Sticky Stuff on the Walls - Help!

Updated on August 14, 2008
C.C. asks from Liberty, MO
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We are moving bedrooms and there are lots of sticky spots on the walls from leftover scotch tape that had been hanging up posters for years and from the self adhesive characters that you put on kid's walls. I have tried Goo Gone but it stinks up the house something awful and it can't be good for my son's asthma! On top of that, the wall is still sticky! I don't want to paint over the sticky spots because I'm sure they'll show through. Any ideas on how to get the sticky mess off the walls?

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So What Happened?

When I went to the store to get my paint, I asked them about it, too and the lady at the counter suggested using a medium grit sandpaper on the sticky stuff. It worked like a charm!!! Someone else said I would probably need to prime the walls to cover up the sanding spots, but once I went over the walls with a damp rag with warm water and Mr. Clean, everything was smooth, clean and ready to paint. Thanks so much for the suggestions! Now I just have the trim left - ugh! :)

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Have you tried the Mr. Clean sponges? They are supposed to work on anything?



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Try the Mr Clean Magic Eraser. You will need the one that is in the purple-pink box. It has worked on the walls for me. My son manages to get just about everything on the wall.

Good Luck


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There is another cleaner you can buy. I'm sorry, I forget the name. But you can get it in the same general area you would find other cleaners in the regular grocery store. You can't miss it because it's bright yellow and in a spray bottle. It is made from citrus oil so while it smells, it smells really nice. Best of all it works wonders.




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I would try those magic erasers. They seem to get anything off. I would watch scrubbing to much in a small place so you don't lift off the paint



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If your walls has a lacquer base you can use a product call goo-off.

If not, you can use rubbing alcohol.


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There is some stuff called sticker lifter that you can find at Walmart or craft stores that might do the trick.
I also wanted to tell you about a tape that a lot of schools use and our church because it doesn't leave a residue and is a permenant/semipermanent tape. What I mean by that is that once on the wall it won't come off until you take it off. The name of it is Permecel Tape. We've used it in our unfinished basement on the cement walls to hang art projects and posters for my girls' play area (some have been up for 4 years without coming down). We also use it in their rooms for their posters and such. Our church uses it on the sound board to keep from leaving residue when they remove the tape to relabel something. You'll have to go online to buy it. We get it when we go down to Louisiana (West Monroe) at Teacher's Depot (you can look them up online and give them a call to order some, they'll ship it to you, ask for Leslie), so I'm not sure where you can get it locally. You have to be an authorized dealer to sell the stuff, so your best bet may be online. It comes in several sizes and looks like masking tape (sp?). Good luck and God Bless.

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