Stinky Diaper Pail Making Me Gag

Updated on April 12, 2008
G.K. asks from San Bruno, CA
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I need suggestions for keeping our Diaper Champ from stinking so bad. It seems to keep most of the odor out (although there's always a kind of dull stinky smell in the room) but when I flip the top to put a diaper in I always manage to catch a wave of stink to the face. Gag. We only put pee diapers in (poop we bag separately and take to the garage trash right away) and change the bag 2-3 times a week. I periodically take the Diaper Champ out of my son's room, spray it with Lysol, wait a while, then scrub down with soap and water. After doing this, it does smell all right for a few days, then the odor returns. I am assuming the odor is due to bacteria growing in there. However, I do not want to spray it with Lysol while it's in my son's room, as I don't want him to be inhaling those fumes.

Any suggestions for a natural/safe way to de-funk this thing? Should I buy a new one or will it just get gross too?


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answers from San Francisco on

You could try sprinkling baking soda on top of the diapers after dropping them in. I use deodorizing discs in my diaper pail that works very well.

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answers from Fresno on

Once your baby starts eating solids and having man-poops, the only way to keep the nursery smelling ok is to empty the diaper champ every day, in my experience. And then I would take the whole thing outside and spray it with a bleach and water mixture and let it sit open for a few hours once a week or so. That helped keeping the diaper pail itself from smelling too funky.



answers from San Francisco on

Oh my gosh! you are hillarious :)de-funk. Ha ha
Anyways, we had the same problem with our diaper genie. My son's room always had a odor too, even if the thing was tightly sealed. Maybe try a plug-in room freshener. Or just opening the window and letting it air out. I never really found a solution to this problem either but these two things helped a little. I think that the poop smell will prevail, until you take the diapers to the trash.
Good Luck ;-)



answers from San Francisco on

I love my diaper champ except for that lingering odor that seems to occur after about three or four bags full of diapers. I wipe ours out with Clorox wipes once a month and use Clorox disinfectant spray in between changes. I also use scented glad bags and sometimes when lazy about wiping it out, I have dropped a Bounce dryer sheet into it.

One joke about the new Diaper Champs too (from my mom)...the hole is bigger and better for those really sloppy diapers as well as the Depends we will be wearing in years to come. hang on to your Champ <grin>!!



answers from San Francisco on

we never bought one of those supposedly odorfree diaper pails - just stocked up on the plastic bags our newspapers came in and bagged the diapers in there - poop ones went out the back door right away (if you remember the CCR tune "Lookin' Out My Back Door" - we'd sometimes be humming "Poop,poop,poop, take it out the back door!"), pee ones were bagged and dropped into a covered wastebasket that was emptied at the end of the day.

And the "glass half-full" view of our outside garbage can: The neighborhood racoons left it alone!



answers from Sacramento on

Plastic bag... outside... the best diaper dispenser EVER! :-)

I used to use the Diaper Genie... then my son ate solid foods.

I think those inventions are a great idea but so was the pet rock! Useless!

P.S. I usually use grocery bags (ask the cashier for a stash), that way it doesn't cost you anything to throw away poop. :-)



answers from Sacramento on

That is the main reason I didn't get one of those diaper pails. I just have a small trash can and take out the pee diapers like every day and a half or every day. BM diapers go out to the trash can right away. I would agree with one of the other posts, put a plastic grocery bag on the outside of the diaper and then put it in the pail.



answers from Sacramento on

I just did away with the Diaper Champ all together and put poop diapers in a bag in the garage and threw those away at the end of the day and thew away pee diapers in our normal kitchen garbage. We have a 2 story house and I found it to be too inconvienient to have the diaper champ in the baby's room and remember to empty it when I had the time and wanted to lug that heavy sack downstairs.

But for the time I did use it I bought scented trash bags, I think the ones I had were a vanilla scent and that worked fine. I'm pretty sure I found the scented bags at Target in the section with all the other garbage bags and they weren't really that expensive.



answers from San Francisco on

We actually have a diaper genie 2 and it doesn't bother me. We live in apartments and it wouldbe impossible to take the dirty diapers out all the time. So we use our diaper genie for poopie only, and trash the wet diapers. Opening the lid to throw it away isn't stinky. Now when I have to open it to remove the bag, I think I am going to die, but that is only about once a week. I know you are probably thinking I am gross, but truly it doesn't stink. We open his bedroom window every day, and it stays pretty fresh smelling all the time. Try deodorizers, lysol, febreeze, and LOTS of fresh air.

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