Stocking Hook/hanger for Deep Mantel?

Updated on December 07, 2010
D.G. asks from Houston, TX
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Normal stocking holders won't work with our new fireplace mantel. I guess it is larger or deeper than most. Or maybe it is because the lip curves down and out instead of being a straight drop.

Help, how can I hang up our stockings?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the suggestions. I bought the 3M hooks and so far so good, the stockings are hung by the chimney with care!

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My inlaws have a similar problem. They use those 3M Command hooks. They come off easily and don't damage the mantel. They used to get the plain plastic ones, but my MIL hated them. Now they come in metalic finishes, so they look nicer. They just pack them away with their ornaments, to reuse...I think they get a few years out of them before they run out of strips and have to replace the hooks.

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answers from Austin on

There are hangers that are very long and extend to the back of the mantel that we use. I feel they're much safer than the short ones as they counterbalance the weight of a filled stocking.

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Command hooks? I used them for the first time this year and love em.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Stocking holders are NO good with children around, soo super dangerous!! So when our son was born I had to find a different way to hang them. I use the command hooks and they work great... even when the stock has been filled by santa! I always have garland on my mantel so they are nicely hidden. I reuse the same hooks each year and just have to replace the sticky side.

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I have one of these standing stocking hangers:

I didn't get it from that website, I don't remember where I ordered it from but it was a catalog. I'm sure there are a bunch out there just search for standing stocking hangers. I have one that is not Christmasy so I leave it up all year and am planning on hanging a quilt square that has a picture for each season.

Good luck I hope you find something that works!



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I had the exact same problem. I loved my stocking holders but they would slip off easily even before Santa came to fill them. And then came the news stories about children pulling them off on their head! That is scary!

So, I did this about 8 years ago and it has worked like a charm ever since. I put tiny, tiny nails in the back of my mantel, by the back wall. (I suppose command strip hooks could work too!) Then I took fishing twine (the clear kind) and looped around the stocking holders (at a good solid niche) and anchored it on to the nail. Initially, it was tedious getting the twine just right but now I just pack away the fishing twine with the stocking holder and hook it right on each year. I put green garland over the top and no one ever sees it. I actually keep the tiny nails up all year round and they aren't visible. I feel so much better about my kids being near the fireplace knowing there is no way they are going to yank down those stocking holders! Plus Santa's loot can't weigh them down either.

Hope you find something that works for you!


answers from Austin on

I decorate homes for the holidays. I have a client that does not have a mantle. She says they hang them on the back of their wooden kitchen chairs. I thought it was very clever.. Looked very cute too..



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In our first home we had big a bulky rough wood mantel..and we solved the problem by screwing cup holders under the mantel. We never noticed them during the year unless we really looked for them. They held the stockings well... and made things really easy.

My son does not have a mantel but has a bar with rounded edges that they use as a mantel and at either Hobby Lobby or one of their other favorite stores they found ones special made that sort of clip onto the rounded lip of the bar.. Holds their stocking quite securely.




answers from Austin on

You can get those hooks that hang under the mantle and that don't damage the mantle. They are plastic and a contact strip is attached, but it will come off with no residue!



answers from Austin on

After having someone pull one of my old stocking holders off the mantel and chip my floor (thank God, not her head), I purchased these, and have been happy ever since:

Admittedly they will slide off the edge if one of the kids messes with it, but they hold up to 12 lbs of goodies from Santa, don't mark up the mantel, and aren't going to give anyone a concussion when they do come off.

Merry Christmas!



answers from Houston on

My mantle is made of wood and does the same thing. Good thing is, there's a "lip" on the inside back at the bottom. I put tiny nails in (the mantle is thick with all the trim) and hang the stocking from there. It looks like they're hanging off the bottom of the mantle!!!



answers from Las Vegas on

I bought some really heavy silver-plated stocking holders from Pottery Barn a couple of years ago. I don't see any reason why they wouldn't work for a deep mantel. Here's the website:


answers from Houston on

Command Hooks have a really pretty silver-toned hook that could be used on the mantel itself. It's pretty large and can hold a lot of weight. Once the holidays are over you can remove it without damaging the mantel.

Good luck!


answers from Beaumont on

look on I think they have something that would work on any mantle.



answers from Atlanta on

I got mantle clips this year - and they are working great! I even filled up a stocking to see if it would hold and it did, plus they adjust to almost any mantle size and no more worrying baout kids bringing down heavy stocking hangers. I got mine at target and they come up if you search for mantle clips.

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