Steam Cleaning Carpet

Updated on July 02, 2013
V.G. asks from Lake Villa, IL
8 answers

I need to steam clean and get some stains out. I do not want to call profession - keeping it lowon cost.

Which rental machine would you suggest and what stain removal. Any advise that will help will go long way ..thanks

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answers from Tampa on

I'm with TF Plano/Allen I couldn't rent one, it would gross me out! Sorry...if you have high traffic carpets might want to consider buying one. I have the bissel lift off pro heat.

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answers from Washington DC on

We use the Bissel Pro heat and I usually use some variety of Pet Stain remover shampoo. The only rental I am aware of is the Rug Doctor.

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answers from Dallas on

Ugh, I don't rent those dirty machines. Someone else's dirt!! Yuck

I have a Bissell Pro Heat ( red one) that is great. You can get one less than $300. I use Hoover Pet solution. LOVE this machine!

I do use a professional service if I am in a crunch for time.

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answers from Chattanooga on

I have always just rented a rug doctor from the grocery store, and bought the solution that goes with it. It has always worked well for me.

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answers from Chicago on

I just read an article in a newspaper about carpet cleaning! We used a Rug Doctor steam cleaner, which is the type the article recommended if you are renting a unit. The biggest thing they said is do not use the carpet shampoo. You are better off spraying a spot cleaner (Spot Shot was recommended) on the spots and high traffic areas. The soap can be difficult to remove. Wash the machine before you use it, do no more than two passes with spraying the hot water and really take your time with the water removal. Go over an area until nothing is coming up the hose. I can attest to the not using soap because my carpet looked good initially but quickly became matted down and did not feel as soft. If you buy a unit make sure it is a STEAM CLEANER and fill it with hot water. I use Spot Shot and Resolve spot remover for spots, both work great. The article also said do not use any kind of shake on powder for stain remover, they do not work, plus they get deep into your carpet and become gummy when you steam clean which can lead to non-drying and mold.

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answers from Minneapolis on

You might actually save money in the long run by hiring a good professional. It will be cleaner and you won't have to have it done as often. Many also offer specials. If you go that route, I would get a good recommendation though as they really vary as to quality and service. I've done it myself with a home machine, rented machines and hired professionals. The professional job is SO much better than doing it myself or renting. I previously had two old dogs who had some bladder issues in their old age so I needed frequent cleaning and the stain removal of the professionals is beyond compare to what I could do myself. The temperature of the water they use is higher than anything you can duplicate. JMO based on my experiences.

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answers from Chicago on

I have a Bissell Pro Heat and I've rented the Rug Doctor. Both did a pretty good job.

I heard this works on spots and stains on carpet.

You can then use the Rug Doctor on the rest (search the internet for a coupon before you rent!)

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answers from Victoria on

Being military means we move around a LOT, and we always use the Rug Doctor. I rarely ever use their carpet shampoo, because soap supposedly attracks more dirt. I have rented a lot of places, and most all of them hired a professional to come in and clean the carpets before we move in and the companies never did a good job, ever! So I always just rent one to fix their mess ups. I owned a carpet cleaner for awhile but I let a friend borrow it and she broke it.

It is easier if you put the kid/s to bed or at least they are ready for bed and playing in their rooms. Then you clean an area, put box fans pointed on the carpet to dry over night. In the morning if a spot needs more work, go back over that spot and put a chair/stool/etc over it so that the kids will know NOT to step there, hopefully.

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