Stinky Smelly Armpits in a 6Yr Old

Updated on July 26, 2012
S.C. asks from Milwaukee, WI
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Really???? At 6 my daughter already has sweaty and stinky pits?? Is this normal? I don't want her to have to start wearing deoderant so young!

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So What Happened?

I wanted to add that we are mainly organic at home. Her soap and shampoo, milk, meats, and fruits and veggies.

I am thinking about contacting her pediatrician though and getting a blood workup. With the anxiety thing and now this it will make me more comfortable knowing if something is wrong or not that way.


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Dove Soap and Dove Deo.
Both my boys started early it was really only necessary to use the deo when the weather was warm and they were outside a lot.

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answers from Chicago on

Unfortunately my 6 year old daughter had the same thing. We stopped using baby/kid soap and started using Sensitive Skin Dove bar soap and it's made a huge difference. We did buy the Tom's natural fragrance free deodorant but only use it when we know she'll be highly active for the day. She's back to smelling like my sweet little girl again! Good luck to you!

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answers from San Francisco on

Yep, my now 10 yo had stinky pits that early too! I was flabbergasted! At first I didn't believe her and then she "showed" me, pee-u! I bought her some Tom's natural deodorant. I don't think she used it much but she was happy just having it.

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This happened to us one night when my son was 6 or 7 years old also! It was totally like B.O. too, not just a sweaty kid smell. He had just had a shower that morning also. I freaked out and thought I was going to have to find some natural deodorant and have him start wearing it! However, the stinky pits just went away within a day or two and he is 8 1/2 now and has never had it again. Weird, huh? So if it was just today that you noticed it then maybe it will be a transient thing like it was for us. :)

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I have heard of this. You can get deodorant like Toms that is natural. I would try that.

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If you haven't already, eliminate dairy and meat products that are injected with antibiotics and growth hormones. You don't necessarily have to go organic, but look for the rBST/rBGH free label. These growth hormones are contributing to early puberty in children.

Also, avoid soy. Please see the following link for the dangers of soy:

Soy infant formula contains the hormonal equivalent of 4 birth control pills a DAY. The phytoestrogens (basically the plant mimics our natural estrogen) contribute to early puberty, infertility, endometriosis, and even breast cancer. I know it's trendy right now to replace meat and dairy with soy, but it isn't safe.

Lastly, is she at a healthy weight? Children who are overweight or obese are likely to go through early puberty.

I second the notion on Tom's deoderant. Avoid anti-perspirants that contain aluminum.

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I've got an 8 year old who already needs deodorant but has no signs of precocious puberty. She uses an all natural type and luckily remembers it faithfully every morning. If you're concerned should could possibly be entering puberty or may have a hormone imbalance speak with her pediatrician.

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I'm going to go out on a limb here after seeing a few other of your posts. Has her pediatrician done a full blood work-up to rule out any possible problems? I see that you are getting her into therapy but are you also looking at physical issues. Allergies, other physical problems that are manifesting as behaviour issues. This could be leading to the sweaty, stinky arm pits.
I may be off base and I am in no way judging. You may be doing things already to rule out a physical problem. Just something that popped into my head after seeing your posts of the last couple days.
I hope you are able to find something that works for your daughter.
As others have said, there are natural deodorants or you could try the mineral one, I can't remember what it is called but it's a mineral stick.



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The 5 year old little girl I watch told me she uses deoderant. I was a little surprised at her age that she would need it, but she insisted that she does. Reading the other posts, I guess it is not uncommon!


answers from Washington DC on

My daughter was 7 when she started with deoderant, and my son is no where near needing it, he is also 7. All kids are different, but I think ti's more normal than not now.



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A baby I used to keep, I think she was abot 9 months..she had stinky armpits. Im talkin about manly stinky armpits. At first I thought that maybe her mom wasnt athing her but I kept her once for an entire week. Bathed her everyday. So I started putting her on deoderent. Another thing is that I know several kids that began deoderent at that age. A good friend of mine used t put baking soda under her daughter arm pits. That is NOTHING to get worried about. Save yourself the tie and the money.


answers from Los Angeles on

I don't think this is uncommon. In fact, my daughter started wearing deodorant last year at 6 years old, too. We also eat organic, non-hormone free dairy/meats. FYI, she uses unscented Tom's of Maine deodorant. Very natural product.



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My daughter is 10 and still doesn't need it, but a lot of her friends and my niece have been wearing it since first-grade. Not unusual, I think.


answers from San Francisco on

My older daughter began getting stinky at that age, too! I noticed that it was worse at times of stress. I bought her some deodorant, and she has used it ever since. She did start to develop early, and that was the start of it. She is almost 10 now and has started to get hips, breasts, etc. Our pediatrician said that this is within the realm of normal development.

My younger daughter is 7, and still smells like a little kid. Not stinky at all. However, she has always developed at a slower rate (she only just lost her first tooth last week, for instance).

So, there's a BIG range of normal.