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Updated on August 20, 2010
V.J. asks from Phoenix, AZ
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My hubby seems to have a problem with emitting a stinky odor from his butt. He doesn't seem to be aware of it and he denies it if I say anything which I rarely do because he gets so upset. I'm not a nit-pick but I have a very sensitive nose and when he gets up from sitting next to me, I smell it as he walks away and sometimes the couch will stink after he has left the room. It's really gross. A few times, he has gone to the bathroom for #1 and I guess wiped his butt too but forgot to flush and there is poo on the toilet paper in the bowl. He refuses to go to the doctor about it, I bought him Cottonelle wipes but they haven't helped, I bought him powder but he won't use it. He showers daily but beyond that, It's like he doesn't care and I can't understand that! I would be freaking out if someone told me that I was stinky and I'd be making every effort to control the issue. What if his coworkers are noticing too? I have a difficult time being intimate with him anymore because as we get into it, he starts sweating and the butt stink gets even worse and I get turned off. When he asks me what's wrong I try to tell him nicely but no matter how I phrase it, he passes it off like I'm being ridiculous. Any ideas or has anyone else had a problem with a smelly hubby? I'm a little worried what could be wrong and I really need to help him. Maybe if I have some ideas, I can better urge him to go to the doctor.

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So What Happened?

Thank you so much for all of your responses! You've given me a lot of information and I'm so grateful. I hadn't even considered the possibility of colon cancer... I have a coworker that lost her husband to colon cancer in his early 30s and my husband just turned 30 this year. It's a scary thought. A lot of the other suggestions sound like possibilities as well so I definitely think it's time he see a doctor about this. No more excuses. I've put up with it for long enough. Thank again!

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answers from San Diego on

i'm so sorry to hear about the stinky problem. if it was happening w/ my husband i would be very blunt and say i really love you dear but you need to get your butt checked out it's starting to affect our lives and can't make out with you if your butt smells. if that does not work have a friend or family member joke to him about it because maybe he just does not get picture if only coming from you. good luck

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answers from Honolulu on

**Adding this: Do not have sex with him... if there is poop there for any reason, it is unsanitary... and for women, you can get UTI's from feces going in your vaginal area... which is why, women are always told to wipe from FRONT to back. Bacteria...
Next, I am sure he would not want to be intimate with you, if you smelled like poop.
He REALLY needs to get this solved. Like a Man.

There is something called "Encopresis" which is an involuntary 'leaking' of feces. Maybe that is why your Hubby smells, and there is poop on the toilet paper even if he just went to pee....?
Does he have any skidmarks on his underwear?

Look up "Encopresis" online.

He should also see a Doctor....

all the best,

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answers from San Francisco on

Your husband is way out of line. He doesn't need to go to a doctor -- he is not cleaning and wiping himself properly.

First of all, you need to tell him firmly and in no uncertain terms that you will not have sex with him until he takes care of this problem: tell him it is really rude of him to expect you to smell his poop and then be turned on by him.

I had a similar situation once, and I had to train my husband how to wash his rectum properly when he showered -- lots of soap and washing and rinsing. The other thing you can do in addition to training him to wash is buy baby wipes, and INSIST that he finish wiping himself by thoroughly cleaning with a baby wipe. Baby wipes are nice for all family members that way.

If he still really insists on being physically repulsive, you could try turning the tables on him, make him go down there, and see how he likes it.

It's possible he has encopresis, as stated below, but in my experience with men, it's probably just inattention to proper cleanliness.

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answers from Harrisburg on

If he has poop on toilet paper, maybe he is not really getting in there and doing a good job wiping when he does #2. Some ppl have an issue with cleaning feces. This might sound funny, but one day close and personal, have him bend over and take a look. You might find your problem - and you can help him out!

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answers from New York on

If you've been married for a while and this is just happening then there is something wrong that is causing this.
I agree with the advice of the wipes, but you say that you got them already and they are not helping. So maybe it is Encopresis. If he doesn't smell it on himself then maybe it is more serious than we think.
The fact that you say he sweats and stinks even worse is alarming. One thing is to stink like sweat but for it to be that bad, then something is wrong.
It doesn't have to be something serious, maybe changing his diet might help. But he needs to go to the doctor. You are going to have to scare him really bad so he'll be willing to go to a doctor. What if it is colon cancer? what then? is he just going to sit there and wait until it's so bad that there is nothing to be done for him? I always tell my kids, "if I tell you to take a shower because you are funky, it's only because I love you and I rather tell you that you are funky than for you to hear it from someone else and be embarrased" "If I didn't love you, I wouldn't care how you smell"
Let him know that, let him know that you don't say this to frustrate him or get him mad, that you are asking him to get checked because you love him, and if there is something wrong it is better to treat it now.
Have any close family member talk to him if it's necessary. Google diagnosis by symptoms and see what you come up with.
But don't give up and pray :)

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answers from Washington DC on

This can be a serious issue - beyond the hygiene and odor problems. Anytime there is a bowel movement issue, it can indicate something serious. My mom had some incontinence issues suddenly, and we started noticing. She was a very clean person, so it was unusual, and we knew something was wrong. She didn't want to do anything about it, but I think she was actually scared. Sadly, my mom passed away earlier this year (in her early 60s), the cause? Probable colon cancer, say the doctors. I don't mean to scare you, but incontinence at a young age is a serious issue, and it would be something your husband should at least mention to his doctor. Good luck.

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answers from Savannah on

He is probably very aware that something is going on with his hiney and is scared or embarrassed to go to the DR about it. It could be IBS, rectal polyps or something worse!! Men are very sensitive about people poking and prodding around back there so you need to express to him that he could have a easily fixable medical issue. You know your hubby way better than any of us ladies, make a DR appt for him and take him (you don't have to tell him where you are going!) if you have to!

No matter what, he needs to see a DR ASAP about it!!

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answers from Little Rock on

Is he possibly lactose intolerant? My husband is and if he eats ice cream or drinks milk he has difficulty getting to the bathroom in time. We have been away from home when this has happened and he does smell. He knows though that he smells and tries to avoid people and showers as soon as gets a chance.

Is he constipated? You can become so constipated that only liquids can pass through. It is difficult to hold and can cause accidents as well. My son has constipation problems and this is what the doctor told us. He had had several accidents at school in a weeks time and I took him to the doctor to find out what was going on. The doctor put him on a daily dose of MiraLax. You can get this over the counter. If he won't take it of his own accord, you can volunteer to fix his drink and mix it in. It is undetectable in anything but water.

Too much artificial sweeteners can cause this too as well as the Olestra fat substitute mention earlier.

If it is not one of these causes I would suggest seeing a doctor. There could be a variety of other causes as well. My mother had to have surgery to remove a section of her colon because it had developed large polyps full of infection.

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answers from Tucson on

My husband actually had a problem like this this in his youth....which lead to a very tormented childhood. It was a medical condition of a lose sphincter...which is the valve that keeps your bowels in place. So one fart could lead to a little poo on his underwear, causing him to stink all day. He had it surgically fixed. So maybe it's a medical condition. The other thing I'm thinking is it could be connected to a new medication. Has he started any recently? When my father started on medication to lower cholesterol, he had a transition time where he ran to the bathroom for every fart because he was afraid it wouldn't be alone.

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answers from Phoenix on

He could have a cyst at the top crack of the but. If wiped it looks like poo. The cyst might be draining. Do you see any signs in his underwear? They (cysts) are fairly common. They sometimes need to be opened by a Dr. so that they don't keep causing a problem. might have some answers for you also.
Good Luck and keep trying.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I'm confused. A couple of people here suggested that V.
might want to consider "turning the table" here.
Surely they didn't mean she should walk around
with an unclean rear end???

I did like all the other ideas however, including olestra,
lactose intolerance, encopresis, et al.

Whatever it is, it's a sad and difficult situation and I do hope
V. and her husband will be able to solve it together,
bringing their marriage back to a WIN-WIN relationship.


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