Step Throat, Rash, Eczema...3 Yr Old Daughter

Updated on September 06, 2013
A.C. asks from Wichita, KS
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Hello, let me begin by saying that I know that you are all NOT doctors. We've been to the doctor.... Here's what's going on.

Two nights ago at bedtime we noticed that our 3 yr old daughter felt extremely warm (no complaints from her). I took her temp by ear and it was at 102 degrees. Yikes! So we alternated Tylenol and Ibprofen about every 4 hours throughout the night, and I stayed home with her yesterday. The fever continued throughout the day and finally broke this morning (stayed home with her again today).

One of the other girls from daycare had gone home the day prior to our daughter's fever, and was being treated for strep throat. Once we found that out, we figured we had better take her in to see the doctor instead of waiting it out. The doc put our daughter on Amoxicillan yesterday. As of right now, she's had 3 doses of it (we're a little past the 24 hour time period).

So today our daughter was much crankier than yesterday. She is complaining that her throat hurts (which I know is par for the course with strep), and her hand has major bumps all along the knuckles that showed up overnight. This is just on one hand.

Here's what I'm trying to figure out: Is it normal for a child to complain MORE after the first day of antibiotics? Should I assume that we just caught it early...before it hit the majorly painful stage? What about this rash on her hand? It's not's pretty bumpy (although she's not complaining about it). Our daughter does have eczema that flairs at certain times, so I am wondering if the strep is causing her eczema to flair on her hand??? Since the fever has broke and she has been on antibiotics for over 24 hours, would you say it is safe to send her to daycare tomorrow?

I do realize that we could go to the doctor AGAIN to ask about these things, but thought I would see if any of you other moms had any experience with any of this.

Thanks! :)

ADD: Yes, she has had this antibiotic before. No, I don't think it is a strep rash...I'm thinking it is more a flare up of her eczema (which, unfortunately, we deal with all the time). :)

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answers from Dallas on

call the doctors office and speak to the nurse. There is always the chance that amoxicillin is not working for her this time. The nurse can give you guidelines of how long to wait before coming back in or possibly changing antibiotics. Considering tomorrow is friday I'd definitely make the call in the morning.

You might consider getting your child on a probiotic at least while she is on antibiotic. It will help keep the flora in her stomach healthy and the meds are less likely to upset her little system. Plus, might actually help with the eczema. If she likes Yogurt get her to eat some every day right now.

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answers from Dallas on

Um, a strep rash really shouldn't start on the knuckles. Has she had this antibiotic before? I would call the doc about this one because there is a pretty severe reaction that very rarely crops up with a severe allergy to antibiotics.
Ok. It still could be a reaction. Just keep a watch on her mouth tissues and check if blisters appear. Bless her heart. She must be so uncomfortable.
If she sleeps tonight I think it would be fine to send her tomorrow. If not, one more day at home.

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answers from St. Louis on

the heat of the fever can create breakouts....just like 100 degree weather can.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Please call your doctor tomorrow, if not sooner! My daughter was never prescribed an antibiotic until she was seven years old. She took amoxicillin for an ear infection, and it worked great to clear up the infection. Although she was supposed to take it for 10 days, she developed a strange rash on the 7th day. It started on her feet and slowly spread everywhere on her body. It was completely different from the hives she gets from her food allergies, and Benadryl did nothing to help. By the time I took her to urgent care, she was completely covered in the red rash.

Turns out she is allergic to amoxicillin (and penicillin for that matter). It's not the same kind of allergic reaction you see in food allergies. But it is extremely miserable.

She probably should be seen again by the doctor. The doctor might tell you to discontinue the antibiotic or try a different kind. I hope she feels better soon!

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answers from Austin on

I'm going to assume that your pediatrician tester her for strep before giving her antibiotics? I know ours looks at the throat, compares it to other symptoms and will only prescribe antibiotics as a last resort.

Also - not saying this is right or not, but I don't give my daughter Ibruprofen unless the tylenol isn't working to bring the fever down and even then I'm happy if it brings it down to 100. I only use ibruprofen (alternating with tylenol) if her fever says 102 even with tylenol. There are a lot of severe side effects from using ibruprofen - okay off my soap box.

Rash associated with strep throat starts in the upper area of the body - throat, upper chest and can spread to all over the body. If in fact your daughter has strep throat. Hand, Foot, and Mouth can look like strep except well, it isn't and your child can get a rash on the hands and feet and of course in the mouth (hence the name). If it is HFM, then you just have to let it run it's course as it is a virus.

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answers from Joplin on

My daughter developed an alergy to penicillin in the form of a rash when she was about 8. She had been on antibiotics before but this popped up later. Might be worth checking in to if the rash gets worse or doesn't go away.

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