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Updated on November 24, 2010
T.D. asks from Forney, TX
21 answers

Hello mamas! I am looking for ideas for stocking stuffers for my girls and hubby and I was wondering what some of you do for your families.


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answers from Dallas on

I read through all the posting and didn't see anyone who said a calendar. I alway roll up one that goes with their room and have it sticking out the top. Also, an orange, apple and banana to take up room but it can get heavy, so watch out if you have a stocking holder! I've had many not want to stay! Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

My children are young so they get things like small containers of Play Dough, a favorite pack of candy, a $5 or 10 gift card to Barnes and Noble, Matchbox cars, new undies or socks, etc. Since you have daughters, I saw these inexpensive, but cute charm bracelets at The Children's Place the other day. You buy the bracelet and charms seperately. My hubby always gets candy. He's a candy lover so I fill his stocking with a few packs of his favorites.

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answers from Washington DC on

I always got an orange growing up....and am going to start doing that this year. My kids also get small toys in there, my boys will get matchbox cars and my daughter is getting a necklace, they are getting Christmas style snow globes, and some $5 gift cards (probably to Wawa and Panera). I really like the idea of a mechanical toothbrush...we may add tha to ours this year too!!

* Lottery Tickets are a GREAT idea!! How fun!! And who doesnt like the chance to win some money?!?! I'm going to do those too!!!!!

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answers from Davenport on

Toothbrush....every year since I can remember. My mom reminds my husband to put one in my stocking for me. This year I put glow sticks, a toothbrush, hair clips, gloves, a fizzy dinosaur egg thingy that you put in the bath and bath paints in my 3 year old's stocking. For the baby, the stocking is pretty much filled up with teethers and a few bath toys. I had to get her first toothbrush as well to put in there even though she doesn't have teeth yet. For my husband I got a pocket knife, a mini flashlight, lottery tickets, a toothbrush (of course) and item for our enjoyment.

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answers from Lewiston on

I like to bake up some family favorite cookies and put them in pretty holiday bags for the stockings. Small gift cards are awesome too. Other things Ive done are books, key chains, bathroom stuff, home made coupons (free massage, pick a meal for dinner, family outting), movie tickets, card games, gum, small bottles of body lotion from Bath and Body Works, there are some other stuff that I can't think of right now...

Happy Holidays :)



answers from Dallas on

Sometimes when there is a big gift waiting in the garage or assembled in a different room, I will put a cute note in the stocking with info on how to get to the special gift-sometimes it is a rhyme or a puzzle. I have also put in cute book marks and other things that I have made with their names or initials on it. I have gotten stickers, packages of red & green m&m's, $5 and $10 gift cards, flash lights. Sometimes we have given little picture frames with a quote or saying on it that apply to that child. Merry Christmas!



answers from Boston on

I usually do socks, underwear, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, etc some candy canes, hershey kisses



answers from Wichita Falls on

Stuff from Dollar Store and Target Dollar Spot - I usually start picking up items every so often in late fall and squirreling them away. I always put in socks & underwear for my boys too. Candy and goodies that we don't usually have during the year are good. And an apple and an orange take up good room!


answers from Kansas City on

dollar tree has great stuff for cheap..


answers from St. Louis on

Scratch off tickets, chapstick, gift cards to Mcdonalds and Subway, candy for the hubby.

For my son (1) he'll get socks and pacifiers.

For my daughter (3) she'll get some new elmo soap and bath dots, a flashlight and some painting supplies and glow sticks.

My parents do one for us each and they are usually filled with candy, jewelry, perfume or body spray, socks, etc.



answers from San Francisco on

we always put a couple clementine tangerines in our kids' stockings - they're usually on sale this time of year and have cute holiday stickers on them and the kids love them. toothbrush and toothpaste also, and maybe a few hair ties, pencils/erasers, memo pads or post-its. I strongly dislike cheap plastic stuff so I avoid most dollar-bin type things.



answers from Dallas on

Micheal's has some good Disney Princess $1 stocking stuffer items right now. For my girls I also do tooth brushes, small books. Hubs: chocolate and this year it will also be the new Dane Cook CD.



answers from Dallas on

When I was little we always got the cheapie stuff mom would never buy the rest of the year and we thought that was pretty special. Stuff like press on nails, lip gloss, fun pens/erasers, etc . . . think of the things they ask for during the year and you say no . . .
I found a small LED flashlight one year for my husband - very cheap - it is the kind that you can either clip to your cap or wear around your head (it also came with an elastic band). He loved it so much and he uses it all the time. I bought it as a funny joke type gift, I never knew that silly little light would be such a popular item. Anytime a friend is over helping they always comment on the light and ask where I got it b/c they'd like one. I don't even remember where I got it though.
Sidenote - my husband uses it mostly for when he is up in the attic, repairing something in a small dark space (like under the sink), walking out to the barn, etc so it may not be so great for everyone. Good luck!



answers from Tulsa on

toothpaste toothbrushes body washes bubble bath crayons mini puzzles, jewlery, makup for the girls play of course. batteries,socks



answers from Minneapolis on

This is my 1st year doing my sons (he will be 22 months at xmas) so it wont be much help on your daughters part. While I was shopping at Walmart I did see a whole bunch of stocking stuffers for girls of all ages. They ranged from smuckers lip gloss/chapstick, finger/toe manicure sets, stuff like that. Oh and candy of course! This will be my 3rd year doing my DH's stocking and its his favorite part of Christmas. He works hard and gets dirty from working so I always get him Axe deodorant, body wash, hair products, his favorite candy (reeses), and this year Im putting ice fishing stuff in his stocking. If your DH is a fisherman or hunter, you can put in bait, bobbers, pocket knife...... Good luck!


answers from Columbus on

As much as my kids love to get the stuff from their "wish lists", it seems the stockings are just as loved, if not more, than the presents! I find that it can get just as expensive, too! Here are some ideas we've done or will do. I have two boys and two girls 19 mos to 11 years( I'm sure I'll be repeating, I apologize)

mini lego sets
small candy
candy canes
gift cards
silly puddy
action figures
mini boxes of cereal (they don't get sugar cereal, normally- kind of pathetic, but they love it)
personalized water bottles
decorated duct tape - found them in camo,fire, pink, etc.
bath toys
beef jerky

For hubby,
winter/work gloves
duct tape - the regular kind
extension cord
flashlight - LED
gift card
stocking cap - since the boys steal his, and usually lose it, every year.....

I don't really do little toy-things that will just end up in the trash in a day or two, either. But, Bed,Bath &Beyond will sometimes have little pens/keychains, etc. by the check-out registers. My kids like the keychains to put on their backpacks.

My mom aways does awesome stockings - some of the things she has put in mine in my adult years are

chip clips
hand sanitizer ( the fragrant ones from bath and body)
Burt's Bees lotions/chapstick
paring knife
soft socks
post it notes
winter gloves
washcloths/towels. Seems very practical, but I never find it necessary to spend money on new towels, even though my kitchen ones are really ratty. With 4 kids, money is tight and it seems more of a luxury. The towels are much appreciated

bottle of wine- maybe more appreciated than the towels, even!! LOL!
gift cards
travel mugs

One year, she printed out several of Grandma's recipes and put them in our stockings - super fantastic!!



answers from Chicago on

In our stockings Santa puts a mechanical toothbrush, some chocolates,and yo-yos or super balls, small body soaps in the scents they like. I have five kids and 1 is a boy and 4 are girls they all look forward to it my oldest is 15. Have a good holiday season.



answers from Dallas on

I'm trying something new this year, I'm making my boys stuff. Car Roll ups, Crayon Roll ups, utensil holder (for my youngest son). We are throwing in a few "normal" items; animal crakers, socks, small books, stuffed animal/toy, cars.



answers from Dallas on

We always include a new, fun toothbrush and bubble bath or bath crayons. We have boys (ages 6 and 4 this year), so they each get a small Lego pack. We also buy each one a new Hallmark ornament each year, and that goes in their stocking as well. (They don't care that much about them after the initial excitement of "Ooh! A new ornament!", but we're building their collection for when they move out and have their own trees, I guess!) Other than that, we'll include candy (which they don't get a lot of during the year) and little dollar store things, like yo-yos, bouncy balls, Pez dispensers, wind-up toys, etc.

My husband is harder! I usually get him a variety of batteries, a pack of Mach razor blades, packs of gum, maybe some of his favorite candy, iTunes and Starbucks gift cards, and maybe an ornament. I may use some of the ideas on here though, so thanks for asking!



answers from Columbus on

For your girls, you don't say what age they are, but here are some ideas:
* tubes of glitter, finger paints, & other small crafting supplies
* hair ribbons/rubberbands
* those little rubber bracelets (can't remember the name of 'em) that are currently all the rage...
* stickers of their favorite characters
* bookmarks (if they are readers)
* CD of music

For your DH:
* LED flashlight
* misc batteries
* his fav candy
* CD of music
* homemade coupon booklet for various things (ie coupon for his favorite dessert or dinner, coupon for a foot massage, etc., a hot cup of fresh Joe & the paper on a Sunday morning, etc.)
* Leatherman type tool
* Allen wrenches (I might be spelling this wrong...)
* first issue of a new or renewal magazine subscription, rolled up & tied w/ ribbon



answers from New York on

For young girls...
hair brush/comb
hair accessories
movie tickets
candy (very limited, maybe just one candy bar)
small stuffed animal
coloring book or activity book

I'm usually at a loss for hubby, some things I've done...
snow scrapper for the car
small tool or all in one type gadget
flash light

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