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Updated on August 24, 2007
D.H. asks from Memphis, TN
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My husband and I have been married for almost 4 years. We have been together since my oldest son was 3 months of age. My oldest son has not seen his father since birth and only knows my husband as his father figure. We recently had a child and now he wants to adopt my oldest son. I would like any advice and referrals for an attorney here in the Memphis area. If you know of an affordable attorney please let me know. Thank you in advance for any help.

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I am also a client of Carol Ann Mallory... my husband & I are in the lengthy process of adopting my niece (so we are fighting to terminate my sister's parental rights). In order for your hubby to adopt, you have to terminate the natural father's parental rights. Here is what the statute says:

Tennessee Code Annotated section 36-1-113(g) establishes the grounds for termination as follows:
(i) The person has failed, without good cause or excuse, to pay a reasonable share of prenatal, natal, and postnatal expenses involving the birth of the child in accordance with the person's financial means promptly upon the person's receipt of notice of the child's impending birth;
(ii) The person has failed, without good cause or excuse, to make reasonable and consistent payments for the support of the child in accordance with the child support guidelines promulgated by the department pursuant to § 36-5-101;
(iii) The person has failed to seek reasonable visitation with the child, and if visitation has been granted, has failed to visit altogether, or has engaged in only token visitation, as defined in § 36-1-102(1)(C);
(iv) The person has failed to manifest an ability and willingness to assume legal and physical custody of the child;
(v) Placing custody of the child in the person's legal and physical custody would pose a risk of substantial harm to the physical or psychological welfare of the child; or
(vi) The person has failed to file a petition to establish paternity of the child within thirty (30) days after notice of alleged paternity by the child's mother, or as required in § 36-2-318(j), or after making a claim of paternity pursuant to § 36-1-117(c)(3).

So basically if the father has not paid any child support for at least 4 months prior to when you file, and he has not visited or requested to visit with your son, then it should be a pretty easy case.

Good luck!



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Jeff Stimpson is located in Munford TN. ###-###-#### He helped me through my divorce, and if he can't help you directly he can give you the name of someone who can. I wish you the best of luck.



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My son is adopted and we used a great attorney who has a set fee for adoptions. I found this was the best type to get so they cannot nickle and dime you for each phone call they made. You are in Memphis right? He is right off Walnut Grove//G-town Rd and his name is Kevin Weaver. I don't have the number with but I do know he is listed. He does a lot of adoptions so he is really knowledgable on the subject. Let me know if I can help any further and Congrats! That is so wonderful that your husband is going to adopt him!



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Carol Ann Mallory!!! ###-###-####

Carol Ann Mallory is an excellent attourney and very reasonable. She has been my attourney for almost 5 months now, and I have had a chance to get to know her. She was recommended to me by other happy clients as well. If you call her just tell her that S. Presley recommended her to you.

Best Wishes!

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