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Updated on August 08, 2011
A.T. asks from Portland, OR
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Anyone have a great therapist that specialized in post-partum issues that they'd like to refer to me? I've tried Baby-blues connection but they are for women with babies 1 year or younger..Just referrals please. Thanks!

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answers from Portland on

Two friends of mine who suffered from post-partum depression and anxiety saw this therapist-they both highly recommend her. I know she isn't in SE, but maybe she could refer you to someone closer to you. Good luck!

Britt K. Anderson, PhD ###-###-####
04 SW Hamilton St.
Portland, OR 97239
Licensed psychologist providing assessment and treatment for individuals, couples, and families, specializing in pregnancy and postpartum issues.



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I saw Kathryn Bereman-Skelly, LPC who is in NE Portland. She helped me through pregnancy and postpartum depression. Great therapist. Her number is ###-###-####.



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Wildwood Psych is where I go also. My psychiatrist's name is Ann Howard and this is her specialty. Her direct # is ###-###-#### or you can call ###-###-#### and they'll match you up to a therapist based on your needs. Good luck and it's so important to address this issue.



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This referal comes from one of the nurses that runs the New Moms group at St. Vincents. I trust her advice.

"The clinic I refer people to is Wildwood Psychiatric Resource Center . They specialize in perinatal support and Glenda Peterson is my favorite person there. Otherwise there are many counselors listed on the BBC website. Diane Solomon is also very good." The BBC site is the Baby Blues connection.

I have a friend who is in the same boat with a 3 yr old daughter and would love to have a support group of moms with toddlers/preschoolers. Are you interested? Are there other moms out there interested in a postpartum depression support group of moms with toddlers/preschoolers? Contact me and I'll try to get you all in touch.

Good luck to you all!



answers from Portland on

Most OB's can help with this, but I never had any luck. They always seem to have a one size fits all when it comes to treatment and medication.

What I found was a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner in the Tualatin/Lake Oswego area that has worked wonders for my anxiety. She does medication evaluation and management. She is exactly what I needed. She agrees with me that one size doesn't fit all; unlike most doctors. She works with small dosages especially for someone who has a sensitive body. (Most typical adult dosages of any medication could cause serious or fatal harm to me because they are too strong)

She is right off I-5 and Lower Boones Ferry Road. Off I-5, you would take the Lake Oswego, Durham Rd exit 290. Coming from Portland on I-5, go under the overpass. Coming from I-205 turn right after getting off I-5. Drive to the 2nd light and turn right on Jean way. The office is on the left. (It is a building labeled medical and dental.)

Maureen Conway, MSN, PMHNP
17704 Jean Way, Suite 105
Lake Oswego, OR 97035

Try eating protein more often and eat healthy snacks in the car that aren't junk food. This helps me too.

I wish you the best of health.



answers from Portland on

Molly Padulo

Molly is a good friend of mine and would be a good resource for you. She used to work for baby blues but now has her own counseling practice and one of her focuses is Prenatal and postpartum issues. Good luck, I hope that info helps.

E. P.
Mom of twin 7 year olds.



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I would suggest Wildwood Women's Resource. the group of women therapists specialize in women's emotional health. The location is in Beaverton.
I hope that helps.




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My neighbor is a therapist (no availability) but she highly recommends:
Katie McNeil, LCSW
She's just off Barbur/Terwilliger - so pretty centrally located. She is contracted with some insurance companies, but also does cash and some sliding-scale arrangments. She is a mom - in her mid-40s. Very normal. Very competent. She is who I refer to when I am full.

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