young, fun little stuffed animals and tub toys seem great, maybe play-doh or modeling clay or finger paints or sidewalk chalk?

For your son, maybe a "fun version" of stuff he needs anyway. Soap that contains money (google it - fun gift for any age), holiday chapstick (candy cane version, etc), slipper socks, fun gloves (like Freezy Freakies) for playing in snow.



answers from Rochester on

My 9 year old daughter will be getting some Christmas candy, an ornament, an iTunes gift card, a B&N gift card, a DVD, maybe some scented lotion. In the past I've also done new earbuds, gold dollars/$2.00 bills, card games, fun pencils/pens, clay, key chains to put on backpack zippers, reading lights/flashlights, bookmarks, small notebooks. When she was younger I put in toddler friendly jewelry, hair clips, stickers, crayons, tattoos, small books, princess figures, small stuffed animals, cute toothbrushes, cute socks, balls. A lot of my stocking stuffers come from the $1/$3 section at Target. They have really cute seasonal socks, stickers, etc. They also have some Star Wars stocking caps, pencils, erasers, notepads, etc. The amount of the gift cards we put in depends on if I buy them or if my husband buys them. I buy $5-$10 dollar ones. He tends to buy higher value ones.


answers from Santa Fe on

Any time I'm at a pharmacy or store I pick up a little thing for my kid's stockings. By the time it's Christmas I'll have enough stuff. Just small things. I don't really plan anything. So far I have Christmas candy, Bath balls in a Christmas shaped package, Grumpy cat pens, little notebooks, a new toothbrush, a small book, Christmas themed pez, fuzzy socks. My mom picked up two of those Ty stuffed animals to contribute.

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