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Updated on August 27, 2011
J.W. asks from Saint Louis, MO
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I have had this in my head for a while but another post motivated me to put it down to paper...or computer.

I hate those stick figure people. What exactly is the point? Oh look I have a family, well good on ya, so do I.

Don't get me wrong this could all be sour grapes since I could never find stick figures to represent my family. I would need an adult son, holding a beer, with his other hand out for money. An adult daughter in my purse looking for what the boy didn't get, she would not have her keys because they would be locked in her car again. The two little ones would be halfway across the window throttling each other in Bart Simpson fashion. Troy and I would be standing there, smiling and waving. :) The cat would be clear across the window acting like he doesn't know us.

So if you could find them what would be your family in stick figures?

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So What Happened?

Theresa its the ones with the Mickey Mouse ears that really set me off! :p

I have one sticker on my back window. St Louis University. If you knew what I went through for that degree you would understand why it is front and center. :) On my old car I had stickers from my kids high schools. When you pay over 20 thousand in tuition a year you want people to know why you are driving a beater. :(

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answers from St. Louis on

We would have a 11 y.o. fashion diva with a cell phone glued to her ear or to her hands texting. A 6 y.o. with a football helment on with a baseball bat in his hands and soccer ball at his feet. The 7 y.o. you wouldn't be able to see because he would be in his camo on the 4 wheeler and my one year old would be grinning from ear to ear while playing in the potty. My hair would be going every which way as I tote my brief case and lunch to work. My husband would have on his comfy clothing that he gets to wear every day along with his cup of coffee and fav hat on.

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answers from New York on

Let's see. My sticker would take up the whole bumper, with my toddler the focal point, running amuk, being chased by mommy and daddy. The family cat would call the right corner of the bumper her safe place.

Very fun posting!

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answers from Chicago on

I have never been a fan of the stick families, but unfortunately I have them on my mini van. My SIL gave it to me for a christmas gift. A few months passed and i had not put them up yet. I just kept saying "oh yeah, I just haven't had a chance yet. The van has been so dirty lately. I was worried they would not stick good when it is so cold out. Etc. Etc. Etc." I was running out of excuses. Finally the next time I saw her she offered to "help" me get them on. So there they are. They are pretty basic, Daddy with a Blackberry, me in a dress, son reading a book, daughter as a ballerina, another son running in a super hero cape, and another son in a diaper. I guess I really don't care too much, but I am kinda hoping I don't get a new set when we get a new vehicle.
The only other "personal" thing on the back is a Chicago Blackhawks license plate cover thingy. Pretty boring I guess.

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answers from Houston on

aw, my stick figures would be cute..... two girly girls, one with perfect hair, ones with messy hair, then my husband(with a beer) and me with a little stick figure in my "belly"........then a little boy cat who wont stop licking his ''area''.

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answers from Provo on

Well, J., I am disappointed. I was truly hoping this was a rant about actual people who are stick-figure thin. I was hoping the rant also included something about how ridiculous it is when those people say stuff like, "All I did to lose my baby weight was dance around when the Wiggles came on!" or "I sure do love being only 115 lbs!" Meanwhile, here I am counting out my calories, logging all my foods, avoiding sugar and flour, working out at least an hour a day... and I am definitely NOT only 115 lbs!

Anyway, thanks for letting me derail there.

I have seen those stick figure things for cars with some dude in a recliner and a mom with gigantic boobs.

If I had stick figure stickers to represent my family, it would be: a man with glazed over eyes and an X box controller in his hands
A woman with a tool belt full of various cleaners, an Iphone, and a cup of coffee
A boy begging for an xbox controller or Ipad
A girl in a floofy princess dress and crown and a big smile
A smaller girl in all boy clothes and big rubber boots, throwing a fit

Side note: while we are talking about vinyl stickers, (which I really just do not like), I am totally getting big vinyl stickers for my wall that say "Home is Where the Fart Is".

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answers from Los Angeles on

As I've said before, I would get a crazy old lady stick figure and put it right in the middle of the window. Then I'd fill up the rest of the window with cats.

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answers from Jacksonville on

My dog, stealing food off the counter...again. My other dog cowering in a corner...he's afraid of his own shadow. My three year old daughter running around naked (she has apparently been a closet nudist all along), with a bubble coming out of her mouth saying, "No it's MY (you can fill in the blank, because everything is hers) Me frantically running around trying to keep it all together, while my husband stands there waving oblivious as to what is going on around him.

Though I would be sorely tempted to put my daughters stick figure with her tights over her head. She did that this morning, and it was HYSTERICAL, she looked like a mini robber. I took pictures. :)

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answers from Phoenix on

Ha! I just replied that I don't have any on either of my cars. I don't get it. I don't have one single sticker of anything. Sometimes I think, oh, those are cute. Like skulls that represent each member of the family or flip flops, or the hybiscus flowers, really? I think the stick figures are better.

Well, we are all fat so until they have FAT people and chubby kid stickers I will keep my windows clear...

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answers from New York on

OMG if you would market the stick figure family you described I would buy it ! minus one little one, add a dog, My adult son would have two beers and my adult daughter would be on the other side of the car pretending she didn't know us . Let me know if you market this idea. and maybe a bumper sticker that doesn't say my son made the honor role but says "my son skipped his honors classes"

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answers from Washington DC on

Mine would have to be:

Skinny husband on the computer OR working on something!

One boy with a controller in his hand and a double-dimple smile on his face!
One boy with a BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH coming out of his mouth (as he talks more than I do!!)
Me with boobs - (soo not a stick figure!) with a spatula in my hand...
Dog - sitting next to me waiting for me to drop something on the floor!! :)

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answers from Dallas on

I get unhealthy rage when I see those stupid stickers. Those, and the ones that have the kids name and "Tigers Soccer" or whatever team they are on. It's just a YMCA team, every kid in the world is on those!! Oh, and the baby on board signs. Grrrr....
I find it irritating when parents have to go around telling the world how awesome their kids are all the time. I mean, it's OK sometimes...but so many parents think everything their kids do is the biggest accomplishment in the world. Kids are so unrealistic now. They think they need preschool graduations and parties. got me all worked up...haha!!!

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answers from Albany on


And frankly, my family could not be legally depicted in a stick figure sticker!

But, C'MON, it's just NICE when you see one, cutesy little family in their van or suv?

Honestly, J.., you're not getting jaded lately, are you?!


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answers from Houston on

I don't like them either. The baby sticker is outdated in a year and it kind of creeps me out to be showing the actual public world about your family. I don't want some perv following me around knowing I am driving to an elementary school to pick up one of my boys. Same reason I don't like band/swim/cheer/gymnastic/soccer or whatever stickers with the kids team/sports number and name. Just too easy.

If my family were truly represented, dad would have a video game controller in one hand, the two kids would be jumping and making a mess possibly holding pillows about to attack each other, my mouth would be open in either a yell or a yawn with a cookie in hand, I would have a farting dog and a cat and a computer sticker would be at the end of the line.

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answers from Chicago on

I think you just found a new business idea!!!

Just like those, "My kid can beat up your honor roll student".

My husband would be golfing with the youngest right next to him, holding the club backwards. My other two would be pulling each other's hair out. And I'd be drinking a margarita in a lounge chair.

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answers from Cincinnati on

I can't stand those stickers and I would never buy one!

I don't think its safe to have your family advertised on your car. It is plain foolish to list your last name and the names of all your family members on your vehicle for the world to see.

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answers from Lynchburg on


Interesting question...I guess 'that' is the reason why I do not have 'store bought' ones...

BUT...if *I* designed them...

Eldest son...Lt bars on in one hand...microphone (he is a ham) in other...

Next son...THICK book in lap...but in 'lotus' position...contemplating the universe...

Eldest daughter, on a horse...struggling to read a text book at same time...with BF walking by her side...text book in his hand as well...

Next to a pile of 'stuff' packing to take off to college...with 'high anxiety' signs ALL around him...

Next 'half' football gear...with a 'evil sneer' on his face cast at other 'stick figures' in general...

Freshman (HS) with a 'jazz shoe' on one foot...microphone in one hand...playing piano (composing) with another hand...text book spread out on keyboard...

Her freshman twin...(special needs) just standing there...GRINNING...and offering her 'peace making' advice to them ALL!!

Two LARGE stick dogs...trying to 'be friend' a small...yet FEROCIOUS cat...

And me...and 'mr pete'...sitting on a front porch...holding hands...and smiling at them all!


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answers from Dallas on

OK, the one Amazon has is a little violent, so your idea is much better:
Mine would be:
My daughter watching SpongeBob with a bowl of Mac N Cheese; I would be absorbed with my phone playing Words with Friends (cocktail optional); my husband would be watching Fox News and my dog would just be sitting there looking vapid yet happy.
Thanks for the laugh!!

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answers from Denver on

Oh my gosh! I just had so much fun reading the responses. There is a lot of creativity out there.

I also absolutely HATE those stick figure families. BUT, nothing is worse than the men who hang fake testicles from the trailer hitch on their trucks. LOL. But that is another discussion entirely.

Thanks so much for the laugh.

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answers from San Antonio on

Ha. Your family design sounds about right. Perhaps you could start your own business with "Actual Family Stick Figures" where one kid's rolling his eyes, and one has the beer in his hand like you said. "Custom Family Decals" or something like that.

In mine, my husband would have the beer. I might have a glass of wine. My son would have a toy in one hand, ice cream in the other. Or better yet, my husband would have a gun in his other hand - the other side of the truck window would show the dead deer we'd be having for dinner. Ha fun question. I like that you said your cat would be on the other side of the window. Your post made me smile. :)

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answers from Detroit on

My family would be a REALLY WEIRD one.

Husband (who is really thin anyhow- looks like Hugh Laurie) working on something around the house, or a car, or yard.

Me not in stick figure form but an 8... A short 8. With my hair sticking straight up from trying to rip it out. And a bubble from my mouth saying, "GRRRRRR! I'm going outside!!!" With a cigarette waiting to be lit [because smoking only happens outside my house] in my mouth.

Son having a tantrum on the floor.

Daughter would have lots of 'stick toys' all over around her with a bubble from her mouth saying, "I'm bored".

My mom off in the corner going on and on and on about how right she is and how I should handle my family and life.

My ex mother in law giving me a warm hug and saying go and get some alone time while she watches the kids.

My mother in law venting to me about my father in law and her other son and his wife.

I think that would be about the extent. My dad and stepdad both work A TON and rarely deal with either one.

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answers from Detroit on

I justed wanted to say I haaaaate those things!!! Really, just despise them!

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answers from St. Louis on

This is hilarious.

My husband would have the remote and his feet up, beer in hand, resting. He would have a completely zoned out look on his face.

I would look frantic, uptight even, and would be holding a dust mop in one hand, a baby on the hip, hair tied back, balancing a tray of food on one foot placed behind me. I would have a suit on, briefcase in the other hand, and smoke coming out of my ears.

My daughter would be playing with her hair and makeup, sweetly looking at her reflection in the mirror.

My older son would be holding a wii controller and stealing food from someone, somewhere. He would have a bubble that comes from his mouth saying "Mooooooooom, I'm hungry"

My baby would be smiling and laughing. He looks like the michelin man, so just picture that.

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answers from Washington DC on

A few years back the terrific humor columnist Celia Rivenbark did a column that included her take on these stick figure stickers on cars. It's in her book Belle Weather:
"I think it would be funny to have one of those family decals showing a really skinny teenage girl barfing into a little chalk-outline bag (the bulimic in the family) or the dad figure dressed in the woman's underwear that he truly enjoys slipping into when no one's looking. Or the wife figure smiling with her exaggerated curly hair and tennis skirt, clutching a racket in one hand and a bottle of Stoli' in the other."
Celia rocks, and she was out there about this one way before we were!

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answers from Chicago on

The three dogs wrestling eachother, the kiddo about to jump on them and me and daddy flat on the floor praying.

Ok so that is not all the time but often enough it's funny ... I just do not like advertising to people who we are and what we are about ... I just do not understand ALL of the ways we expose ourselves to predators and then wonder why there are so many ... we have made it easier for them to do it.

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answers from San Diego on

We bought something for our car that we haven't put on. It has Jack Skellington and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas(for my husband and I) and Lock, Shock & Barrell..which would be my 3 kids-2 boys and a girl. It's also got Zero, which we don't have dogs, we have 4 cats but we thougtht it worked. Lock, Shock and Barrell is a good choice for our 3 LOL
I don't have an opinion one way or the other on the stick figures. Whatever floats your boat.

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answers from Chicago on

My 3yr old would be drawn scaling a wall behind us. My 1yr old would be seen raiding the fridge. And DH and I could be drawn in the corner, crying.

And the cat would be in the center of the picture with a huge "MEOW" bubble cloud.

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answers from Dallas on

I think you have found a side business for yourself! Manufacturing and selling "real world" stick families!

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answers from Buffalo on

Write a lable/sticker printing company and ask them. We have a large flee market where this guy is there all the time and if you ask him to make a custome tag/sticker he does and it does not cost extra.

Ya know what I bet alot of people feel the same way, but please do not hate the rest of us that have the opertunity to brag about our kids. Remember when your 1st born came into your like how good it felt and the feeling like if you could you would paint the sky and anounce it to the world, well this is our way of doing just that.

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answers from Boston on

Haha that's hystercial! Our family would be...

My husband (bald with big belly) at the computer, holding the remote, yelling "Don't touch my stuff"
SD would have bad hair, headphones, a sullen, blank look, be texting and ignoring us
My oldest son would have shaggy hair, hockey gear, and be saying "can I have...?" in my direction (alternate text would be "huh?what?")
Middle son would have his hair standing on end, be saying "BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH. Aaaaaannnnddddddddd...BLAH BLAH MORE BLAH BLAH" while holding younger brother by the collar and aiming a punch at his head.
My youngest son would be sitting on his bike, beaming (while avoiding a punch) with a halo over his head because he's a doll.
The dog would be laying down somewhere.
I'd be there with a ponytail, cell phone, and Diet Coke and my bubble would read "KNOCK IT OFF!"

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answers from Boston on

i like this question lol....we would have a grown man sitting in a recliner with a little girl stick person running around in nothing but her diaper screaming and a school aged boy with a speech bubble saying "C'Mon Mom" with rollerblades on in the kitchen....o ya then theres me id be the stick figure with her head in her hands lol

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answers from Dallas on

hahhahhaaaaa too funny. I can completely picture that. I agree and have said before, rear window is reserved for reppin your university or your branch of the service. Things that you have put blood, sweat, tears, and $$$ into deserve a spot on the glass. Although, I'd occasionaly like to punish my husband by making him drive around with an "I love my wife" bumper sticker!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Sweet Lord do I hate those things!?!?!

But I LOVED reading all the REAL stick family stories! And I totally agree with the responses that said that you have just found your ticket to earning your first million! REAL stick figure families... What a great idea!

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answers from Washington DC on

I have resisted getting the animals. We would need 6.

I had a Marine in cammies-my hubby
woman in cammies-me the Marine wife
Sailor man-for 22 yo son
2 girls in cammies, one blonde, one brunette- for the girls
and a marine boy for the little man

But the Marine man fell off and now it looks like I am married to a Sailor with 3 Marine kids.

I would love to find a girl in a German costume for our Foreign exchange daughter.

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answers from Rockford on

Very funny!!!!! You made me laugh! Ummmm....mine would be each person on a different window, holding some sort of ball, and an instrument (the kids) and mom and dad would be half asleep, crazy hair, w/ whistles around our neck....busy busy busy! We have a sticker representing our sons football # (he's done it for 4 yrs!) That's it....the stick figures are ok, I just wouldn't put em on my window!

Thanks for the entertainment today...nice to know there are other real mamas out there who's families are what they are...imperfect, but ours!

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answers from Rockford on

Well, for starters, there would be my older son trying to drive the car constantly, eating huge amounts of food, getting a text every 3 seconds, and spending as much money as possible. Then there would be my younger son forgetting to do the dishes until reminded. Every night. Our cat would actually be on someone else's car, avoiding us at all costs and pretending she never saw us before in her life. Younger son would join her when he's not forgetting to do the dishes. My hubby would be fixing ten or twelve different things then finishing them next month, conspiring with younger son about how to best go about forgetting to take out the trash every single Thursday, and watching tv. I would be trying to keep every damn thing organized and flowing smoothly in a planner the size of war and peace (no, mama does not have any "smart" devices).

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answers from Kansas City on

Kris my husband...he is SO NOT a stick figure...but he would be one sitting at a desk on a computer.

Me - I would need one with my head cut off as sometimes I feel like a chicken running around without one.

Sydnee - she would be holding my head saying..."Let's go"
Cael - he would have to have one that has a giant head cause "all the girls like him"...(he's three btw)

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answers from Dallas on

hhmmm I don't mind them all that much... they are kinda cute.

Mine would probably be a fat biker man with 3 faces: a big PO'ed face, A slightly smaller sad face and a little happy face and a beer.

18yr old boy with long hair with a computer stuck to his face

a 16yr old girl with drawing tablet and computer stuck to her face

MY two dogs running around us in circles

and me... standing there looking lost!


If you include the other peple that live in my house....

Mom with her waitress uniform on and and her 4 dogs barking at everyone

my neice dancing around like a princess and trying to boss people around

and my brother with bowling ball and a PS3 controller

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answers from Cleveland on

I was just wondering about those things the other day. Where do you even get them? LOL

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answers from Dallas on

We don't put any stickers on our cars. The stick figure families don't bug me, but when people put their names on them (or high school sports team logo with name), it drives me insane! I don't think it's safe to adertise your kids' names like that. My husband and I joke that we'd line up as many stick figures as possible across the back window and watch people's reactions. See how many people are trying to figure out if we have that many kids. Heehee!

Next question: Whats That on Your Bumper.....JFF