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Updated on January 17, 2011
E.J. asks from Raleigh, NC
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I have been sick with a viral infection all week and have been taking care of myself so I won't have to see a doctor unless its really necessary. Yesterday I have been feeling a whole lot better. But his morning I woke up with sticky red eyes. I mean they were clamped together with goey sticky stuff that came out of them. Has anyone ever had this and should I see the doctor or can I just add some eye drops and wait it out. Thanks ahead.

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So What Happened?

Well, I haven't logged on for awhile because after this my whole family got sick. But nobody got the eye virus like I did. Anyways, since they got sick and I couldn't really go out. I ended up doing the warm compresses and after about 5 days, my eyes were much better. One of you said that you believe there is two types of pink eye. Well, I do believe that because my neighbor was stuck at home with mucousy eyes that hurt and itched and mine just did not do that. Thank you all for your responses. Love Mampedia!!!

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Yeah, sounds like pink eye. I would go see a dr, and here's why. My daughters and their stepsister (my ex's stepdaughter) all got pink eye at the same time. My girls came home with it so I took them to the dr. They got the drops and by the next day they were much better. The stepdaughter got taken to CVS (or whereever) and they used the OTC meds. The next week she hat to go to the dr because it didn't clear up with the other stuff. Good eye sucks! (just like a few others have said!)

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Sounds like conjunctivitis. You need to see a doctor to get some eye drops. Very contagious

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I woke up one morning with that. it was better by the end of the day. i actually went to the pharmacy to get some meds for it and they said my eyes looked fine. they said it can just be your body's way of getting rid of stuff, like a runny nose.


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Sounds like pink eye to me.
You can treat it at home, if you don't want drugs. Warm compress on the eye every couple of hours and keep it clean. Should take about a week if you go that way.

Otherwise, most docs don't even need to see you to prescribe it. They'll just call in a quick script for eye drops. When my kids had it, 1 day on the drops and they were cleared up.



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This is usually a sign of an eye infection in my experience. Either conjunctivitis (pink eye) or something else. The goo making your eye stick shut is similar to a pus or discharge due to inflammation and infection. You probably need antibiotic drops.

I believe there is viral pink eye and bacterial pink eye. I don't recall how they are treated differently, but I think the viral one usually comes with cold like symptoms and the bacterial one is just the red, puffy, itchy eye with no other symptoms.

Hand wash. Keep your hands away from your eyes so you don't spread the infection into your other eye or to someone else. Call your dr.

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Sounds like you have pink eye which can be related to the cold you are experiencing. Unfortunately it is time to go to the doc and get some medicated eyedrops and maybe an antibiotic for you. Get well soon!


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There is an over the counter pink eye/conjunctivites med now. Similison? Eye drops in a pink and white's worked for my kids. The doctor recommended it. If it doesn't work after a few days, then you should see a doctor.



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Was there pain? Were your eyes burning? Itching? Did it feel like you had something in your eye? If not it is probably not conjunctivitis (aka pink eye). From personal and professional experience I can tell you it is quite painful.

If it is just the mucus discharge, it is probably part of your virus. Really not that uncommon. If it continues, becomes painful, or you start running a fever, then it is time to see the doctor as these are signs of infection.

If you wake up like this tommorrow a warm wet wash cloth does the trick.

When all is said and done, it is your body and this is what your doctor is there for. If you are really unsure, or not feeling good go ahead and go!



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When this happens to my youngest following a cold it is a sign he has a sinus infection and needs antibiotics.



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Do yourself a favor and call the doctor for drops. You are a busy person taking care of a family so just get this taken care of. I tried to treat it on my own and ended up spreading to my children and my eyes got completely red (looked like the devil) and they were so painful that all I could do was lay in bed while hubby had to stay home from work to care for my kids.



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you can buy some eye wash at the store, i think it's just a saline type solution, but it comes with a little cup to fill and you put it over your eye and tilt your head back and your eye needs to be open and just kinda move your eye from side to side. we had to do that for my husband about a year ago when he got a really bad cold, and it started to affect his eyes as well, and cleared it up within a day or two. good luck!



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You have pink eye and unless you want to infect the whole house, I would go to the doctor and get antibiotic drops from them. You should probably also wash your pillow cases and toss any eye make-up you've been wearing.

Good eye sucks.

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